Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Los Angeles in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK9
Class Business
Seat 02K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:45
Take-off 05 May 12, 12:45
Arrival at 05 May 12, 16:30
TK   #13 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 673 reviews
By GOLD 3187
Published on 21st October 2018

Hi & Welcome to this report on my FLASHBACK SERIES. In this series of flights, I would share reports from flights that I've flown before registering this website. Just a quick reminder that I am the same human being with "turkishflyer1" on flyertalk so the reports posted can be the same as posted there.

This report is the oldest flight report that I could find the photos in my inventory. This report would include a long transatlantic flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles on the Turkish Airlines 777-300ER. While I flew this flight, this route was celebrating it 2nd month. I've been upgraded on this flight from Comfort Class to Business Class by my travel companions miles so I was one of the first ones to experience the longest non-stop route of TK in Business Class.

Regular up to date reports would be continued to be shared shortly after the flight date.

Flights that I plan to share:

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ME 266 Istanbul to Beirut ( Economy ), Airbus A320-200 / September 2016 ( click )
ME 267 Beirut to Istanbul ( Economy ), Airbus A320-200 / September 2016 ( click )

List subject to change due to photo availability, dates are estimated and changes can occur.
As these flights are reported you would be able to click on the sector to see the FR. Not reported flights would be written in italic.

As this is a flashback report no route&trip overview wouldn't be provided as some exceptions can occur.


I have checked in from TK's website as in 2012, APIS information couldn't be entered by their mobile app. The interesting part is that even though passengers enter their APIS details online, they should wait for the APIS data entry line before check-in. This situation is also valid for present flights departing from IST. By the way, our seats were prebooked by the TK call center as TK didn't offer online seat reservations at that time.


I have entered the airport from the E2 entrance which is the fast track lane for TK Business Class & Star Alliance Gold passengers.

photo TK9-5Mays2012009
photo TK9-5Mays2012010

FIDS - AF used to fly to Marseille, DL used to fly to New York from Istanbul but both of these flights doesn't operate anymore.

photo TK9-5Mays2012011


First APIS information was verified at the APIS data entry line. Even though we had entered our US address and visa details, the aviation security officer wanted to verify them.
photo TK9-5Mays2012012

Then it was time for dropping our luggages and getting our boarding passes. Mobile boarding passes can be issued for US flights but they are not accepted while boarding so we needed the paper issued version. All US, Canada, UK & Israel flights have special check-in counters.

photo TK9-5Mays2012013

Boarding Pass

photo TK9-5Mays2012014

Passport & Security Checkpoint

The TK Lounge in IST has a special checkpoint for Business Class & TK Elite Plus customers. This checkpoint was recently opened at that time so nobody knew it. Just a quick reminder that passengers holding Star Alliance Gold cards and other Star Alliance airline customers doesn't have access to this checkpoint.

photo TK9-5Mays2012016
photo TK9-5Mays2012017
photo TK9-5Mays2012019


In 2012, the lower lever wasn't opened yet so the lounge only had one floor.
photo TK9-5Mays2012018

Newspapers offered at that time
photo TK9-5Mays2012020

The piano which is now in the lower level
photo TK9-5Mays2012021

As a main dish meatballs were offered
photo TK9-5Mays2012022

photo TK9-5Mays2012023

Nuts offered
photo TK9-5Mays2012024

FIDS from the lounge - Also LH doesn't operate their IST-MUC service anymore

photo TK9-5Mays2012025


After a walk to gate 208, several document checks were made and passports were scanned, the aviation security randomly picked passengers and inspected their bags. Also, the ground security questioned passengers about their purpose of visit to the US. Unfortunately, TK does the whole process in 7 or 8 checkpoints as other carriers such as BA, LH or KL does it at online check-in and at the check-in desk/kiosk. A quick note that the "SSSS" process wasn't introduced at that time.

photo TK9-5Mays2012026

Priorities were respected while boarding.



The seat was the regular TK 777-300ER seat which was an acceptable seat for J class in 2012.

photo TK9-5Mays2012027
photo TK9-5Mays2012028
photo TK9-5Mays2012040

Blanket, mattress and pillow
photo TK9-5Mays2012041

photo TK9-5Mays2012042

Headphones had a special box to store them
photo TK9-5Mays2012043

photo TK9-5Mays2012044

Personal Amenity Kit by Crabtree & Evelyn
photo TK9-5Mays2012045

Remote control
photo TK9-5Mays2012029

IFE Screen - Compared to today's entertainment system, the IFE system looked old fashioned.
photo TK9-5Mays2012030
photo TK9-5Mays2012031
photo TK9-5Mays2012032
photo TK9-5Mays2012033
photo TK9-5Mays2012034

Route map today
photo TK9-5Mays2012035
photo TK9-5Mays2012036
photo TK9-5Mays2012038
photo TK9-5Mays2012039

At that time TK's slogan was "Globally Yours"
photo TK9-5Mays2012037

Before takeoff, the flying chef offered passengers Godiva chocolate and the cabin crew has distributed forms for US CBP.
photo TK9-5Mays2012046

This form could be a nostalgia for some people.
photo TK9-5Mays2012088

After takeoff, the Topkapı Palace, The Hagia Sophia and The Bosphorus was visible
photo TK9-5Mays2012047photo TK9-5Mays2012048photo TK9-5Mays2012049

