Review of Aegean Airlines flight Athens Copenhagen in Business

Airline Aegean Airlines
Flight A3 810
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 13 Oct 16, 13:20
Arrival at 13 Oct 16, 15:45
A3   #11 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 171 reviews
By 1420
Published on 30th October 2016
After a short layover in ATH near the airport, I was ready to resume my itinerary which is found below:

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I was dropped at the airport by 11:00 and I went straight to the A3 check-in counter. The inside of the terminal is as charming as a the interior of an industrial warehouse. After waiting for a minute an agent issued me the boarding passes and wished me a good trip. I inquired about the lounge and somehow it clicked on her that she forgot to mention it to me. She told me that it was further down the concourse before security and I was then on my way.


photo dsc04216

Boarding pass and lounge invitation.

photo a3 ath-cph 43

A3 lounge.

I presented my boarding pass along with my TK Gold card and was welcomed inside by the receptionist. I entered through the left and came upon the seating area.

photo a3 cip lounge  ath 1 - copyphoto a3 cip lounge  ath 21

If you go right after reception, you come to the buffet area where local Greek products are promoted.


Attendants kept the place tidy and there were an assortment of snacks to please everyone's taste. I particularly enjoyed the warm pastries like feta and spinach (spanakopita).

Interior with metal chairs at some tables. I think these were an eyesore and did not harmonize with the decor of the lounge.

photo a3 cip lounge  ath 10 - copyphoto a3 cip lounge  ath 20 - copy

The only view from the lounge is of the outside of the airport, not the tarmac.

photo a3 cip lounge  ath 26

My snacks.

photo a3 cip lounge  ath 15 - copy

Lufthansa lounge.

This lounge is conveniently located next to the Aegean one, but it seems smaller in comparison. However, it provided some real dishes and not just snacks which was appreciated. The dining area was very full and I was lucky to get a an empty table when I entered. The receptionist was friendly and upon presenting my boarding pass she invited me to come in through the left side.

photo lh lounge  ath 1 - copyphoto lh lounge  ath 7 - copy


My selection.

photo lh lounge  ath 18 - copy

More people started to come to the lounge and I decided to leave and head to the gate. After some last minute shopping I went through security which was quick and I was required to take off my belt and laptop computer. The gate was located downstairs which meant a bus ride to a remote location to board the airplane. I did some spotting while waiting at the gate.

Finally the bus arrived to take us to the remote area. Once we arrived at the aircraft we were held inside the bus for a few minutes waiting for the completion of some last minute paperwork or procedure.

Two crew members were at the door welcoming passengers with smiles as they stepped inside. So far the impression is very good.

photo a3 ath-cph 9 - copy

The J cabin consists of the first 2 rows with the middle seats blocked like most intra-European J products. I noticed that A3 seats are thinner than competitors. The purser took my coat and offered to store it in the closet.

photo a3 ath-cph 26 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 19 - copy

Pre-dept. drinks were offered. I had a glass of water.

photo a3 ath-cph 10 - copy

Menu distribution.

I've read positive reviews about A3 catering and my expectations were high. Judging by today's menu it looked promising.

Then a flight attendant went around offering candy from a basket.

photo a3 ath-cph 20 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 21 - copy

Eventually the door closed and we taxied out to the runway.

photo a3 ath-cph 29 - copy

A military group is getting ready to board.

photo a3 ath-cph 25 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 24 - copy

Bye ATH.

Minutes later curtains were drawn and the service started with a hot towel.

photo a3 ath-cph 44 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 40

I ordered an iced tea served with bread sticks.

photo a3 ath-cph 41 - copy

A paper mat was placed on the tray table before the meal service.

photo a3 ath-cph 46 - copy

Appetizer tray with smoked salmon, trout, stuffed peppers and octopus salad with eggplant mousse. This was beautifully presented and it tasted fresh and delicious. Fantastic execution!

