Review of Sky Airline flight La Serena Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 109
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 20 Jan 17, 17:25
Arrival at 20 Jan 17, 18:20
H2   #67 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
Published on 3rd March 2017
I can't believe what I'm saying, but leaving La Serena is the healthiest thing I can do at the moment. One more bite of candied papaya and my blood will turn into papaya syrup!

My holidays have come to an end, and it’s time to fly back to Santiago, and then take my flight back home the day after.

This is leg 6 of 7 of this trip around the north of Chile.
photo mapa
If you like, you can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.

La Serena’s La Florida airport (LSC) wins the award to most easily accessible airport - at least within Chile. It’s barely 5km from the city center. You can walk there if necessary!

On this map, the faro (lighthouse) that I visited the day before is on the upper left, and the airport is on the center right
photo lsc 01

Besides, the terminal is on a main road.
photo lsc 02

Some options to get to the airport are transfer, taxi, and micros (city buses). The last option is very convenient. It’s cheap (400 CLP = 0.7 USD) and won’t take you on an unnecessary tour of the city the way transfers do. Besides, you can take them at any bus stop, and you’ll be at the airport in less than 20 minutes. Best of all, it’s very picturesque, especially if the driver is an old man that has decorated his bus in a traditionally patriotic-religious-superstitious kitschy style!
photo img_2088

I get off across from the terminal. There’s no bus stop. Just roadside dirt.
photo img_2089

The control tower…
photo img_2093

…and the offices of the DGCA (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil) are next to the terminal.
photo img_2092

All I have to do is cross the street and I’m there. Carefully because cars go fast here!
photo img_2094

Aeropuerto La Florida is a pretty building designed to match the style of the rest of the city.
photo dsc08739

Inside, no staff to be seen around the counters yet. I made it to the airport quite early this time.
photo dsc08719

View of the main hall to the west: shops, restrooms, security check, and elevator (on the left, next to the stairs)
photo dsc08720

ATMs and vending machines on the right.
photo dsc08722

In the shops, small wooden replicas of the faro…
photo dsc08723

…and all the products La Serena prides itself on. Remember papayas, manjar and alpha-whores? ^^ Everything six times more expensive than in La Recova!
photo dsc08725

Security check.
photo dsc08724

On the east end, car rental and transfer stands…
photo dsc08721

…a cafeteria…
photo dsc08730

…arrivals (baggage claim is right beyond this door)…
photo dsc08731

…and some basic services. I wonder if they have some cellphone chargers around here. What’s between that parking ticket payment machine and the phone? Let’s get a closer look.
photo dsc08728

Well, they don’t have cellphone chargers, and in the meanest attitude I have ever seen in an airport, they clearly announce that electricity outlets are TO BE USED EXCLUSIVELY BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL. How shameful, LSC!
photo dsc08740

They do have free wi-fi connection, though. Good!
photo dsc08729

LATAM’s self checking machines.
photo dsc08741

A lot of air traffic for such a small city. My hometown is about the same size as La Serena, but only gets two or three flights a day, and always to/from Santiago. :(
photo dsc08726photo dsc08727

The counters are open now. According to the monitors, you can check in for flights 105 and 109. Although flight 105 comes first, the staff prints my boarding pass for flight 109. However, she advises me to not check my baggage yet, because it might be sent on the wrong flight. So she tells me to come back later.
photo dsc08732

My boarding pass.
photo dsc08735

So I’m forced to pull my baggage behind me for another hour around the terminal. Is this the punishment for papaya gluttony?

Plenty of time to go outside. I can see the houses and apartments across the street.
photo img_2095

To the right, on the corner of the terminal building, the transfer vans wait. Beyond them is the parking lot.
photo img_2099

Parking rates. 5 USD an hour. That was until two weeks before writing this report, though. Our government, which spends money like water, recently passed a law that raised the parking rates up to 75%. There was such an uproar that they are already planning to modify the law.
photo img_2096photo img_2097

View from the parking lot.
photo img_2098b

Back inside. Let’s visit the second floor.

Two flights depart before mine. More people are gathering…
photo dsc08743

…and going through security check.
photo dsc08742

The cafeteria on the second floor has a fantastic view on the apron and the runway. I take a seat by the window and, shortly after, Sky Airline flight 105 (to be) lands.
photo img_2100
photo img_2101
photo img_2102
photo img_2103

That red roof… I’ve seen it before.
photo img_2104

Yes! The following image was my first sight of La Serena airport, ever. It’s from a video showing an old Sky Airline B737 during a failed landing attempt. It was landing… on its right wing! This almost ended up in disaster. You can see the tip of the wing scratching the earth. It was a close shave!
photo casi

Well, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since July 18, 2012, the day of that incident. Sky is (supposed to be) a much safer airline now. More info about the incident, its reasons and consequences, in this report I wrote.