15 July Martyrs Bridge as present, it was named as the Bosphorus Bridge at that time
photo TK9-5Mays2012050

Maslak area & Türk Telekom Stadium
photo TK9-5Mays2012051

Kemerburgaz area
photo TK9-5Mays2012052

Göktürk area
photo TK9-5Mays2012053

In addition to the headphone jack, ethernet and power plugs were available.
photo TK9-5Mays2012054photo TK9-5Mays2012055

Shortly after takeoff menus were distributed.
photo TK9-5Mays2012056
photo TK9-5Mays2012057
photo TK9-5Mays2012058
photo TK9-5Mays2012059

And the wine list
photo TK9-5Mays2012060
photo TK9-5Mays2012061
photo TK9-5Mays2012062

When we were ordering our main dishes, the flying chef has given passengers nuts as an aperitif.
photo TK9-5Mays2012063

Shortly after the collection of nuts, the table was set
photo TK9-5Mays2012064

Bread & butter
photo TK9-5Mays2012065

photo TK9-5Mays2012066

Shrimp salad
Chicken caesar salad

photo TK9-5Mays2012067

Soup - The taste of the soup was delicious.
Potato Leek Soup
photo TK9-5Mays2012068

Main Dish - The main course was also delicious like the soup.
Lamb chops, over roasted red peppers / potato gratin
photo TK9-5Mays2012069

Selections from the dessert trolley. I am not a fan of the little little in the middle service for desserts but they were all delicious.
photo TK9-5Mays2012070

Route map after the table was cleaned

A small bottle of water was also distributed.
photo TK9-5Mays2012076

I have woken up somewhere over Greenland.

And a visit to the lavatory

Overhead panel
photo TK9-5Mays2012086photo TK9-5Mays2012087

Entertainment System:
Turkish Airlines had recently introduced their Live TV & Inflight Wi-Fi but at that time, the aircraft hadn't got the system installed. The entertainment system contained recent selections and there inflight magazines were present at the seat pocket.

Safety card
photo TK9-5Mays2012093

Skylife Magazine
photo TK9-5Mays2012094

Skylife Business Magazine
photo TK9-5Mays2012095

Planet IFE guide
photo TK9-5Mays2012096

photo TK9-5Mays2012097

The Turkish Perspective magazine
photo TK9-5Mays2012098

Some brochures
photo TK9-5Mays2012099

Most of the crew wasn't smiling but the cabin purser was amazing. I have realized that they have collected my menu overnight and I learnt that this was a regular process as they used the cover for future flights. When I have requested my menu back, the cabin purser was very helpful and handed me my menu back as that menu is now at one of my souvenir boxes.

Before landing the second meal was offered.

This time, the cheese and the dessert was served with the appetizer.
Assorted Turkish mezes, "İmambayıldı" stuffed eggplant in olive oil
Mousse rigo, bitter and white chocolate

photo TK9-5Mays2012091

This was the best inflight meal as I had as the mantı ( Turkish style pasta ) was very delicious.
photo TK9-5Mays2012092

Before landing, the route map

Even though, there wasn't live TV or Wi-Fi onboard live news and the weather in Los Angeles were appearing on the IFE system
photo TK9-5Mays2012107
photo TK9-5Mays2012108
photo TK9-5Mays2012109

Some Info About the M&S Program
photo TK9-5Mays2012110photo TK9-5Mays2012111

Last images from the route map

Then the seat-belt signs has been turned on
photo TK9-5Mays2012118

photo TK9-5Mays2012119

Downtown LA
photo TK9-5Mays2012120

After we have landed, this China Airlines 747 was visible
photo TK9-5Mays2012121

AA aircraft at Terminal 4
photo TK9-5Mays2012123

AA 757
photo TK9-5Mays2012124

Another AA 757
photo TK9-5Mays2012125

And again another AA 757
photo TK9-5Mays2012126

AA MD-80
photo TK9-5Mays2012127

AA 777-200
photo TK9-5Mays2012128

And EK 77L
photo TK9-5Mays2012129

Thank you for flying us,
photo TK9-5Mays2012122

Before leaving the cabin
photo TK9-5Mays2012130

We had parked to gate 105 in TBIT.


After a wait for immigration, we had picked our baggages from carousel 6 and this journey has came to an end.

Some photos from the old TBIT baggage claim area
photo TK9-5Mays2012131
photo TK9-5Mays2012132
photo TK9-5Mays2012133

TK ads were present in the rental car area
photo TK9-5Mays2012134

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.
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    jaytot 30 Comments

    the meal looks like not well presented and unappealing to eat. for me its not a business class plating. good thing that it was delicious and you enjoy your meal.

    • Comment 472040 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Jaytot and thanks for stopping by,

      The problem of presenting the meal is related to TK's trolley select service. Passengers could choose more than one appetizer and more than one dessert and the crew puts some of each requested option to your plate in the aisle while serving. In my opinion, a selection of one plate for each would be better for a carrier like TK but TK is proud of their service so it seems that the process would continue like this. And, I would like to mention that the taste of the meals presented were pretty good compared to the return leg. In addition, I also agree to you that the presentation type could be improved as many other airline companies offer a better presentation than the one on this flight.

      Thanks again for your comment and have a great weekend.

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