Bread basket.

photo a3 ath-cph 47 - copy

I had the chicken leg with honey, potatoes, wine cheese and chickpeas. The portion size was perfect and it tasted great.

photo a3 ath-cph 56 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 57 - copy


photo a3 ath-cph 59 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 61 - copy

Before arrival an almond cookie was offered along with drinks. I ordered a hot tea and even during turbulence the flight attendant managed to served it with a smile.

photo a3 ath-cph 63 - copyphoto a3 ath-cph 64 - copy

I noticed this nice detail of the logo on the rug.

photo a3 ath-cph 62

Arrival in CPH. The purser forgot to return my coat and upon disembarking I reminded her. She immediately took it out of the closet and mentioned that I sure would need it because it was cold outside. She bid everyone good bye with a smile.

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Aegean Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Aegean Schengen Lounge


Athens - ATH


Copenhagen - CPH



The A3 lounge at ATH is a nice and relaxing place to spend some time before the trip. Catering is good with a wide assortment of snacks. Too bad that the only view is of the exterior of the airport and not the tarmac.

Flying A3 for the first time was a great experience. The inflight crew looked sharp and the attitude was professional and friendly. Catering is excellent and in my opinion is in the league of TK. It's no surprise that A3 has been named "Best Regional Carrier" by Skytrax. The only con is the cabin seat which i found a bit thinner than competitors.



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  • Comment 372397 by
    aussenrist 225 Comments

    Thanks Adan for sharing this report!
    Decent food selection for both lounges while the quality of LH lounge seems better. The refrigerated salad in A3 lounge not looking good. Nice tarmac and aerial shots.
    It is nice to have the low loaded J cabin^^ The crew look like having a good mood and they are attentive. The catering on this flight is fantastic. A full J meal services. Very visually appealing and the portion is generous for this regional flight.
    Looking forward to next report and Happy Halloween! :P

    • Comment 372548 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Hi ashleyyau.

      Happy Halloween to you too. Sometimes I am scared of flying so much. :P

      Food is better at the LH lounge, but the lack of space to sit is a big turn off. It was a beautiful day for aerial shots.

      Thanks for your comments.

  • Comment 372419 by
    757Fan 616 Comments

    Great report, Jetsetpanda. The food looks really good on Aegean. I'm always pretty amazed by what I've seen with their business class offering. Looking forward to your next report!

  • Comment 372511 by
    indianocean SILVER 7248 Comments

    To be honest with you, food in LH lounge is more to my liking even if choice in A3 lounge is interesting.
    However, A3 lounge desing is much nicer.

    Pitch onboard is quite good

    What I like about the meal you had is that everything is not served at one time. It's paced and it looks beautiful indeed.

    Good cabin, good food. What else on a medium haul flight?

    Thank you Adan

    • Comment 372550 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Hi Bernard.

      This first time experience with A3 left me with a very positive impression of the carrier. Catering as you said was served in courses and well paced according to each individual. This was one of the most satisfying meals that I have ever had and it shows that A3 pays attention to details.

      Thanks for passing by.

  • Comment 372761 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Beautiful spotting shots at ATH.

    “Eventually the door closed and we taxied out to the runway.”
    - Nice catch of that 747, beautiful background!

    Catering looks fantastic on this flight, impressive stuff. Presentation was nice too.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 373514 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thanks for sharing the FR!

    Now I can see what I missed on the other side of the LH Lounge. Looks to be better food than in the A3 Lounge, which was mainly pastries and pies.

    The A3 hard-product is really the only downside to them. Installing a real J cabin would really do them a lot of favors since it would help attract more passengers. Their route map is so limited as it is that I don't see how they can regularly fill their J cabins (this is also why I've never seen a JU cabin more than 50% full). The catering does look very good and the menu is a nice touch. The dessert plate was very nicely presented.

    Great aerials on departure from ATH.

    I still don't know how I feel about the "casual" sleeveless FA uniforms, they aren't so noticeable with the jacket on, but still quite unusual.

    • Comment 373516 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      The A3 lounge is really spacious compared to LH's cramped quarters but LH offers real food.

      I can see A3 benefit from a better J cabin. Those thin ironing boards just don't do it for me. As for the sleveless uniforms, I think that they are fine for summer but they should have another outfit for colder weather. I agree that it can be very casual, but I guess that forces the crew to be better groomed.

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