Review of SilkAir flight Chiang Mai Singapore in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 705
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 22 Nov 16, 17:40
Arrival at 22 Nov 16, 21:30
MI   #32 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 64 reviews
By GOLD 1290
Published on 27th November 2016
A must visit on a sunday is the Sunday Night Market, which spans across the length of the entire Old city. Seriously, considering the scale of the market, this must be the mother of all night markets that I have been to. Almost 3hr there and I still could not complete walking through the entire market. And different from many other night markets in Asia where knock-offs are the norm products sold, this market instead focuses mainly on local made goods and craft products, as well as f&b.






For this trip, I also went on a full day tour to Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle. Chiang Rai is a 3hrs mini-bus ride away from Chiang Mai.

The famous White Temple at Chiang Rai.







The Golden Toilet in the White Temple.


Went further north to the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet.


Took boat ride along the Mekong river to Laos.



Riverbank of Laos


Up for a sip of Geckho, King cobra, Tiger penis or Turtle whiskey?



Thailand on the left, Laos on the right, and Myanmar ahead.


At the Thailand-Myanmar border, with Myanmar just across the bridge. This is also the northenmost point of Thailand.



Visit to a Karen Tribe village. One of the very few surviving village tribes, but mostly are all tourist sights now.




Some of the delicious food that we had in Chiang Mai:

Dinner of Thai fishcakes, pepper pork and Tom Kha soup.




Ploen Ruedee Night Market. Very cool dinner/supper place!






Khao Soi, the "official" dish of northern thailand.

photo 31131859311_7f4731c047_c

Really cheap and good thai local eatery, Lert Ros.




For the flight back, it was a 150baht Uber ride back to the airport. Great thing about Chiang Mai is that the airport is a mere 10-15min car ride (depending on traffic) from the town center.

Chiang Mai Intl Airport is clearly showing its age among the mega or new airport terminal buildings in Asia. Check-in was quick with no queues at 1.5hrs before departure, and was handled by very friendly TG agents.

photo 31152435441_b3e76c9679_b

photo 30445675684_5bcf42b27e_b

photo 30445676244_c2218d756f_b

Boarding pass

photo 30445673494_d3fff1efc9_b

Through immigration and security into the departure hall. Some shopping within but not too exciting. Reminds me of Phuket's old international terminal.

photo 31152435061_ffbeb29fd4_b

photo 31152433671_1fd36d88a3_b

Boarding gate. Our aircraft, initially scheduled for the A320, was swapped with the A319 due to the low loads. Aircraft had arrived early from Singapore.

photo 30899424660_cac8a9e652_b

Boarding announced and conducted very orderly by priority and row numbers. Our baby Airbus A319, one of the last 3 in SilkAir's fleet, awaiting for the flight back.

photo 30899424330_8b788e239c_b

photo 30899424080_f4d9106133_b

22 November 2016
MI 705
Chiang Mai (CNX) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H38M

Welcomed onboard and greeted by name by the crew-in-charge at the door. Passed the 8 seater Business cabin and proceeded to my seat at the second last row of the aircraft. Pillows and blankets were available in the overhead bins or you can request from the crew.

photo 30899423810_78bdfeff1d_b

photo 31231005246_86a6a849b4_b

Boarding in progress. Flight was about 70% full.

photo 30445669174_f7fd8a0990_b

Seat pitch is decent for this short flight. Pillows and blankets can be requested from the crew.

photo 31231004186_37acc1422b_b

China Eastern B738 beside. PRC is a huge inbound market for Chiang Mai, with multiple flights daily to various parts of China.

photo 31231004826_b5e1f4cdcd_b

Reading materials.

photo 30445667844_0f90097baa_b

Boarding was completed swiftly and wet towels were distributed.

photo 30445668644_669a3c0dc8_b

Pilot announced a flight time of 2h45m, and also candidly introduced the beautiful crew-in-charge and the rest of the wonderful Silkair crew. One thing I noticed about Silkair is that the pilots and cabin crew are closely-knitted like a family. Prior to boarding, I even saw the pilots came out to the transit area to purchase Thai iced tea for all the rest of the crew! Safety video was then played.

photo 30445667384_b041b6ba91_b

Taxi to the runway, with the sun setting in the distance.

photo 31267210415_ceb0d3599e_b

Video of the taxi

Lining up and takeoff from Rwy36. The entire Chiang Mai city can be viewed as we climbed into the sunset.

photo 30445666714_f102812ec4_b

photo 31267209825_7c49089a71_b

photo 30459431463_990b14831b_b

photo 31267209355_4d6b261b37_b

photo 30445665804_022991df6f_b

photo 30445665294_4af18a0e35_b

Over city of Chiang Mai

photo 30445664934_1d8dedbf25_b

photo 31267208045_609840b47b_b

photo 30445663994_cfde897c42_b

photo 30445663434_17a21243a9_b

Video of the takeoff.


photo 30445663154_5d9e2a803f_b

photo 30445662704_a677d48b66_b

Dinner service started shortly after takeoff. Service started from the front of the aircraft towards the rear. Short silent features were shown on the drop-down screens while wireless-streaming Silkair Studio IFE was also available.

photo 30445662324_5005326fa6_b

photo 30445661274_dcbdd682e7_b

Quick visit to the lavatory as the meal service moved towards the rear. Basic amenities available only.

photo 30445661844_4b46233072_b

Meal cart reaching my row soon.

photo 30459425933_af4fd17983_b

Unfortunately, as the chicken option has ran out, the only available option left was the fish with rice. The meal tray came with cut fruits and an almond cooke. I requested an orange juice and a white wine to go with the meal.

photo 30445659814_1006da9758_b

photo 30459423063_e629d77b66_b

The chardonnay came in a mini-bottle. It was rather good.

photo 30459424943_7ce57187e4_b

Drinking water and cookie.

photo 30459424123_0b18d2c950_b

The fish was in a thai-styled spicy tomyam sauce. However, maybe to tone the spicyness level down for the western palette, it was actually rather tasteless with only a hint of tomyam flavour. The vegetables, on the other hand, was a bit too salty. Edible, but definitely no where near the best I had on a flight. Fruits were sweet enough.

photo 30459422413_e927ddb955_b

The Asian vegetarian choice, which we requested from the crew (normally there is one or two catered on each flight), tasted much better.

photo 30459421333_26a06555c8_b

A cup of tea and the almond cookie to end. The cookie is very tasty!

photo 31230992466_6f7547ec25_b

After meal service. cabin lights were dimmed, while I watched on my phone through the wireless streaming IFE. 45min prior to arrival, cabin lights were switched on again, and the crew passed through with juices and mixed nuts before the descend. Interesting service as I had though that normally nuts would be served before the meal service.

photo 31230992286_b826f3b505_b

photo 31230992116_e054e3f751_b

Descending into Changi and landed on Rwy20C more than 15min ahead of schedule.

photo 31230991916_d2affeef0e_b

photo 31122949732_164d9c8972_b

Video of the landing.

Parked at Terminal 2.

photo 30445652394_6ea2369b3f_b

Disembarking and a shot of my seat.

photo 31267197185_9ab0463165_b

photo 31267196485_1d26110b7a_b

Thanks for reading and any comments are welcomed.
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Cabin crew7.5

Chiang Mai - CNX


Singapore - SIN



A pleasant and comfortable flight on Silkair, with frills and friendly service. The only setback is the average catering, which was disappointing compared to my previous Silkair flights where the meals had been excellent.



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