Review of KLM flight Singapore Denpasar in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL 835
Class Economy
Seat 58K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 13 Apr 17, 16:50
Arrival at 13 Apr 17, 19:55
KL   #42 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 817 reviews
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Published on 20th April 2017
Over the Good Friday long weekend holidays, I went on a rest and relax trip to nearby Bali, flying on one of the rare but long-surviving 5th freedom short-haul flights from Singapore, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines's SIN-DPS route. Some of the benefits of such 5th freedom routes is that you would be able to fly on a full-service airline at prices comparable to the local budget airlines. For the long weekend, KLM's prices were actually even cheaper than the likes of AirAsia, Tiger and Jetstar, while offering all the frills. Its Business Class fare was also lower than SQ Economy on the same dates!

Fast forward to departure day, boarding passes were DIY printed at the self-check-in machines and bags were dropped off at Terminal One.

photo 33276146104_369a420ab0_b

photo 34118591205_69e662b5b4_b

Through immigration for some plane spotting. Our aircraft had just arrived from Amsterdam and taxiing in.

photo 34077946886_c3ae8450e3_b

photo 33276143304_e8082ef52d_b

photo 33276141624_2e6222151f_b

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One of the rarer visitor into Changi, Air Mauritius A330.

photo 33276134204_1f40719ba2_b

Boarding would be from D34. With the expectedly full flight on this 408-seater B777-300ER, there was a long queue at the gate security. However it moved fast.

photo 33733877140_83592fa963_b

KLM's second newest B773ER aircraft would be flying us on the continuation flight to Bali. Expectedly, the flight was very full and it seemed that 75% of passengers were transiting from Amsterdam.

photo 33733873900_c12c649a2a_b

photo 33733871790_73d4c81a45_b

13 April 2017
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KL 835
Singapore (SIN) - Denpasar Bali (DPS)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H06M

Boarding was called and was conducted very orderly with at least 3 gate agents ensuring that boarding procedures were followed. Was welcomed at the aircraft door by very pleasant crew.

photo 33733870170_ac476e2b27_b

photo 33733868680_134afa170c_b

World Business Class it was not to be on this flight.

photo 33733867610_9e24f50300_b

Into the massive economy cabin, which took up the majority of the aircraft. Seats were stylishly designed.

photo 33733863100_9f1024c440_b

photo 33733866310_82f8b05fe5_b

photo 33733864510_23bf315a28_b

Took my seat at the rear cabin. KLM has retroffited all their 777s and have the newer 777s delivered with this new 3-4-3 seating, which is now getting too common.

Seatback with separate magazine compartment and seat pocket to save on legroom. IFE is purely touchscreen with no remote. Seat is of a slimline design and offers less cushioning than the older generation seats. This is not my first flight on KLM and I felt that the older seats seemed more comfortable, though also in 3-4-3 configuration. Legroom however, is very good and felt much more than the stated 31" pitch. Guess the seats were designed with the tall Netherlanders in mind. USB port at the screen and power points under the seat were avilable. IFE could be accessed immediately, but earphones were only distributed after takeoff. No pillows or blankets were offered on this short flight, though not sure if they are available if requested.

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photo 33307215883_86dbe54f09_b

View out the window with luggage being loaded.

photo 34077927446_747b1296c1_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 33307218093_5fce6ed26f_b

Inflight magazine and duty free.

photo 33307213043_805ce12559_b

Doors were closed on time and were we lucky to have an empty seat in between! One of the very few empty seats on this flight. It definitely make the flight more comfortable to be able to spread out.

Safety video was played.

photo 34077925086_915e32d515_b

photo 34077924426_528601b77f_b

The entire safety video can be viewed here.

Some of the latest movies in the IFE selection.

photo 34077923586_20b4175ee6_b

photo 33276092654_21e4ebf16b_b

Taxi to the runway. A storm was brewing overhead and apparently winds were very strong and gusty.

photo 34077922066_02af2c75be_b

photo 33961576502_28f3b180ac_b

photo 34077920806_89fb80db3c_b

As we neared the original departure runway Rwy20C, the aircraft held for a while, then proceeded past the runway entrance and taxied further ahead. Captain came on and advised that due to weather conditions, ATC has decided to swap the runway directions and now we were to depart towards the north from Rwy02C instead. Apparently the gusty winds has created some arrivals havoc as at least 3 aircraft had aborted landing during final approach due to wind conditions. Hence, it was a long taxi to the other end of the runway, which was made even longer with the ATC clearing all arrivals on the current runway direction before allowing departures on the new runway direction. There is also a long queue of aircraft ahead awaiting departure.

Passing T4.

photo 34077919036_d7830f3c6b_b

After almost 45min of taxiing and holding (yes, I am not kidding), we were finally next in line for departure.

photo 34077916976_e9b6c831fe_b

Departing from Rwy02C, an hour behind schedule. Not the fault of KLM though.

photo 33307204623_3308f8e8fa_b

photo 33961567522_abf9f79769_b

Video of the takeoff and flying into the bad and bumpy weather.

