Review of Air India flight Sydney New Delhi in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI301
Class Economy
Seat 32J
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 12:45
Take-off 18 Sep 15, 10:30
Arrival at 18 Sep 15, 18:45
AI 85 reviews
By GOLD 8525
Published on 13th October 2016
I had planned to travel to Mumbai, India in Sept 2015. Wanted to reach Point A to B faster as I had limited time. There are many options but decided to give a try with Air India.

I had flown with AI during 1980's and then domestically within India. Wanted to fly the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

This was my first time travelling through Delhi hub. I had many questions about travelling on Air India via Delhi, searched the Web, Youtube. Nothing useful.

Hope this travel report is informative for those wishing to fly with Air India.

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Below is the detailed report.

Airport Parking

Started from home at 6.30 in the morning. The drive to the airport was busy with traffic on the motorways. Reached airport around 7.30 and then spent another 20-25 mins looking for parking. Finally found a parking spot.

It was a beginning of running everywhere till I reached my destination.


photo 20150918_080641_resize

I reached the counter around 8.10 am. Check-In had commenced and there was a queue of about 20 ahead of me.


photo img-20150918-wa0004_resize

Getting closer

photo img-1442528832009-v_resize

Took about 30 mins for my turn. When it came, my check-in bag weighed 19.5 kgs, well below the 30 Kgs allowed. Staff checked my visa to India, handed boarding cards for Delhi and Mumbai flight, Gate number told and wished me pleasant flight.

I wanted to claim GST, had completed the documentation online using the app, GST service stopped 30 mins prior to gate closing.

It was time for immigration, the place was packed with queue closer to the door. I was directed towards the e-immigration. The machine was running slow, there were 3 people ahead of me. The machine malfunctioned, had to change the queue. Took 30 mins for the whole process.

Security queue took time, had a full body scan. By the time I was out of immigration and security, it was 9.30

I checked the GST counters, was packed. flight closing time was in 10 mins, decided to skip the GST and head for the gate 28. While walking towards the gate, I heard my name called out along with few others. On getting closer, realised it was a bus gate Which meant taking the escalator down. The escalator was not working, another round of brisk walk. Other flight passengers waiting too. I showed my boarding pass and was put on a bus.Many of the passengers were transitting heading for India to Bangladesh, Nepal and Europe. An acquaintance was flying to Milan with AI in the following week of my travel.

Bus ride [Video]

Air India VT-ANU in "Star Alliance" livery

photo 20150918_094333_resize

Boarding the bird

photo 20150918_094401_resize

Boeing 787-8 Wings

photo 20150918_094404_resize

Boarding was through stairs. The flight was full with no empty seats. My seat was occupied by a couple. They moved when I told them, the seat is allocated to me.

Settled in my seat

photo 20150918_100941_resize

Seat was stocked with water, blanket and headphones.

Seat amenities

photo img_7542_resize

Cabin Announcement

Air India Maharajah

photo img_7545_resize

Aircraft features video

photo img-20150918-wa0009_resize

Cabin features

Waiting for pushback

photo img-1442534390991-v_resize

Pushback was delayed by 45 mins. Departure time 10.30 a.m

Taxi to runway

photo 20150918_103416_resize

Aircraft was parked close to runway at a remote bay.

Taxi to runway

Actual departure was 10.45a.m due to air traffic in Sydney. China Southern, Cathay Pacific, Garuda departed ahead of AI.


Airborne, shades were darkened

photo 20150918_103906_resize

Inflight View

Sydney Airport Aerial view

photo img_7551_resize

Inflight Magazine


photo img_7554_resize


photo img_7555_resize


photo dsc_1072_resize

It was around midday, the window tint blocks the sun rays.