I’m not going to discriminate the smaller ones just for being smaller!
photo img_2105photo img_2106

I stay there for a while watching the action on the apron. I estimate my flight will soon arrive, so let’s go airside.

Right after security check I come across this queue.
photo dsc08745

Ah! It’s the passengers for flight 105.
photo dsc08746

I push my way through the crowd (nicely) and this VIP lounge is on my right. You’re steps away from a comfortable place, it reads.
photo dsc08747

Vending machines and restrooms are the only services I can see around the boarding room.
photo dsc08748

LSC is also the spotter-friendliest airport I have ever seen. LATAM flight 304 has also arrived. The two only large Chilean competitors side by side. More to enter the field this year, hopefully. I’ll be reporting on a new airline - Latin American Wings - and its first domestic route next April.
photo dsc08749

CC-AMP leaves.
photo img_2107

Right engine.
photo img_2108

Wait! Why are both engines working?! I have read that planes use only one engine during taxi in order to save fuel!
photo img_2110

Now LATAM’s passengers begin to board.
photo img_2111

photo img_2116photo img_2117

Another newcomer.
photo img_2125
photo img_2127
photo img_2128
photo img_2130

And there comes my plane!
photo img_2131
photo img_2132
photo img_2133
photo img_2137
photo img_2138

Meanwhile, LATAM taxies to the runway…
photo img_2139

…using both engines,too! I wonder why.
photo img_2141
That explains why I haven’t heard the “barking sound” for a long time. If both turbines are at work, there’s no need to use the PTU. But wasn’t that a way to save fuel? I’m baffled.

While Sky’s passengers from Santiago disembark, LATAM races along the runway.
photo img_2142

And there they go.
photo img_2143b

Still some minutes to board my flight. In the meantime, I can check how clean the airport is. The carpet looks clean enough, considering the room was full some minutes ago.
photo dsc08750

Spacious room. No cellphone chargers whatsoever.
photo dsc08752

Here we go. It’s our turn. Embarcando (boarding)
photo dsc08753

Most passengers don’t look very eager to board!
photo dsc08754

As usual, we line up strictly according to priorities and seat row numbers.
photo dsc08756

Out to the tarmac.
photo img_2145photo img_2146

Last view of the control tower…
photo img_2147

…and of the boarding room on the first floor, and the cafeteria on the second floor.
photo img_2148

It’s a beautiful, breezy day. It’s almost painful to leave La Serena for the hideous weather of Santiago, as you will see later.
photo img_2150

Hello, lady carrying a baby. Keep that monster away from me, please. I don’t get on well with little children.
photo dsc08757

Lovely legroom.
photo dsc08760

And I have been blessed with an empty middle seat again! ^^
photo dsc08775

Seatback pocket contents.
photo dsc08762

Tray table… mold in the cupholder.
photo dsc08763

I must admit that Sky magazine has improved lots in the last months. They depart a little form the traditional format of inflight magazines, which usually focus on promoting their destinations.
photo dsc08764

Inside, some pics of Patagonia. Aahhh… memories.
photo dsc08766

BOB menu.
photo dsc08769

I’ll try the beef wrap today… if the FAs can make it to row 24 on time!
photo dsc08770

Safety instructions.
photo dsc08772photo dsc08774

What’s happening there? They’re fixing a pothole. But, so many people? How many Chileans do you need to fix a pothole? Four?
photo img_2152

photo img_2156

photo img_2157

Wait! This is escalating! I think I can hear their conversation:
- Have you seen Juan?
- Yes, he was in the pothole when we started pouring the asph… Oops. Do you think this will affect the quality of the patch?
- Er… let me call the engineer.
photo img_2158

- Let’s get down to work, guys. The engineer says we have to make the patch extra thick.
photo img_2159

The shortest taxiing I have ever seen.
photo img_2160

According to we are departing ahead of schedule!
photo fr24

Every single airport I know has some kind of weird contraption near the runway. LSC is no exception.
photo img_2162

Reaching the threshold.
photo img_2163

photo img_2164photo img_2165

…and off we go!
photo img_2167

We take off towards the center of La Serena.
photo img_2170

The terminal.
photo img_2171
photo img_2172
photo img_2173
photo img_2177
photo img_2179
photo img_2182
photo img_2183

Francisco de Aguirre avenue, and the faro!
photo img_2184photo img_2186

We turn to the south over the 5 Norte, the local name for the Pan-American Highway.
photo img_2187photo img_2188

