Review of Tarom flight Paris Bucharest in Economy

Airline Tarom
Flight RO381
Class Economy
Seat 03C
Aircraft Boeing 737-300
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 10 Oct 16, 12:25
Arrival at 10 Oct 16, 16:50
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Published on 6th November 2016
Good evening fellow FRers,

it's been a while since I reported in English, so I'd like to share my experience with TAROM, the national airline of Romania.
I went on a business trip to Bucarest in October and on this occasion I had to take this slightly vintage 737-300.

The adventure starts in CDG in terminal 2E, gate L. Once more, the electronic passport gates for French citizens and those who register with another EU passport (like me) are broken, which seems to be the case 90% of the time. I don't really understand why these gates work perfectly fine in the UK and Ireland but never do in France?! Did they pick a wrong provider?

After customs, we're off to L gates with a metro shuttle. Our flight leaves from a gate at the very end of the pier, where we had a great view on the tarmac. This is where this report starts. I'm sorry it's not earlier, I simply had forgottes. I'm skyteam elite +, but my colleagues weren't, so no lounge on this flight.

photo img_20161010_112953photo img_20161010_113001photo img_20161010_114026

Boarding started peacefully and I quickly took my seat at the very front of the economy cabin. On this old and worn 737-300, there are till real business seats in business class, which has become an usual sight in Europe.
photo img_20161010_120922

My seat
photo img_20161010_120929

I have something similar to a bulk seat because there is a real wall between me and the business cabin. The great thing is, that I spread my legs into the business cabin :))))
photo img_20161010_120938

The business cabin
photo img_20161010_120942

My "IFE" is switching from this fascinating picture of a sight in Bucarest and a grossly pixelled map. Long live the 1990s.
photo img_20161010_120954

Some impressions

I found it funny that "floorlighting" is actually made of lights and not of fluorescent stripes
photo img_20161010_131825

Lunchtime! On a state owned airline from a post communist country, you can still expect a real meal on a 3h flight :)
photo img_20161010_133348

Nothing too refined, but creamy and filling this chicken and rice was!
photo img_20161010_133357photo img_20161010_133738

However the red wine was disgusting! But I was fairly stupid to order it anyway since cream and red wine don't match (dare I say I am half french!)
photo img_20161010_133741

Any allergies?
photo img_20161010_134905

Signage in the loo
photo img_20161010_142709

Yes, it's an old plane.
photo img_20161010_142713

We've landed and this another view of the business cabin
photo img_20161010_152546photo img_20161010_152611

Leaving the plane next to AB A321 from DUS
photo img_20161010_152622

Finally able to catch a glimpse of the bird

And off to the terminal, where the arrivals hall is still very 90s too!

… and a FIDS to finish this FR, thanks for reading! The return leg will be on AF's A319 in a refreshed cabin
photo img_20161010_164949
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Cabin crew8.5

Paris - CDG


Bucharest - OTP



CDG with its strenghts and weaknesses as usual. Defo missing the electronic passport gate!!! But the big windows with a view on the tarmac and the runway are great.

The flight itself was not too bad, but the cabin definitely worn.
Flight attendants smiling and speaking very good English.
Food was good compared to competitors but nothing too sublime either.
OTP airport does the job but is a little behind in terms of equipment.

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  • Comment 373210 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Nice report! Thank you for sharing. I am amazed that Tarom still operates the 737-300. Nice to be able to be in the bulkhead with some good legroom!
  • Comment 373252 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10101 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this flight. I will soon fly Tarom on an airbus A318 and I am happy it's not this very old fashioned B 737. I find the seats of the Business cabin very weird looking.
    The meal on this intra european flight is great despite not being well presented. The list of ingredients in the meal is scary however : I have always been told that the shorter it is the better.
    Great to deplane by stairs which give a good opportunity to spot.
  • Comment 373298 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Vintage experience, both regarding the interior and the meal received which has become very rare on European flights.
  • Comment 373432 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR with the English community!

    Wow, that is some vintage J seats in front of you, love the funky headrests on them^^ So, RO is definitely in need of some fleet rehaul, there is no way they can compete with JU or even FB/YM's new E-Jets.

    The hot meal is nice, but the presentation is not the best. They should put it on a tray instead of just plopping a hot dish down on your tray table. Definitely better than what AF would offer as a ST competitor.

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