Review of Vueling Airlines flight Palma De Mallorca Bilbao in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY3945
Class Economy
Seat 22C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 27 Mar 16, 20:55
Arrival at 27 Mar 16, 22:20
VY   #7 out of 11 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 145 reviews
By 589
Published on 1st September 2016
Hello, and welcome to my second trip-report on FR! Go check out my first one here.


After a lovely week of travelling (and eating!) around Mallorca, with the help of my mom's old friend from school, it was, sadly, time to head back to the cold and grim Basque Country. Having said goodbye to her and her husband the day before, we catched a cab from our around 3:30pm, heading straight towards PMI.

Taxi ride:
photo 5hzVdhA

Legroom was… decent.
photo iEttarO

We arrived at Departures around 4:00pm. As it was too early to check, we opted to wait for a while at a nearby Costa Coffee. It had Wifi, something I really, really needed considering I had accidentally wasted my entire data plan during the whole trip. Whoops!

Departures area:
photo kpBtyHYphoto CuiExi7

At around 6 o' clock, we headed past security down to our gate… too bad it wasn't avaliable yet! We sat down right in the middle of the D concourse, waiting for our gate to appear on the nearby FIDS screen.

photo DSZA75T

Model planes exhibit, between the walkways. Almost none of those airlines exist anymore!

photo q0jfc7Kphoto Fj1tY8Bphoto LJxJfyt

Half an hour later, our gate finally appeared: D92, which was occupied by a Tuifly Boeing 737-800, D-ATUI, carrying a lovely "Robinson Club Resorts" livery:

photo X4fG9Mv

Our next door neighbour was Ryanair's EI-EFP, carrying an important message for the Britons - methinks they didn't see it:

photo rKSrIx5

Meanwhile, our gate was filling up - but not with the type of passengers you'd expect on a domestic Vueling flight! A good chunk of them were, undoubtly, German. We thought that maybe Bilbao was just a popular destination with the Deutsche - why would they be heading to a plane that's so clearly parked and out of service? I mean, the signs still featured our flight, so…

Two hours later, me and my sister went to grab a bite at the nearby Burger King, and on our way, we discovered the reason why our gate wa a bit too on the German side:

photo b3H1BHl

Yup, gate change!

After getting our food, we headed over to our mother to give her the news and head over to D90, where we secured some seats next to the jetway access, and I munched down on my Whopper™.

photo zq9rXXkphoto ImaksEy


At around 7:50 pm, our plane arrived: 3-year-old EC-LVO, a 320, and not long after that, a rather hectic and disorganized boarding process commenced:

photo rwfHZbYphoto ImWYKuF

Luckily, unlike the arrival flight with Air Berlin, my seat was in a much better condition, and featured some nice legroom to boot:

photo VrxtTxd

With a delay of at least half-an-hour, EC-LVO took off from PMI at around 8:10 pm. Once the seatbelts signs were off, I took a small trip to the bathroom, which was nice and spotless:

photo kMHTuIs

The flight, almost full-house, went smoothly, with most of the passengers snoozing off:

photo 46r2ZJ8

We began our descent into Loiu at 9:45. Now, while most of the flight had been uneventful, landing was a whole different story. We had an insane amount of turbulence, so much that it felt like a roller coaster ride! My mom was praying to the heavens, while I was trying to ward off some nasty headaches caused by what I assumed was blood pooling up in my brain. The pain was almost similar to that of a cluster headache - not much fun at all! Thankfully, that was all over once we arrived at BIO at 9:50 pm, being the last flight of the day at the airport.

After grabbing our bags, we waited at a almost empty and quite cold arrivals area, waiting for our bus to San Sebastian to arrive:

photo 9AZseKE

We hopped onboard around 10:25, and just like that, our trip to Mallorca was over…
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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Palma De Mallorca - PMI


Bilbao - BIO



Aside from the turbulent landing (which wasn't their fault anyways!), we had a great, first experience with VY. Of course, I couldn't really see me taking one of their 3-hour+ flights they also have on offer from BIO, but if there's no choice...

PMI was decent, but also quite outdated, and could use some TLC in places.

BIO, while lacking a decent arrivals area (blame Calatrava for that), was great. Not much to say here.



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