La Portada Stadium.
photo img_2189

The airport can be seen from here. The valley of river Elqui extends beyond, towards the east.
photo img_2191photo img_2192

Downtown La Serena between Francisco de Aguirre and the river Elqui. Two streets north of Francisco de Aguirre are the Japanese Garden and the tent of a visiting circus. Puerta del Mar shopping center with its large parking lot can also be seen (lower left). When I was there I thought I was in Argentina. Nobody spoke with a Chilean accent there! Most Chilean beach cities get flooded by tourists from Argentina this time of year.
photo img_2193

We continue to the south.
photo img_2195

That was a nice tour of La Serena from the air
photo img_2197

In the south of the city, a fierce fight to cultivate this dry land.
photo img_2198
photo img_2200
photo img_2203

The small town of El Peñón.
photo img_2205

In the distance, Cerro Tololo space observatory. I apologize for the quality of the photographs. It’s 50km away.
photo img_2210

You can see it more clearly in my previous report.
photo img_2212

Shortly after, we’re flying over Recoleta dam and the valley of river Hurtado…
photo img_2213

…and La Paloma dam…
photo img_2214photo img_2215

…and the countless other valleys that wind among the mountains here.
photo img_2216

The snow has melted down there, leaving these lagoons behind.
photo img_2219

Near the town of Combarbalá the mountains are not reddish or greyish anymore. Suddenly, the mountains…
photo img_2220

…are painted in vivid colors!
photo img_2221

It’s a jaw-dropping sight for me. I know there are places like this in other parts of the world…
photo img_2221b

…but I never thought there was something like this right here “in the neighborhood”!
photo img_2222

Back in the cabin… Hurray! The BOB has started! I’m starving and want to try that new recipe wrap!
photo dsc08777

Too bad I’m sitting in row 24 and this is a roughly 40-minute flight! :( Will they make it to my row before we land?
photo dsc08776

They do! 4000 CLP (6 USD) for this wrap and a coffee. It’s not that bad, is it?
photo dsc08778
Verdict: The wrap is FANTASTIC! The beef is soft and tasty, and the onion is sweet, the way I like it! Two thumbs up, Sky!

There’s a lot of tourism ads all over the cabin. This one is about Puerto Natales, in Patagonia. LATAM and Sky fly there. This is where you have to go if you are planning to visit the Paine Towers.
photo dsc08780

Those Life vest under your seat and Fasten your seat belt stickers were placed over the original ones. Looks like someone was curious to know what language they were in.
photo dsc08781

They must have been in English. CC-AJG started its life in Skybus in 2007.
photo dsc08782

I finish my delicious wrap in a hurry. We’ll be arriving in Santiago in some minutes. Ew! Look at all that smoke!
photo img_2223

The wildfires are really bad. It looks like half the country is burning! A beautiful 747 played an important role in extiguishing the fires. More info in my next report.
photo img_2228

How can people even breathe here?!
photo img_2236

Poor horses.
photo img_2248

Arriving at SCL.
photo img_2252photo img_2253

photo img_2255photo img_2259

I have the impression that someone forgot to lower the flaps after landing.
photo img_2262

Hey, old friend! I saw you at IQQ two days ago, when you were departing to Jujuy, Argentina! When will you take me for a ride? Next summer, perhaps?
photo img_2265

We pull into our gate. I brace for a whole 20 hours in Santiago. Jebus, save me! :(
photo img_2266

The flaps! Will they stay like that?
photo img_2267

We will have to wait a little before we can get off. The captain begs all the passengers sitting on the right side to lower their shades in order to prevent the cabin from overheating.
photo dsc08783

The old style, bulky armrest.
photo dsc08784

The overhead panel.
photo dsc08785

So, we can not use our devices yet?
photo dsc08786

The whole cabin feels older than it really is. The plane is supposed to be only 9 years old!
photo dsc08787

My seat.
photo dsc08788

Ummmmfffffff…… hot, hot, hot… it burns… it burns!
photo dsc08789

Hope to see you soon!
photo dsc08790

Thanks for waiting, you people!
photo dsc08791

Where are they going? Oops. It doesn’t say. La Serena, I presume.
photo dsc08793

That’s where we have to go.
photo dsc08792

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret models and me have something in common? Yes. We are hungry all the time! ^^
photo dsc08794

Let’s see. Where do I have to go now? Cinta 8.
photo dsc08795

Clear enough, isn’t it? So, I obey and wait at carousel 8.
photo dsc08798

In the meantime, I read some tips about the airport’s official transportation.
photo dsc08796

