Review of Singapore Airlines flight London Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 321
Class Economy
Seat 64A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 12:40
Take-off 09 Mar 17, 22:05
Arrival at 10 Mar 17, 18:45
SQ   #2 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 393 reviews
By 2014
Published on 19th March 2017
It was an hour's car ride to Farnborough, where I would be spending 3 nights for conferences and meetings. Stayed at Aviator Hotel, which was pretty stylish and comfortable as well.

photo 33437556185_a125437e0a_b

View of Farnborough airport from my room. Aircraft were mainly general-aviation type, with the occasional B737 Business jets.

photo 32594645784_8f1a904e1f_b

The daily buffet breakfast selection, which is English-styled.

photo 33437554955_3b4f6c8a57_b

Quiet town of Farnborough, with the occasional aircraft landings to disrupt the peace.

photo 33054477090_86458096bc_b

photo 33282140212_39ef2de707_b

Huge portion of fish and chips at an eatery a 20min walk away from the hotel.

photo 32594644414_0ca5789376_b

3 nights in Farnborough and it was back to London for another full day of meetings before flying back. London was having a splendid sunny skies, but unfortunately there was no time to enjoy it.

photo 32594637594_37b22f1b9c_b

photo 33437548325_18839af6af_b

photo 33397057946_0793706752_b

In the evening, I proceeded to Heathrow via pre-booked car. The ride took more than an hour in the evening peak traffic crawl… And I thought traffic in Asia was bad… This would be my first time using the newest terminal at Heathrow, Terminal 2, also known as The Queen's Terminal. Most Star Alliance airlines have relocated to this terminal.

photo 33437546495_44b77f6c5d_b

photo 33397054946_f823619470_b

Check-in, similar as in Singapore, is self-service using the kiosks followed by bag-drop. Counter check-in were only available for the premium passengers. Boarding pass is also of the flimsy paper quality.

photo 32623584013_c1a3c1e5ef_b

photo 33309586671_f550e0bea5_b

The terminal was not busy at all at this time of the evening and there was no queues at the VAT refund (surprising!) nor at departure security. Hence in no time, I was through to the departure hall, which is filled with the usual shops and eateries similar to the other terminals.

photo 33437544605_96ffa2e300_b

photo 32623582893_fd6c54a38c_b

Making use of my Priority Pass, I headed to the Plaza Premium Lounge to grab some dinner. The lounge was tucked away in some hidden corner (at the transfer area) and it took me actually quite a while to locate it, and the signages in the terminal are not helping much either.

photo 33397050586_ceddcb77ba_b

Welcomed into the lounge by the lounge attendant. Lounge was not too busy and there were plenty of empty seats at the lounging area.

photo 33397043716_58f9e7cebc_b

Dining area

photo 33437542435_4de20713c9_b

The buffet selection. Not too big a variety but was sufficient. Quality was pretty good as well.

photo 33397048886_557759ac88_b

photo 33309589291_b0d54b9b72_b

photo 33397046646_67c8ee43d1_b

Dinner time! The hot dishes were very tasty, especially the Indian selection.

photo 33397045726_76956280b5_b

After dinner, I took a refreshing shower in the lounge, and relaxed a while with a hot chocolate and dessert.

photo 33309585451_e54774d4bd_b

It was time to head to the gate, which was a lengthy 15min brisk walk away to the midfield terminal. Most passengers were already at the gate and boarind would commence soon after.

photo 33282130422_ca562d9a39_b

Riding the whale again.

photo 32594623144_104d81e1ea_b

photo 33309584331_1d489b43c9_b

09 March 2017
Singapore Airlines
SQ 321
London Heathrow (LHR) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 12H10M

Boarding the aircraft.

photo 33309582151_3fa9772808_b

Would be seated at the 2nd last row of the aircraft.

photo 33397035036_e43a62be05_b


photo 33309578371_e8be2463ac_b

Another seat view. Luckily the middle seat remained empty, allowing a bit more room to stretch out.

photo 32594613974_b3828ef478_b

Boarding in progress. Economy was about 80% full.

photo 33309578661_62a78b2e90_b

Slightly more than 12hrs to Singapore.

photo 33437531735_63660f4251_b

Started on Doctor Strange while boarding was still underway.

photo 33309572201_0d41d623ca_b

Hot towels distributed and safety video played.

photo 33054455400_26e00ab3f9_b

After pushback clearance was give, we started te long taxi to Rwy09R.

photo 32594611904_f2cdf4f2dd_b

Departure from Rwy09R over the illuminated London city skyline.

photo 33309570211_cc05a9ef03_b

photo 32594610214_8fb6ebb0e7_b

photo 33309567971_230b41e7d1_b

Video of the departure.

