Review of Singapore Airlines flight Hong Kong Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 865
Class Business
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 12 Sep 16, 18:50
Arrival at 12 Sep 16, 22:40
SQ   #2 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 389 reviews
By 1752
Published on 18th September 2016
Crossing the Victoria Harbour

photo 29588583722_d116f7555a_b

It was a cheap and short ride on the Star Ferry across from WanChai to Tsim Sa Tsui, with magnificent views of the harbour.

photo 29409209930_1d3476bb93_b

photo 29588583012_e225bfa1a4_b

Dinner at Chuen Moon Kee restaurant, famous for its claypot rice.

photo 29618832511_b3cb5012d8_b

And again, more desserts!

photo 29618794831_3ab720e3f1_b

Went early on the final day to Sing Heung Yuen at SheungWan for the famous tomato noodles. Simple but comforting and delightful dish.

photo 29073507804_e9df40d4ec_b

Mui Kee Congee at Mongkok market for lunch.

photo 29700019165_79543a660a_b

Wrapping up with a final dessert, again at Kai Kai Dessert.

photo 29073506844_b189ae3c39_b

Took the airport bus back to HKIA, which was a 1hr ride away and arrived about 2hrs prior to STD. Checked in at the SQ counters, which were not crowded despite the full flight. Was offered check-in at the First counter as it was empty at the time. Check-in was very efficient, but felt just lacked a bit of personal touch, especially since it was supposed to be the premium counter.

photo 29630206122_c6421ffc7f_b

photo 29741853705_6a533d1bd2_b

Through immigration and security to the air-side. A quick shot of LH A380 at the gate.

photo 29741852685_2157c13e58_b

First stop was the Silver Kris Lounge, which is conveniently located near Gate 15.

photo 29706273266_8cd95c9fbb_b

Bar area.

photo 29706273796_86572307ff_b

Dining area

photo 29741852005_7e8b47c434_b

Lounging area

photo 29660331051_a1448fc830_b

Hot buffet. There is also a couple of cook-to-order selection of wanton noodles and laksa.

photo 29706280466_71680b3e90_b

Fruits, salad, desserts and nibbles.

photo 29450529960_5ea45d4452_b

photo 29706278576_fbc94cf70a_b

Light bites and ice-cream.

photo 29706279436_f3542c026f_b

Ordered both the cook-to-order dishes. The wanton noodles was good, but the laksa was a tad too spicy. Had a jelly and ice-cream to cool down.

photo 29706277256_45952a8cba_b

Some food from the hot buffet selection.

photo 29741845865_05522697c9_b

Sweet and savoury soups, and a tiny piece of carrot cake.

photo 29706274616_f96ff34dae_b

A non-alcoholic mix, Peach Sparkle, from the bar.

photo 29706275446_920abee5a3_b

Decided to leave the lounge early after having some bites as the lounge was filling up fast and was getting rather crowded with insufficient seats for all. Overall, a decent overseas Silver Kris lounge though nothing too spectacular.

Nothing has changed much with HKIA a well, still a busy and sprawling airport.

photo 29741841575_29d07cd5c8_b

photo 29706272026_68b6d88482_b

CX Oneworld liveried B773ER

photo 29115122804_faa2a85136_b

SQ bird at Gate 23.

photo 29706271136_5cbf938fef_b

Gate being prepared for boarding.

photo 29660323811_6b990bb5c5_b

photo 29660323111_58d7189ce6_b

The retrofitted 9V-SWP would be operating the flight back. It would be my first ever experience on the New Business Class seat since it was introduced in 2013.

photo 29115121614_7f168ace13_b

photo 29115120714_3eec8a83b5_b

12 September 2016
Singapore Airlines
SQ 865
Hong Kong (HKG) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 3H34M

Boarding was called early and commenced in an orderly fashion. Welcomed onboard by the graceful crew and directed to the correct aisle. Passed the single-row 4-seater First cabin.

photo 29660322431_42fbcf9b83_b

Into the main Business cabin, reaching my seat at 17A.

photo 29706266076_05324231f1_b

photo 29115115664_d713b726a9_b

Checking out the seat:

A huge IFE screen (not touch-screen though) which was so "into-the-face" that I found it a bit too uncomfortable and glaring after a while in he seated position.

photo 29115113784_f07173d051_b

Seat controls

photo 29706264626_1e73d9a9c1_b

3 different positions of reading lights

photo 29450505860_acfd7d2d4b_b

Storage area, USB and electrical ports, and another adjustable reading light.

photo 29660318261_429bd141d4_b

IFE controller, tray table and stowage bin.

photo 29660318871_1f3b60246b_b

More stowage areas beside the IFE screen, cocktail rest and a vanity mirror. There is also a shoe compartment below the side foot bench.

photo 29660319511_16d364c982_b

photo 29450504940_b054f9bbda_b

I am very impressed with the new seats. SQ managed to create a wonderful J class hard product which I believe is one of the best, if not the best, in its class. With such an offering, there is no reason for anyone to fly First Class!