Exploring the 3D flight map.

photo 33307203183_665214fdea_b

photo 33307201153_8f1153002f_b

photo 33307199403_a0f18b9032_b

Breaking through the bad weather.

photo 33988397851_95e1bb5a59_b

photo 33307197213_a32f53560a_b

Service started with the distribution of disposable but thick scented hot towels.

photo 33307196043_188f44487a_b

Followed by clip-on ear phones.

photo 33307194893_731b4b6f6e_b

photo 33307193493_9de0b70324_b

Above the weather.

photo 33988394511_0df752259d_b

Dinner was then served, first with the distribution of special meals, followed by the normal meal carts. The KLM crew were very efficient in serving the almost full load of passengers, yet remaining friendly and professional.

photo 33988387741_a8c937aca5_b

There was no choice for meals, with the meal tray handed out followed by offering of drinks from the meal cart. The full selection of juices, soft drinks and wines were available. I had a red wine, and was handed a mini bottle. On the tray was a starter, main course and dessert. Cost-cutting struck, as KLM has removed the warm roll and butter from the meal tray.

photo 33307191963_f9fefe7aae_b

photo 33307183133_592ed4820c_b

Cutlery, while plastic, still has attention to details. Spot the tulip and bicycle design on them.

photo 33733828340_765f6692e8_b

Starter was an Asian-style coleslaw salad and dessert was a coconut cake. Salad was refreshing with the tangy sauce.

photo 34077899136_0c6b78ba99_b

Yellow rice with spicy indonesian styled chicken. It needed a bit of salt for seasoning, but was still not bad, though portion on the small side.

photo 33307187863_0732cd1840_b

Dessert cake was simple but tasty!

photo 34077888836_530449c23d_b

Red wine was of South African origin and was good for economy standards.

photo 33307189373_8f9f027e30_b

Details on the plastic cup.

photo 34077886866_e16d3df733_b


photo 33961543452_95875a3b85_b

Post dinner liquors (Amarula and something else) and coffee/tea were then offered during tray collection, along with additional drinks if requested. I had a tea with milk (fresh milk was used), and was surprised that these cheapo looking polystyrene cups were used. Don't think KLM would ever use such cheap looking stuff. Guess is the SIN caterers running out of the KLM designed cups, as the normal KLM ones were used on the return. Also, I realised that KLM always made their teas rather weak, similar to my previous experiences. Is it a Dutch thing?

photo 34077885446_602f26c5d3_b

Visit to the lavatory, which is rather basic.

photo 33961539772_a3a3f831a8_b

I continued with my movie for the rest of the flight. Duty free service was conducted and soon we started our descend into Bali, which surprisingy was so smooth that I had no idea we were descending until the pilot made the arrival announcement and I noticed on the bulkhead flight map screens that we were halfway through descent. Neither did my ears popped!

Cabin secured and crew were seated just a few minutes before touchdown on Rwy09. We caught up some time enroute and landed only half hour late even though with the hour-delayed departure from Singapore.

Parked at the gate.

photo 33733821530_ffc4350cab_b

Disembarking, with crew along the aisles and pilots out of the cockpit bidding goodbyes.

photo 33733820330_9e924a1b04_b

Immigration was fast but it was a very long wait for the bags. Apparently the SIN-checked bags were the last to be delivered. Lesson learnt, do not check in bags if travelling to Bali from Singapore on KLM.

For this trip, I was staying at a rather new boutique hotel, Vasanti Kuta, which is rather near the airport. Booked a Junior Suite at very good rates, and the room was well-designed and good-sized, with comfortable beds, good amenities and a gigantic bathtub.

photo 33276047174_39f23f950a_b

photo 34077877906_68054aedee_b

photo 33988372641_4d290fd623_b

photo 33961529302_aa549c383c_b

Popped over to a small eatery beside the hotel for supper, where we had lumpia, grilled snapper and nasi goreng.

photo 33733815700_ff4ee1a6a8_b

photo 33307160993_791191b6ca_b

photo 33307158253_b950a6199d_b

It was a sunny weekend in Bali, and the hotel rooftop pool was much used for some sun-tanning.

photo 34118516185_67e9581b46_b

Lunch at Made Warung, where we had gado gado, grilled tuna and nasi campur.

photo 33307154923_f346eea56c_b

photo 33307152273_22e97b5226_b

photo 33961527552_61376d9edb_b

Kuta beach

photo 34077859246_a9efb0bc62_b

photo 34077855936_38f326c7c7_b

Dinner at a popular, but seriously overpriced by Indonesia standards, eatery offering pressure fried chicken with salted egg sauce (chicken is fried so crispy till the bones can be eaten).

photo 34077852826_8a648ce38e_b

photo 34118518395_4d3b31789f_b

Soyo ayam breakfast at a local eatery.

photo 33276015764_f47e3409d4_b
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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Denpasar - DPS



Overall a rather comfortable and pleasant flight on KLM on this short haul. It is always great to be able to experience a European airline without the need to travel far, especially with these 5th freedom flights being so few nowadays. In fact, KLM may be the only European airline still offering 5th freedom flights within South-east Asia (SIN-DPS and KUL-CGK), with the rest of the European airlines preferring code-shares rather than operting their own aircraft on continuing short sectors. Hopefully these KLM flights survives the cut-throat competition and remains in the future.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Denpasar (DPS)


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    Nice report, sir. You were lucky to get one of KLM's newest fleet. Same with you, I always hope that KLM will never terminate their 5th freedom routes to Indonesia. But compared to the CGK-KUL v.v. sector, ticket price of DPS-SIN v.v. is still too expensive for me that I still don't have any chance to fly with it.

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