Service started with the distribution of amenity kits.

photo 33309567151_cc61bc25f2_b

This was followed by a quick round of juices/water served from trays. I had an apple juice.

photo 33309566391_be5e25efaf_b

Menu for the flight. 3 choices of mains are offered for supper.

photo 32594615784_4fff411c9c_b

Only 2 choices for breakfast though, while Premium Economy would have 3 choices.

photo 32594615364_eb7524c668_b

In the menu is also the meals for the incoming SQ308 from Singapore.

photo 33437529645_b888db6b59_b

photo 33309573551_c930487ea1_b

Supper service started not too long after.

photo 32594600684_aa676139ae_b

I opted for the Indian main of mutton briyani. Had more apple juice and a tea with my meal. Interestingly, there was no wine glass on the larger supper tray, but wine glass was present on the smaller breakfast tray. This was also noted on the SIN-CDG sector. Wonder what's the logic behind this arrangement….

photo 33309565771_8211e416e8_b

photo 33309565031_aca0dfd663_b

Starter and dessert. The smoked salmon salad starter was not bad.

photo 33309563471_42a8b1634a_b

Mutton briyani was delicious! Meat was tender and overall the dish was full of flavour. Guess it is hard to go wrong with curry-based dishes inflight.

photo 33309563981_134c9a46b3_b

Dessert was exactly the way I like it, rich and sinful. Overall a very satisfying meal!

photo 33437511515_6148506ae5_b

Slept for almost 4hrs after supper and when I woke up, we only had slightly more than 5hrs to go. Started on my second movie, a chinese comedy.

photo 33282108622_c26c86b672_b

photo 32594595894_12e8832d2b_b

Went to the galley to grab some snacks to nibble on with the movie. Had chips, popcorn, chocolate bar and packed fruits. Sandwichs and nuts were also available. Also noticed that the crew on both flight only did regular drinks run, and snacks had to be ordered from the crew or obtained from snack basket placed in the galley. Wonder if this is the norm on SQ long-hauls nowadays or that I slept through the snack run.

photo 33437508285_6ebf57c57f_b

With 2.5hrs to go, started on my 3rd movie.

photo 32594594164_6b7171d6a8_b

Took a peek outside. Somewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

photo 33437507245_742ba65032_b

2hrs prior to arrival, hot towels were distributed and breakfast was served.

photo 33282106902_6eb5e71653_b

Breakfast tray. I chose the noodles.

photo 33282106322_dc218783ff_b

photo 33282105552_3ecf4b407c_b

Fruits were fresh. Noodles were fine, though a bit on the salty side.

photo 33282103852_8387228d8f_b

photo 33437504795_7433125dd5_b

Overflying Penang island.

photo 33282103192_a70353afd1_b

photo 33282102832_1bb26ff415_b

View of the cabin from the rear.

photo 33437502775_93fc9cb611_b

Almost there as we start the descend.

photo 33282101722_1d3a5ebeb9_b

photo 33282100792_07de54eefb_b

Descend and approach into Changi Rwy02L.

photo 33437500845_f889968d27_b

photo 33282100252_cc3ee6b5f2_b

photo 33437500165_20d503db0d_b

photo 33282099672_b401cc04d7_b

photo 33282098742_11c1f595a6_b

photo 33397005786_4c553da4da_b

photo 33054437550_0e8767cee7_b

Videos of descend, approach and landing.

Taxi to Terminal 3 Gate A5.

photo 32623548593_38357171cd_b

photo 33397004106_4328d8e52f_b


photo 32623546963_4ae1edf712_b

A look at the whale.

photo 33309533941_2cc2ff73bf_b

photo 33309533201_0e03070f4a_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

London - LHR


Singapore - SIN



Another comfortable long-haul flight on SQ. Service was fine, though the more junior crew were rather robotic and less warm than the senior leading crew, and the contrast was rather obvious. Meals were quite good and as I had described, this should be as good as how economy can get on a full-service long-haul flight.

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