Review of Singapore Airlines flight Bangkok Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 979
Class Business
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 27 Dec 16, 18:30
Arrival at 27 Dec 16, 22:00
SQ   #3 out of 121 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 620 reviews
By GOLD 1336
Published on 28th December 2016
Visited the nearby vintage-themed JJ Green Night Market as well.

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Went for a Japanese buffet feast at Oishi Grand Buffet Restaurant at Siam Paragon. This is a buffet for all die-hard sashimi lovers!

photo 31935170415_62ea49d906_b

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There is actually a Merz-themed cafe at Siam Discovery Center.

photo 31095549674_2c356a260e_b

After a relaxing massage session, we had a light dinner at Lek Seafood.

photo 31787908362_95173cb32d_b

This was followed by the sinful yet must try After You Cafe dessert!

photo 31126105753_5a7e7b7656_b

photo 31787919402_ea6a10726f_b

More local eats on the last day.

photo 31095545784_2595ed45c3_b

Wanton mee

photo 31126103643_efee7d00ef_b

Lunch was at the popular Greyhound cafe, which recently also opened a branch in Singapore. That said, prices in Bangkok are said to be much lower than that of Singapore's. It was also my first visit to this popular jaunt in Bangkok and food was really good, though pricey by Bangkok standards (still very affordable by Singapore standards though).

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To Suvanarbhumi Airport for the flight home in SQ Business Class. Check-in was quite with no queues at the Business class counters.

photo 31898275566_1ea65cb1a9_b

Premium pax were entitled to use the premium lane and a Premium Lane pass was issued together with the boarding pass. This was a godsend at BKK with the winding immigration and security queues at the normal lanes.

photo 31095541784_e4286a7796_b

Proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge. It was only a small lounge with minimal facilities, but with a very good quality buffet selection.

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Grabbed some light bites and desserts.

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27 December 2016
Singapore Airlines
SQ 979
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 2H06M

It was a short walk to the gate, where the Airbus A330 was still being prepped for departure.

photo 31126092023_c2406bea2d_b

photo 31818666711_79fc2e6db8_b

Priority boarding was called and it seemed that 25% of the passengers were Business or PPS. Boarding through Door 1 and was welcomed by the Inflight Supervisor. Just a few steps to my seat at 12A. A blanket and pillow were already placed on each seat. As SQ's Regional Business Class seat has been reviewed countless times, I shall not elaborate too much on the seat itself.

photo 31898267016_fb21a061b0_b

photo 31095523604_267bf390d7_b

Christmas decor in the cabin.

photo 31787863722_92b0ba3cb0_b

Noise-cancellation headphones.

photo 31787889502_7071a9b4b0_b

Inflight magazine, IFE guide and Krisshop mag. A selection of newspapers and magazines were also offered by the crew.

photo 31787890852_ed46bd83eb_b

Welcome drinks and hot towels were offered. I chose the featured mix Royal Sparkle.

photo 31818659251_b49f447872_b

photo 31095515034_855266a990_b

The menu has a holiday-themed cover.

photo 31126087173_72d55713ab_b

Lets take a look at the menu:

BKK-SIN sector (SQ979)

photo 31126087743_af507f4a00_b

SIN-BKK sector (SQ976)

photo 31095520854_b9879daa02_b

The whole range of beverages

photo 31126085713_ef727fb4e6_b

photo 31126084203_2abc67c64a_b

photo 31095517404_64091130d4_b

photo 31095516844_5935b8555a_b

photo 31898263696_ce99850b84_b

photo 31935157815_8b20fff9a1_b

Boarding was completed rather swiftly considering the very full flight this evening and doors were closed. Pushed back and safety video played.

photo 31818656981_c077221929_b

photo 31562263380_231eb7aa38_b

A rather lengthy taxi to Rwy01R with aircraft departing ahead, and we took off about slightly behind schedule for the 2hr flight to Singapore.

photo 31818655171_8d2b698e87_b

photo 31095512684_8f40d35d35_b

Video of the departure.

Into the night sky

photo 31935150745_1cddbe12e2_b

Started on the movie "9 Lives", which is short enough to view on this flight.

photo 31818650941_e962bafe5a_b

Dinner service started immediately after seatbelt signs were turned off. The IFS, a Leading Steward and a stewardess were conducting the service in the Business cabin. The only meal cart went down the right aisle first, followed by the left.

photo 31935149395_0dc1586df1_b

Meal cart coming down the aisle.

photo 31787880272_704f980aa0_b

Due to the short flight, the Light Dinner would be a one-tray affair, with starter, main and dessert all on the tray. Luckily, my choice of the salmon was still available as it was a very populr choice. Had a Sauvignon Blanc to go with the meal.

photo 31787879702_b9310bae93_b

Starter of Marinated Thai Style Prawn with spicy green papaya salad. The prawns were very fresh and plump.

photo 31935145575_6ddc306bec_b

Assorted breads were offered, where I chose a garlic bread and a lavosh.

photo 31787876972_981c17f7b4_b

For the main, I had the Salmon Dad-Diaw with Jaew Sauce - Thai style deep fried marinted salmon, sauteed vegetables and egg fried rice. As expected from BKK catering, this was a very tasty dish and portion was large as well.

photo 31095509744_b65766e3bf_b

Ending with a Moist Chocolate Cake with berry compote. The cake was rich and satisfying.

photo 31787878022_15ddc9e702_b

photo 31787873132_38dc0c76cd_b

Rounding up the meal with a special festive tea, TWG Red Christmas Tea.

photo 31787875522_0380101047_b

Slightly more than halfway through the flight after meal trays were cleared.

photo 31898247296_b35b47006d_b

Visit to the lavatory, which is equipped with the usual Business Class amenities.

photo 31898244206_d978f9e13c_b

photo 31562250760_263b5325a0_b

A pair of empty seats at the rear.

photo 31935142485_011d55eca0_b

View of the cabin.

photo 31935142225_94a41539d2_b

Got a pack of A350 playing cards from the nice crew. The crew serving in Business Class were all professional and efficient, attending to all requests promptly, keepng up with the high SQ standards.

photo 31935136725_265dce486e_b

Started a bit on a Taiwanese movie "Cafe No.6", which I would continue viewing on my next flight.

photo 31898241966_e02cf500cc_b

Descending into Singapore with cabin dimmed. I switched to the flight map.

photo 31562245880_ed51d1c999_b

photo 31787865742_3a3391b828_b

Video of descend.

City skyline during the approach to Changi.

photo 31935131405_138dc9f248_b

photo 31562244780_0f0840840d_b

photo 31818632171_e15f4e7568_b

Landing on Singapore Changi Rwy02L right on schedule.

Only a short taxi to our gate at Terminal 3 and parked beside one of SQ's whale.

photo 31562242750_fe28e52dd8_b

Hope you have enjoyed this report and all comments are welcomed.
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This was my shortest ever flight in SQ Business Class and the high standards and offerings remained. The seats are perfectly fine for the short duration of flight and both catering and service are top-notch. A very pleasant way to fly regionally indeed!

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    Plus AIR CANADA round trip economy, from VANCOUVER - BEIJING - VANCOUVER. ( BOOKED):)))


    I know bangkok is a wonderful airport, with SO MANY AMAZING STAR ALLIANCE LOUNGES!!1

    So please tell me something about efficiency at bangkok, custom clearance long queue? Long time for luggage claim?

    Walk freely inside terminal? My flight leaves at concourse C, but SQ lounge is at Concourse D, and Eva Air lounge is at Concourse F? Is there any barricade like seoul airport? Home carrier leaves on one side, while foreign carriers leaves on other side of the terminal?


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