Inflight magazines.

photo 29630184742_00daca8436_b

Bubbles to start, along with hot towels offered as well. Newspapers and magazines were also offered but I declined.

photo 29660316341_a00ea53898_b

Phitek noise-cancellation headphone.

photo 29660307691_4a92e3e166_b

Menu for the flight.

photo 29706260496_a6af736bb7_b

photo 29117193543_5eebf82b1d_b

photo 29117192933_55c5957e57_b

Champagne and wines

photo 29660313931_a9e350a86f_b

photo 29660313051_6897da52f2_b

Some of the other beverages on offer.

photo 29450508950_f29ebc8938_b

photo 29450508610_3392ca594a_b

photo 29450508150_63bfd1bfb8_b

photo 29706254156_5256f9ca3c_b

photo 29115097594_bc1d78fef2_b

photo 29115096944_c00fb100d9_b

And if you are interested in the incoming SQ866 menu…

photo 29117192333_69775a01cd_b

photo 29660314671_43dd9d17c8_b

Out the window.

photo 29115108214_2554f963ea_b

A rather length (not that I am complaining) 3.5hrs flight time this evening.

photo 29706245756_dd08996539_b

Boarding completed and it was almost full-load in all classes. Safety video was played while we pushed back.

photo 29450505210_2f4fe4a33b_b

Safety video and cabin view.

With the cabin lights dimmed for takeoff, seat ambient lightings could actually be turned on to provide a soothing ambient feel! Genius!

photo 29450504390_31b6eebae1_b

Taxi and take off from Rwy07R.

photo 29450504270_12125278d0_b

photo 29450503940_9e8050db01_b

photo 29706241546_21916f8a28_b

photo 29706240316_7f2cb19fff_b

photo 29706238826_472c03ccf6_b

Video of the departure.

Across the aisle.

photo 29630164762_018c63d37f_b

Slippers and socks were distributed shortly after takeoff.

photo 29450502050_178b6387c0_b

My post-takeoff drink of Earl Grey tea was also delivered. Meal orders were taken but my first choice of lamb ran out. Chose the chicken instead.

photo 29630162422_45c69677fe_b

Visit to the lavatory with the standard Business Class amenities.

photo 29630161042_3dc63d36f7_b

photo 29660296261_a166cb26f8_b

photo 29660295271_185c763abf_b

Packet nuts were then distributed when I returned to my seat.

photo 29660294781_6cc466c153_b

Flight map on the IFE control. For some reasons, we were only cruising at a low 28,000ft for the first hour of flight, maybe to avoid weather.

photo 29660294101_73d9048aa4_b

Captain America: Civil War for entertainment.

photo 29706221726_f15402cc34_b

Dinner service started about 45min into the flight. On this short-haul, tray service was used instead of the full table set-up. Had a white to go with the meal.

Starter of Smoked Salmon with Dill and apple-fennel salad. Salmon was fresh and went well with the salad.

photo 29115081854_d2bfbaacb3_b

photo 29630153932_cac837f37e_b

Bakery items, where I had a garlic bread, a breadstick and a soft roll.

photo 29630152892_14f4a0ee35_b

Main of Braised chicken with mushroom, beancurd, vegetables and fried ee-fu noodles. This was rather tasty.

photo 29630151842_c53938c661_b

photo 29115078614_6a43741a85_b

Ending with dessert, cheese and fruit. Chose the chocolate orange cake for dessert and a kiwi from the fruit tray. The cake was not bad, cheeses ok. Surprisingly, the kiwi was a golden kiwi.

photo 29741807945_609c5266a1_b

photo 29630148622_6ea9bcf45d_b

photo 29741808955_491b8ed59b_b

Ending with a Chinese Mao Feng tea and pralines. We had slightly more than an hour of flying left after meal service was completed.

photo 29741805495_a21e90ba71_b

Tried converting the seat to a bed, just for the fun of it. Similar to the older version, it was a flip down bed. Bed was softer than the earlier version, though slightly narrower.

photo 29660287431_9b542f3cb0_b

Movie in bed. Screen was of a more comfortable distance away when I lied down.

photo 29741804075_bff69cfc58_b

Some cabin views.

photo 29660284201_6d5691a924_b

photo 29741802885_30d5f49368_b

photo 29117169533_1e8a622dd7_b

photo 29660282671_6462f312e0_b

We were soon descending into Singapore. What a short flight it was.

photo 29660283221_1e235e6b87_b

photo 29741798555_13f272766b_b

photo 29741797915_e4f0dffd71_b

Landing on Rwy02L right on schedule.

Parked at Terminal 3.

photo 29660280541_9e894b69de_b

Last view during disembarking.

photo 29450485980_8a0fb53d3a_b

Terminal 3 was totally crowded with travellers this evening, with at least 5 SQ arrivals landing around the same time and disgorging all the returning vacationers. Our belt was also shared with a flight from Perth and we had to wait for the Perth baggage to be cleared before our flight's baggage appears.

photo 29741795525_0cd65403b5_b

Thanks for reading and drooling :p Comments are much welcomed.
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SQ's New Business Class seat is definitely worthy of the accolades. The hard product is miles ahead of many competitors. As for the soft product, it is of the usual high SQ standards, though nothing too spectacular due to the short and full flight. Can't wait to fly on one of these new seats again soon!

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    Great review once again.....any updates on the service level? Are they still declining or was it decent this time around?

    Booked myself on 871 on my upcoming flight back from Hong Kong. Flight 865 is notoriously difficult to get with the saver redemption from kris flyer miles, 4 months in and I am still not cleared for the waitlist.


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