Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH456
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 11:40
Take-off 04 Feb 13, 10:00
Arrival at 04 Feb 13, 12:40
LH   #70 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1176 reviews
By GOLD 2102
Published on 17th November 2018

Hi & Welcome to this report on my FLASHBACK SERIES. In this series of flights, I would share reports from flights that I've flown before registering this website. Just a quick reminder that I am the same human being with "turkishflyer1" on flyertalk so the reports posted can be the same as posted there.

This is the report of my second flight from my Los Angeles trip in Northern Winter 2013. This report would contain a transatlantic Lufthansa Economy Class experience from 2013. This flight was also my first 747-8i flight.

Regular up to date reports would be continued to be shared shortly after the flight date.

Flights that I plan to share:

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TK 10 Los Angeles to Istanbul ( Business ), Boeing 777-300ER / May 2012 ( arriving Dec 2019 ), Star Alliance Lounge Los Angeles ( old TBIT )
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LH 456 Frankfurt to Los Angeles ( Economy ), Boeing 747-8I / February 2013 ( you are here ), Lufthansa Senator Lounge Z Frankfurt
LH 457 Los Angeles to Frankfurt ( Business ), Boeing 747-8I / February 2013 ( arriving Dec 2018 ), Star Alliance Lounge Los Angeles ( old TBIT )
LH 1300 Frankfurt to Istanbul ( Economy ), Airbus A320-200 / February 2013 ( arriving Dec 2018 ), Lufthansa Senator Lounge B Frankfurt
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ME 267 Beirut to Istanbul ( Economy ), Airbus A320-200 / September 2016 ( click )

List subject to change due to photo availability, dates are estimated and changes can occur.
As these flights are reported you would be able to click on the sector to see the FR. Not reported flights would be written in italic.

As this is a flashback report no route&trip overview wouldn't be provided as some exceptions can occur.


After arriving from my previous flight to Terminal 1B Non Schengen, I need to take the AirTrain to Terminal 1Z and clear security there.

photo IMG_0435_zps18315626photo IMG_0437_zpsa636ea1a

This flight was also my first flight from the new A/Z concourse
photo IMG_0438_zps10a0375c

The security checkpoint wasn't that crowded early in the morning
photo IMG_0439_zps24d0a9c4photo IMG_0440_zpse9868af9

There was a document check before the security checkpoint. As I was a Senator (LH*G) at that time I used the Business Class lane.
photo IMG_0442_zpsa4c263b8

After the security checkpoint, as like in most airports, passengers are obliged to pass from the Duty Free area.
photo IMG_0443_zpsa4586fb3


I had access to the Senator Lounge due to my status at that time. The lounge near gate Z15 was closed before the expansion and the only Senator Lounge in the concourse was this one near gate Z50. In addition, the M&M statement machine wasn't working at that time.
photo IMG_0444_zps9a707868

The buffet
photo IMG_0446_zps1d92c885

Boarding Pass:

photo IMG_0445_zpscc42ad68


Our aircraft at the gate. Today's aircraft would be D-ABYA
photo IMG_0448_zps806db49a

The flight was fully booked so the gate area was crowded
photo IMG_0449_zps0c4918b9photo IMG_0450_zps5027d937

Our neighbor was D-ABYD which would be taxied to the B gates because that bird was heading to India and India flights depart from that concourse
photo IMG_0451_zps4f1bdce5photo IMG_0452_zps195d4c66

Boarding started with being priorities respected, auto-gates were used for boarding and the document check was made at the jetway.
photo IMG_0453_zps22dbc74f

Economy passengers trying to use the automated gates at the priority lane didn't success as the gate didn't open for them.
photo IMG_0454_zps59966f64

I have used door 2L as I was seated in Economy Class. LH didn't offer Premium Economy at that time.
photo IMG_0455_zps958871b9


photo IMG_0464_zpsf970bb57


I was seated at 18A today, unfortunately the flight was fully booked as I mentioned before so LH couldn't block the middle seat for us. ( My companion was also *G at that time )
photo IMG_0456_zps375c8aefphoto IMG_0457_zps8c38775b

Nice to see brand new overhead panels in a jumbo jet

photo IMG_0458_zps99be0967

This aircraft had the Panasonic ex2 IFE system installed in each seat
photo IMG_0459_zps3a13d22a

Multiple languages were offered at that time
photo IMG_0461_zpse0f10a9a

Main menu of the IFE system
photo IMG_0462_zpsacfb2c22


The IFE worked perfectly but the remote control froze mid-flight and didn't work after a point but everything could be done by the touch screen so that wasn't a major issue. I had also experienced this situation in most of my previous LH flights on the Airbus A340-300 aircraft.

