Review of Peach flight Osaka Tokyo in Economy

Airline Peach
Flight MM319
Class Economy
Seat 15C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 15 Jan 17, 19:00
Arrival at 15 Jan 17, 20:25
MM 15 reviews
Published on 18th January 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to this FR on Peach, which was part of my trip to Japan, which I am reporting on in French and English.

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KIX - NRT PEACH AVIATION MM319 A320 on the 15.01.2017 –> you are here.

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First of all, when you depart from Kansai Airport, you cannot miss out on the rapi:t express from Osaka Namba Station. It will cost you 210¥ more (1.80€) than taking the local train, but it is definitely worth it. Look at this train!!!

Okay, pardon me this long introduction, we are now done with the train.

Once you get to KIX, which is on an artificial island in the middle of Kansai bay, you would hope to end up in the beautiful main terminal (1)
photo img_20170115_162405

Unfortunately, Peach is the only company to depart from T2. To get there, you need to take a bus, which is very frequent though.
photo img_20170115_170548photo img_20170115_170600

T2 is divided into domestic and internationa, and is only used by Peach so far. It's very sober.

I headed to the automatic check-in desk. Note it was only available 90 minutes before departure, so there is no point in being there earlier than that. LCC efficiency…
photo peach check in

Now that is quite some boarding pass, isn't it? A receipt. Just a receipt. Smart&Cheap!
photo bp1photo bp2

I had booked a piece of luggage in advance. No real conveyor belt though, just somebody taking care of it. Again, installations are kept to minimum.

Now passing airside after a short security check. The terminal is entirely dedicated to peach, of course!

Now this is funny. They do not have many electronic boards, just the main one. But rather use this cardboard signs to indicate the status of your flight. Cheap, peach!

Also, I believe this is the crew meeting and waiting for the captain… no dedicated crew area?
photo img_20170115_183123

Boarding by walking, a great opportunity to take pictures of the pink bird. We boarded 15min before departures, still left the parking lot just on time. Not bad, especially for a flight that seemed almost full.

The cabin
photo img_20170115_185029photo img_20170115_202812

The pitch. It's bad. It's the legal minimum I believe. It's a LCC… The emergency exit row was not occupied, I guess nobody wanted to pay.
photo img_20170115_185214

Menus and transport offers. I didn't order anything but I find the choice available is pretty good. I'm not sure how much was actually available on this very short domestic flight.

Now really not much happened on this 1h flight, I do not have much to tell you on the flight itself, except that I could not understand most announcements, as the accent of the crew was pretty intense. But it was okay…
photo img_20170115_185644

Arrival in Narita, just on time.

Again, a way to save on electricity?
photo img_20170115_203423

No, not quite, just making sure we really get where to pick up the luggage
photo img_20170115_203448photo img_20170115_203527

Once I left the terminal, I headed for the airport bus to get me to T2 where I had booked a capsule for the night. I did wait for about 12 minutes, which was a little long when it's 0°Celsius outside.

Thank you for reading me so far, see you on Aeroflot the next morning! :-)
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Cabin crew7.0

Osaka - KIX


Tokyo - NRT



A true LCC experience, with impressive and smart features on the ground. Not much to report on inflight.



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