Review of Scoot flight Singapore Hong Kong in Business

Airline Scoot
Flight TZ 322
Class Business
Seat 5A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 09 Sep 16, 01:55
Arrival at 09 Sep 16, 05:25
TZ   #71 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 25 reviews
By 1421
Published on 17th September 2016
With the recent long weekend holiday in Singapore, I made use of it plus an additional day of leave to go on a 4-days weekend trip to Hong Kong. Took the red-eye Scoot flight up and return on SQ.

Check-in for the 0155am flight at Terminal 2 was quick as I was flying ScootBiz. The regular counters had long snaking queues due to lots of others like me heading off for long weekend holidays.

photo 29664478796_a388dbc768_b

Scoot's boarding pass is now just in plain white.

photo 29664477936_f02454f741_b

Headed airside. MI planes resting for the night.

photo 29664477226_df0cc39d86_b

Views of the Dreamliner that would be operating the red-eye to Hong Kong.

photo 29700016815_731a465060_b

photo 29664475646_d7623eac65_b

photo 29700016005_f20e1ce041_b

We would be departing from Gate E20. The gate was, expectedly, fully-packed.

photo 29409239040_90699ea854_b

09 September 2016
TZ 322
Singapore (SIN) - Hong Kong (HKG)
9V-OJB 'Barry'
Flight Time: 3H21M

Boarding was soon announced with ScootBiz and passengers who purchased priority boarding to board ahead.

Boarding 'Barry'.

photo 29588601882_1fd751523c_b

photo 29618823661_4b29817b9b_b

Welcomed by the cheerful Scooties (what Scoot calls their cabin crew) and proceeded to by seat at the last row of ScootBiz.

photo 29700013475_039e84382b_b

photo 29588600542_295efb9fd5_b

As reviewed before, ScootBiz's seat is a basic recliner with legrest, comparable to Premium Economy seats. Legroom is sufficient.

photo 29700003945_570a5f9ae6_b

ScootBiz was only half full, while I believe Economy was almost totally full.

photo 29700012705_61398ff958_b

Welcome drinks of a cup of water was handed out.

photo 29618821641_4a7dee20f1_b

Inflight magazines and some of the selection of ScooTV.

photo 29664470226_eefafc2b65_b

photo 29700011705_17023e6609_b

photo 29618818851_7debaf2c46_b

Aerobridge retracted.

photo 29664467426_66cc33ca39_b

Doors closed, manual safety demo done and we started the taxi to the runway. Flight time would be 3hr20min.

photo 29618817591_57213edf05_b

Departure from Rwy20C.

Some nice night lights of Singapore while we made a turn during the climb.

photo 29618817181_02e61e0c67_b

photo 29618816831_991e0435bc_b

photo 29618816201_a100a18445_b

photo 29073526234_d96da10914_b

Seat belt signs were switched off, and cabin lights were turned on for the meal service in ScootBiz. Meal orders were earlier taken while on the ground.

photo 29700006315_59677ee855_b

Being such a late flight, I only ordered a ham with cheese croissant meal. It came with a bar of chocolate and a choice of drink, which I had a Coco water. The croissant was served warm and decent enough.

photo 29700004685_4c7375ca03_b

photo 29073525444_cc9d3fab16_b

After the meal service was completed in about half hour, cabin lights was switched off till descending into Hong Kong. Managed to catch about 2hrs of nap on the more comfortable ScootBiz seat.

Landing in Hong Kong Rwy07L, 15min ahead of schedule.

View of my seat before disembarkation.

photo 29700002495_e529ac5eda_b

Only Door2L was used for disembarkation and so we had to disembark behind the Scoot-in-Silence economy pax. View of the regular seats.

photo 29700001675_818c351c6d_b

View of 'Barry'.

photo 29700001035_719b072532_b

Immigration was a bit of wait due to lack of open counters so early in the morning and luggage was available immediately at the belts (30kg included in the ScootBiz fare). It was only a swift 45min bus ride to Jordan, Kowloon, where I would be staying for the trip at Eaton Hotel.

Brunch of noodles at a eatery, Nathan Congee and Noodles, just behind the hotel.

photo 29073522084_9c2194161d_b

One Dim Sum in Prince Edward for an early dinner.

photo 29700020715_a13d1e5162_b

Famous silky milk custard dessert at Yee Shun Milk Company.

photo 29073521374_6aa41a6bbf_b

A bit of sight-seeing:

Jade Market

photo 29073520804_e6fea163e5_b

Temple Street's bustling morning market

photo 29073519634_eed2fb1140_b

Wong Tai Sin temple to pray for good health, life and fortune.

photo 29699996855_7d0f7c731c_b

photo 29073517584_6b6f70c8f6_b

Simple lunch at Cui Hwa HK café

photo 29699995295_091742a26a_b

Colourful and delicious yam and milk mix drink.

photo 29073516064_577b048788_b

Very popular Cheong Fun (rice rolls) stall at Sham Sui Po with long queues.

photo 29664482266_590d4f366f_b

Roast goose with noodles at Guangdong Restaurant.

photo 29073515504_3b57a11d20_b

My favourite HK dessert place at Jordan! All the desserts were superb, specially the pastes and riceballs with ginger soup!

photo 29073514254_20bce75457_b

photo 29699992565_778eecd933_b

More dimsum on the 3rd day, this time at Ding Dim in SheungWan.

photo 29699991075_e3f6cf4f89_b

photo 29073513004_fd617b4a8e_b

photo 29409213070_c89823d131_b

photo 29588584302_07eaca397c_b

photo 29073511074_c020dbd1ce_b
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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Hong Kong - HKG



Flying in ScootBiz is definitely a better experience comfort wise than normal economy seats, and made the brutal red-eye a bit more bearable. Service was fine and meal was decent at best, but for the ticket price, definitely no complaints.

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  • Comment 367378 by
    tn92 161 Comments

    Thank you for sharing! The ScootBiz product in the B787s looks decent! How was the ticket price?

    Hong Kong's food really looks tasty... I am feeling hungry now in the middle of the night..

  • Comment 367502 by
    Veloster 5 Comments

    I flew Scoot Biz recently too from BKK to SIN and I must admit anytime better than economy. I am not a fan of TCC but if I have to fly TCC Scootbiz and the fact that now their fleet is all 787 is something I would consider more because the A320 is not my favorite plane especially if more than 2 hrs. But then again I don't think I would like to fly TCC more than 2 hours.


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