Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Penang Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K 676
Class Economy
Seat 18F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 19 Feb 17, 17:15
Arrival at 19 Feb 17, 18:25
3K 49 reviews
By 676
Published on 26th February 2017
For the flight back, we got an Uber ride to the airport, which is half the price of the exorbidant airport taxis. Jetstar's check-in counters were busy but there was only a short queue at the web check-in counter.

photo 33058406276_c7ddec39c6_b

Got my boarding pass.

photo 33058405896_9c57ddf0a5_b

Due to 3-4 consecutive departing international flights, the departure immigration queue was rather long. In fact, the longest I had experienced in Penang. Through immigration and security into the departure hall.

TR A320 would be departing ahead of us, also back to Singapore.

photo 33058405646_d0089f6f95_b

Big and small cargo aircraft on the ramp.

photo 33058402866_851560aabd_b

Our aircraft arriving from Singapore and taxiing in.

photo 32973192031_69dee0f1d9_b

photo 33058404056_b0658a35c7_b

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19 February 2017
Jetstar Asia
3K 676
Penang (PEN) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H01M

Boarding commenced very soon after the last passenger had disembarked. Heading down the gangway. Unfortunately the sunshade designs prevented a good shot of the aircraft.

photo 32254701664_23a234e750_b

Seats and cabin.

photo 33058401676_644f939d2f_b

photo 32254699894_bba2658026_b

Wing view.

photo 33058401016_9faa83c97c_b

Very tight seat pitch, though the seats are well-padded.

photo 33058400286_899b7d8686_b

Inflight magazine and menu.

photo 32254699094_d5594c2263_b

photo 32254698044_4b1d025434_b

Again, boarding was fast for the fairly full flight. We soon pushed back for the hour flight to Singapore.

photo 32254697244_282fb695c7_b

Only a short taxi to the runway but held for a CX Cargo jumbo to land.

photo 33058398926_a4770c253d_b

photo 33058398446_a4e7f28d4b_b

photo 33100115845_7bfa9787c7_b

And we were off from Rwy04, heading to Singapore.

photo 33100115395_142d605548_b

photo 33100112165_6bc7610d80_b

photo 32285053863_38e8829a92_b

photo 33100110755_279b6c86c9_b

photo 33100106425_978665fbe3_b

photo 33100103895_d803ffc3c5_b

Video of the takeoff and climb.

BOB service commenced but there were not many takers. Note: BOB prices on Singapore LCCs are too high compared to other Asian budget carriers.

photo 33058383896_87a4617517_b


photo 33058382406_531dd3b780_b

Starting the descend just after a short stay at the cruising altitude. Surprisingly there is no hold for landing today despite it being the peak hour.

photo 32285044783_856b8568f3_b

photo 33058381166_be11fa6cb0_b

photo 32943929462_907b447180_b

photo 32285043583_ab955d9a6f_b

photo 32285043173_32503e907e_b

photo 32285042923_cf1c55db3d_b

Video of approach.

Landing on Rwy02L well ahead of schedule.

photo 32285042043_692d9b1632_b

Taxi to the gate.

photo 32285041443_4e218ee8d3_b

photo 32285041323_126e181a16_b

Aircraft parked beside.

photo 33100080855_8e8fc048e6_b
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Penang - PEN


Singapore - SIN



It was a standard short-haul LCC flight on Jetstar with efficient and reliable service.

Information on the route Penang (PEN) Singapore (SIN)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est SilkAir avec 7.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 17 minutes.

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