Headsets were provided by the crew

photo IMG_0465_zps5e69b9bf

The seat pocket contained the safety card, inflight magazine and the inflight shopping catalogue.

photo IMG_0466_zpsc40add04photo IMG_0467_zps18df0389photo IMG_0468_zps034aca30

Fleet and US route map inside the LH Magazin

photo IMG_0499_zps69951af2photo IMG_0500_zps3da8948a

The remote was working before we left FRA
photo IMG_0469_zps5aee9670

Also USB and ethernet ports were offered but the aircraft wasn't equipped with Wi-Fi at that time
photo IMG_0470_zps1c698565photo IMG_0471_zpsca16f35f

Before taking off, the safety video was shown
photo IMG_0473_zps7a6980c7

At that time, this A319 was taxiing to the runway for a short flight to BRU.
photo IMG_0474_zpsb47cbba3

LH had ads on the old Terminal 1A building
photo IMG_0475_zps33a025e7photo IMG_0477_zps5f5b692f

LH aircraft getting ready for their flights to Atlanta and Chicago
photo IMG_0479_zpsc541404b

And our route before taking off
photo IMG_0480_zps5fd50182

And shots from the route map, after taking off

30 minutes after takeoff, a snack was provided with a drink of choice.
photo IMG_0497_zpsa73d1048

Music menu on the IFE system.
photo IMG_0502_zps61f2d036

After the trash from the snack service was collected, the meal had service begun. There were two options; chicken and pasta. The main options were served with a salad and a chocolate cake. Drink refills were offered during the meal.
photo IMG_0503_zps19d2e781

The pasta was delicious and it was one of the best Economy Class meals that I have. Despite the bad quality of LSG SkyChefs in Istanbul, the headquarters in Frankfurt knows how to cook delicious food.
photo IMG_0504_zpse5e0ef40

After the meal service, immigration forms were distributed. The form on the left could be a nostalgia for some people.
photo IMG_0505_zps1fd24c3e

The lavatory was clean when I visited during mid flight.
photo IMG_0506_zps293e84e3photo IMG_0507_zps320c2598

Some flight information while we were over Greenland.

At that time, the cabin crew distributed snacks
photo IMG_0514_zpsc08e5df8

Later on I went to the galley to grab a cup of water and I took another package of the biscuits as well.
photo IMG_0518_zpse8cb16ad

One hour later the biscuit service, a fruit service has begun
photo IMG_0519_zps468e4a51

Then I slept for a while and the route map was like this while I woke up.

At that while, I watched the arrival guide for LAX airport.
photo IMG_0533_zpsa5369201

Prior to landing, a real second meal was served. The options were chicken & pasta again. I have chosen the pasta option. This time it was a vegetable pasta. The box also contained a chocolate mousse.
photo IMG_0535_zps7c0d4011

The food was delicious.
photo IMG_0536_zps14f6026aphoto IMG_0537_zps67976701

Photos from the route map before landing

While the seatbelt signs had turned on, the crew was serving unconsumed food to passengers. I have taken another mousse from the basket.
photo IMG_0548_zpsdae8edca

The airport from the inflight camera before we landed.
photo IMG_0549_zps8240f1aa

After landing, I had taken a shot of the new TBIT concourse when it was under construction
photo IMG_0550_zps0dee7012

And we had been pushbacked to gate 101 due the procedure at LAX.
photo IMG_0551_zps25df57a6


As there were many flights arriving from the Far East and an Air France A380 arriving from Paris, it took a while to clear Customs.

But our luggages were there, waiting at the priority area so after grabbing them I have left the terminal.

Some photos from the old TBIT baggage claim area.
photo IMG_0552_zpsc85fa630photo IMG_0553_zps76cad502

So this report has came to an end, thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.
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