Window view

photo img_7558_resize

Air India - member of Star Alliance

photo img_7560_resize

After reading the reviews online, I had decided to use the toilet in the earlier part of the flight. I used them later too, they were kept clean. Part of the problem are the type of passengers, won't write more about this.


photo 20150918_120934_resize

Inflight Entertainment

photo 20150918_144518_resize

Cabin View

photo img-1442534372362-v_resize

Safety Card

photo img_7559_resize

Maharajah - Air India Mascot

photo img_7561_resize

Passengers busy with onboard entertainment.


photo img_7564_resize

Flight path

photo img_7566_resize

Shubh Yatra [Happy Journey] - Inflight magazine

photo img_7568_resize

Air India Fleet information

photo img_7570_resize

Air condition

photo img_7589_resize

Mid-Day Tinted Window

photo img_7591_resize

Breakfast was served within 1 hr of departure.I was hungry as I didn't get time in the morning to have breakfast.

Option was Veg and non-veg. I opted for the non-veg.

Breakfast Presentation

photo img_20150918_110701_resize

Breakfast - Omlette and Sausage

photo img_7600_resize


Trays were cleared after the service within reasonable time.

Empty tray

photo img_7607_resize

Flight Information

photo img_7605_resize

It was time for entertainment. watched a few episodes to Big Bang. Then 2 Broke girls.

IFE control

photo img_7658_resize

Sitcom time

photo img_7612_resize

2 Broke Girls

photo img_7614_resize

Inflight Entertainment

Leg space

photo img_7618_resize

Used the leg massage roller. Felt good. Unlike on SQ, these don't hog your leg space.


photo img_7617_resize

Rego - VT-ANU

photo img_7622_resize

In about another 2-3 hrs, drink service

Drink Service

photo img_7632_resize

Air India Logo

photo img_7641_resize


photo img_7645_resize

Had enough of entertainment, flying somewhere over Western Australia, it was time to snooze. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


photo img_7651_resize

Must have slept for 3-4 hrs, checked the flight information.

Close to the midpoint of journey

photo img_20150918_155345_resize

Decided to watch a movie to pass time.

Movie time

Flight Information

photo img_7656_resize

It was lunch time soon - lunch was served Indian mid-day time.

Lunch service had began.

Lunch Service

Lunch presentation

photo img_7659_resizephoto img_7662_resize

Option was veg and non-veg. Chose the non-veg option. It was pasta and separate chicken curry.


photo img_7664_resize


Avoiding the thunderstorm clouds.

Window view

photo img_7681_resize

Window view

Flight location

photo img_7682_resize

Day-night map

photo img_7687_resize

Flight map

photo img_7688_resizephoto img_7691_resize

Closer to India

photo img_7701_resize

Window control released by flight crew

photo img_7705_resize

Snack was provided 2hrs prior to landing

Snack packing

photo img_7708_resize

Snack- Croissant and cheese with fruit salad

photo img_7711_resize

Food was tasty, I didn't eat the fruit salad.

photo img_7714_resize


Closer to Delhi, flight was 1 hr late.

Flight path

photo img_7717_resize

Approaching Delhi

photo img_7720_resize

Landing soon

photo img_7718_resize


Arrived at gate at 6.50p.m. It was warm outside, sweating and worrying about my connection.

Arrived at gate

photo img_7725_resize

Disembarked it was already 7 pm. I was worried about missing connecting flight to Mumbai. Ground staff was waiting at the gate for AI-International-domestic flights and international connecting passengers. I had to complete immigration, collect bag, pass customs and re-check my bags, get gate number for the flight. Walked briskly to the immigration.

Towards Immigration

There were 4 people ahead of me, immigration staff took their own time in the queue I was waiting in. Another 15 mins lost. Showed my visa to India, had passport stamped. Had to show passport stamp before being let out to collect bag.

Bag didn't take long. I was rushing towards Green Channel when Customs guy asked where I was coming from. I said "Sydney". He let me pass without stopping.

I headed to the Transfer Check-In, it was 7.30. Showed my boarding card and passport to security. I was the only one to Check-In. Didn't take long Counter staff checked my bags and told me to go level 2 for departure for the next flight to Mumbai.

I hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading. :)
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Air India

Cabin crew7.0

Sydney - SYD


New Delhi - DEL



Overall Air India flight went well other then arriving an hour late in Delhi. Food was tasty, cabin was new and clean. Sydney parking and immigration was a nightmare. Delhi Airport had few counters open, immigration was slow.



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