Review of Aeroflot flight Tokyo Moscow in Economy

Airline Aeroflot
Flight SU263
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 16 Jan 17, 13:10
Arrival at 16 Jan 17, 17:35
SU 105 reviews
Published on 18th January 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to this FR on AEROFLOT, which was part of my return trip from Japan to Paris, which I am reporting on in French (outbound) and English (inbound).

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This FR starts with a night in one of Japan's legendary capsule hotels. This one is in Narita, terminal 2, and convenient if you have an early morning flight. My flight was at 13:10, but I still wanted to try out on the experience and came in with peach from Osaka the night before.
it is convenient and the shower facilities are good. But you need earplugs to sleep well, which I did not have, because you can hear other people getting up starting from 04.30…
photo img_20170116_084905photo img_20170116_084913

As I woke up, I checked my email and saw that Aeroflot notified me of a 1 hour delay, new scheduled departure time being 14:10. A little annoying as I had 2h45 for my connection in Moscow, but not "enough" to actually endanger that connection. It just meant I had more time to kill in Narita.

I headed back to Terminal 1 by the little yellow shuttle bus and went up the stairs to the departure level. I was there around 09h30, but was told SU would not open check-in until 10o'clock. Fair enough, that's still 3h before scheduled departure time.

I had a coffee and went to check-in at 10. Not very busy…
photo img_20170116_100143photo img_20170116_100149

The agent was very friendly and reassured me about my connection and also gave me a lounge card for the Delta Sky Club.

Heading to security passing this FIDS. Security was busy, but not the SkyPriority lane, I was through in 2minutes and immigration was not busy at all. Very smooth.
photo img_20170116_100731photo img_20170116_100742photo img_20170116_100747

I had not had breakfast yet, so I headed to the lounge straight away.
photo img_20170116_101456photo img_20170116_101502

It's a nice circular space where I was warmly greeted by two Delta employees.
photo img_20170116_105512

Time for Breakfast! Japanese porridge available, as well as onion soup, cantonese rice and some bakery.

The lounge is ideal for spotting… Pardon me if this is a little long, just remember I had 3h30 to kill… Some rare sights such as Air Calin's A340 bound for Nouméa and two AZ flights, one for Milan (A330, old livery) and one for Rome (777, new livery) and many others…

Delta is the only airline to fly direct to Portland from Tokyo so it's not surprising it features in their japanese magazine.
photo img_20170116_115217

Having had breakfast I wanted to go for a walk, as I would soon sit for a very long time… So I left the lounge.
photo img_20170116_121824photo img_20170116_123233

I also passe my gate, which was still dead. Interestingly this flight number goes through to London although evryone has to get off in Moscow and change planes.
photo img_20170116_124523photo img_20170116_124531

More spotting, but not from the terminal. The Queen of Skies is bound for Seoul.

Speaking of Seoul, it came to my mind that T1 is also heavily used by Korean Air… and their SkyTeam Lounge is also open to SU fliers, so I decided to check it out.

It is much busier and smaller than the Delta lounge at the same time, so I understand why SU directs its pax to the Delta one. However, this lounge had O'Nigiris on offer, something to be considered for those craving for Japanese rice!

I quickly left as I felt it wasn't necessary to take up space in this busy lounge if one can go to a quieter one… I passed by the numerous duty frees and purchased some japanese delicacies before returning to the Delta lounge where lunch was now being served.

photo img_20170116_130134photo img_20170116_130529

It was now 1pm and my plane had arrived, hooray!
photo img_20170116_134435

I left the lounge on my own at the indicated boarding time without waiting for the announcement in the lounge. Boarding was already ongoing when I arrived, but SkyPriority was not busy at all. I was onboard the plane within a minute.
photo img_20170116_134847photo img_20170116_134935

This time both doors were open so I did not walk through the biz cabin like on my way to Japan. I found myself in Economy and headed towards 37A. The plane was not busy, and as I was told at check-in, nobody would sit next to me, hooray!

Like on the outbound flight, FAs were helpful, friendly and spoke decent English, though sometimes with a thick accent. The promotion videos on the screens are very glamourous but a little sexist… focusing very much on the beautiful legs of their model like FAs and smiling pilots walking right behind them. Oh well…

Unlike on the outbound flight, there was no special welcome for Elite + members nor a personal greeting… I guess I had been spoiled.

photo img_20170116_135234photo img_20170116_135249

Push-back with some final spotting

Lining up for take off while letting ANA 777 land…
photo img_20170116_143622

Take off! Bye bye Japan!

Quickly, menus were given out after take-off. Two full hot meals served on this 09h45 flight. Not bad.
photo img_20170116_150640photo img_20170116_150645

I knew these were the meals prepared in Japan, so I wanted to have them all to try out Japanse catering. It really is above average I find.

As usual with SU, they first serve drinks, tidy up the cups and then bring the meals, tidy up the meal and then bring out tea and coffee. As this flight wasn't busy, it was still a swift service, but on the outbound flight, it made the service painfully slow.

Here is the first meal, chicken in miso sauce. Starters (pickles in maki, salmon) were also very nice.
photo img_20170116_155431

I then asked to try out the second option of this first meal (fish). It was very good as well, though not as well spiced. But there was a decent amount of fish, which is generous for economy.
photo img_20170116_160848

As we flew west, we would chase the sunset for quite a while, a beautiful sight.

Siberian landscapes were marvelous.
photo img_20170116_163203

Could an expert tell me what the white stripes of air are, that blow out from the engines? Water Vapour from the engines? They were there for most of the time.
photo img_20170116_163153

As it got dark I watched Café Society. The sound of the headsets given out were very bad. I recommend bringing your own, you can plug them in, as well as your phone to charge it via usb ports.
photo img_20170116_173928

Ice cream was given out in the middle of the flight. As it was a daytime flight, that made more sense than on the outbound flight where they did this in the middle of the night waking everyone up.
photo img_20170116_192454photo img_20170116_192514

Day time flight is of course to relativised over Siberia…

I then slept for a decent two hours, before waking up and reading. It was now completely dark outside and dinner time in Tokyo.
Time for the second meal service. Again, I just wanted to try both dishes, so here they are:
photo img_20170116_215629photo img_20170116_220327
Pasta was slightly soggy as is usually the case on planes, but the sauces were actually really good!

Time to descend
photo img_20170116_234306

Can you see the very thin stripe coming out of the edge of the wing. Is this fuel?
photo img_20170117_001349

Approaching Moscow - and landing can be followed on scree

Moscow Sheremetyevo, where we landed at 18:11

Time to say bye bye to this plane
photo img_20170117_002015

We parked away from the terminal, which I had never done for long haul… It was snowing and the ground was icy. The captain actually fell as he left the plane after us…

On the bus… spotting the old Soviet terminal F. We were bound for the very modern terminal D.
photo img_20170117_004450photo img_20170117_004535

The transit experience was a little weird, as security was crowded. We went through quickly but it didn't feel as if they checked everything properly…

This is it for this leg, the final Moscow-Paris one will follow in the next report. Thanks for reading me!
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Cabin crew9.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club - 1, Sat 2


Tokyo - NRT


Moscow - SVO



A pleasant flight, enhanced by the fact nobody sat next to me and they allowed to taste every meal available. I still would like to have water during the meal, which is not common in Russia, but otherwise the service is professional, friendly and very decent by international standards.

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