Review of Middle East Airlines flight Istanbul Beirut in Economy

Flight ME266
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 13 Sep 16, 11:20
Arrival at 13 Sep 16, 13:05
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By 947
Published on 15th September 2016

This report includes the first part of my trip to Lebanon.
ME266 Istanbul Atatürk - Beirut ( you are here )
ME267 Beirut - Istanbul Atatürk ( will be posted )

Route Overview:

There are 4 carriers who flies this route directly. Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Borajet and Middle Eastern Airlines for Summer 2016. MEA was cheaper than all other carriers and they use Atatürk Airport instead of Sabiha Gökçen. AtlasGlobal ended their BEY service this year.

Online Check-in:

Online check-in served almost nothing because I had chosen my seats when booking the ticket and it didn't let you have a mobile boarding pass. MEA didn't had an online check-in desk at IST. And they ask to fill your passport information.

Entering the airport:

Entering the airport was fast and the first security checkpoint was empty so 2 minutes of waiting time.


People were starting to que up at 08:30 but the desks opened at 09:00. Some people tried to enter the queue from the middle or entered Sky Priority line even they were Economy. I have also seen passengers booked for the next day flight and in the line waiting to check-in. There were 2 Sky Priority and 2 Economy Class desks. When I was checking in, the ground agent checked my passport if I had an Israel stamp due to security reasons.

photo img_9947

Spotting in the outbound flight while waiting the flight.

photo img_9948photo img_9949

Boarding Pass:

photo img_9950

Passport and Security Checkpoint:

Today's wait was 15 minutes in the regular line.

Waiting for the Flight:

Today's choice was Starbucks Coffee at the mezzazine floor. It's the same as usual Starbucks in Turkey but it was crowded and difficult to find a seat.

photo img_9951

Gate Area:

Our aircraft from the gate area 222. Today's aircraft was OD-MRO.
photo img_9952

Mahan Air A310 departing to IKA from the gate next to ours
photo img_9953

An AtlasGlobal A319 ( TC-ATD ) heading to the runway for its flight to CPH
photo img_9954

TK A320 just arrived from TLV and parked at gate 221.
photo img_9955


Firstly business class passengers were invited to board and after that all remaining passengers were invited. Boarding was on time.

The Seat:

The seat was a regular economy seat for this flight. Every passenger had it's PTV for the flight. The seat had a footrest and the seat pitch was above average economy class seats.

photo img_9957photo img_9989

Before Takeoff:

The in flight safety video was shown and the cabin crew checked the cabin for almost 5 times. Every time someone was told to close their mobile phones for takeoff.

photo img_9958

So, A triple seven to Chicago
photo img_9959

Another 777 to San Francisco
photo img_9961

Air Astana A320 to Aytrau
photo img_9962

Turkish A330-300 to Boston
photo img_9963

TC-JSI to Lisbon ( A321 )
photo img_9964

Another USA flight. TK7 to Washington.
photo img_9965

Turkish A321s to Rome and Munich
photo img_9966photo img_9967

TK1985 to LHR would be operated by a 777-300ER
photo img_9969

TC-JSE parked at gate 207 waiting for it's departure to Zürich.
photo img_9970

Two TK 738's both just arrived from Thessaloniki ( TC-JVV ) & Batumi ( TC-JHD ).
photo img_9971

Last photo before takeoff; TC-JRG departing to AYT at the runway and AC 788 waiting for it's turn
photo img_9973

Last view of IST
photo img_9974


After a short while there was a brief video about Lebanon on our PTV's.
photo img_9975

15 July Martyrs ( Bosphorus ) Bridge & The Golden Horn
photo img_9977

Kadıköy District from the sky
photo img_9978


There was PTV's at every seat but the entertainment system opened for 1 minutes after the video of Lebanon. The system was deactivated for the rest of the flight. Another point is that overhead monitors were showing the flight map but the monitor over us wasn't working.

There was two magazines. Cedar Wings magazine and the duty free catalogue. In flight duty free was avalible for this flight.

photo img_9983photo img_9984

Meal Service:

Firstly the cabin crew handed us the tray that had mini sandwiches, chocolate yoghurt, an orange juice and a small water. Another fact is that no beverages were served and cabin crew was asking everyone if they wanted tea or coffee. Before landing they served a Lebanese cake with pistachios.
photo img_9979photo img_9985


The only problem was when the crew was distributing immigration cards I tried to stop her but she hadn't so I pressed the crew button to call her. After 2 minutes they have turned off the signal from the front. After that I repressed the button and it was the same thing, they had turned the sign from the system so I've got my form just before leaving the aircraft.

Another point about the crew was that one of the exit row passengers started to touch the window-door just for looking and they strictly warned the passenger not to touch the door instead of an emergency situation.


Arrival was on time. Immigration was quick and fast even I had to fill my form at the airport. Baggages arrived at carousel 2 after 15 minutes of waiting for them.

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Middle East Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Istanbul - IST


Beirut - BEY



MEA was better than I have expected. It was the cheapest option and why should'nt I fly them again if it's possible. I don't know anything about connecting flights in Beirut but it can be useful one day. Once again thanks for reading the report and sorry for some photo errors.



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