All of a sudden, a voice over the loudspeakers announces that passengers coming from La Serena must collect their baggage from carousel nine! We all turn back and flock to number 9. Hm, it’s gonna be chaotic. Carousel 9 is already crowded with passengers from other flights. The man giving the announcement is behind a small counter. We ask him about the reason for this change. He says that number 8 is under maintenance.
photo dsc08799

But a minute later, the same man reverts the instructions and sends us back to carousel 8! God. I’m pretty sure he wishes his counter was bigger. Some passengers want to kill him.
photo dsc08800

After this passenger ping-pong I grudgingly pull my bag towards the exit. Centropuerto or TurBus? If you have read my previous report, you know which one I’m taking and why. ^^
photo dsc08801

To take the bus to the center of the city you must walk to gate 4. If you don’t smoke, I suggest you walk along the inside of the building. Smokers gather outside the terminal and it’s really nasty.
photo dsc08802

There we go. The line is long today.
photo dsc08803

An Argentinean lady asks me how to get downtown, and I suddenly become a tourist guide when other people notice that I’m helping this lady and they approach me with the same question. So, here’s the explanation if you are visiting Chile any time soon: The first stop for both TurBus and Centropuerto buses is Pajaritos metro station. They stop there for some minutes. Then they keep going along the Alameda (Bernardo O’Higgins Avenue), but Centropuerto will stop at Los Héroes metro station, while TurBus will continue a bit further to their own bus station, still on the Alameda. My suggestion: get off at Pajaritos. You will have more chances to grab a seat, will avoid traffic jams, and will be able to reach any corner of the city very quickly. If you have to get to your accommodation by yourself, just ask what metro station you have to get off at.
photo dsc08805

You can’t avoid this traffic jam in particular, because it’s before Pajaritos.
photo dsc08806

Gosh. I don't like Santiago, and Santiago doesn’t like me. I hope Pajaritos won't be crowded.
photo dsc08807

Why did I ask? -_-
photo dsc08808

Thanks for reading! ^^
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

La Serena - LSC


Santiago - SCL



Sky is doing a good job. Great BOB. Good inflight magazine.
However, Sky is still an alternative to "big daddy" LATAM, and not the other way round.



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    Succubus21 15 Comments
    Gracisa por esto flight report neechus....

    That is the only bit of Spanish I know :3
    Thank you for another of your awesome reports. Your reports makeme want to visit Latin amartica so badly . your flight reports are like an interesting geography class...
    Con amor de India :)
    • Comment 388232 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
      Hi there!

      Your reports make me want to visit Latin America so badly

      I'm glad to hear that! I have seen beautiful things that I didn't even know existed... and so close to me! I didn't use to fly a lot before finding So it's a chain effect: motivates us to fly, and our reports motivate others to visit new places. That's a great thing, isn't it! ^^ You will have a great time if you come! As long as I'm not away from home, you will have free accommodation here. Just gather the money for that ticket! ^^
  • Comment 388237 by
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    Again so many great inflight photos! I like small airports as La Serena, they have this cosy feeling you won't find in the big hubs. Thanks very much for this report, Nechus!
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    Excelente reporte!!! Sky appears to offer a decent product. Extraordinary pictures with extensive descriptions. You appear to have a very good sense of orientation!!! Saludos!!!
    • Comment 389149 by
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      Sky appears to offer a decent product

      That's right. They are a good alternative to LATAM, but only an alternative so far. LATAM still seems to be way ahead.

      You appear to have a very good sense of orientation!

      Thanks, Google Maps and !!!! ^^


      Que estés muy bien, Diego!! Gracias por comentar!
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    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Thanks for all of the nice pictures of LSC and its surroundings.

    Fantastic spotting shots!

    The cabin of this 319 looks pretty good.

    “BOB menu.“
    - Very cheap for me.

    “The wildfires are really bad.“
    - RIP to people who lost their lives, and such a horrible situation for everyone affected by these fires in January.

    Great aerial pictures, always enjoyable to see.

    Have a good one, see you!
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      Thanks for all of the nice pictures of LSC and its surroundings.

      My pleasure! I also enjoyed the views a lot! Everything was new for me! I mean, I had been to La Serena before, but I travelled by bus in that occasion. Everything looks so different from the sky!

      Very cheap for me.

      If you mean "unexpensive", I agree. I think their prices are very reasonable!

      Have a good one, see you!

      Likewise!! ^^
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    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you for sharing another nice segment of your travels inside Chile.

    I wish all airports could be as conveniently located as La Serena.

    Glad to hear that the B.O.B. was worth it.
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    Glad to hear that the B.O.B. was worth it.

    Indeed! Their wrap became one of my favorites!

    Que estés bien! Nos vemos! ^^

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