Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ222
Class First
Seat 3C
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 22 Mar 17, 16:10
Arrival at 22 Mar 17, 21:05
SQ   #11 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 659 reviews
By BRONZE 2362
Published on 9th May 2017
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NOTE - I wont cover the MEL-HTI-SYD flights. These were in Virgin Australia Economy - nothing special to report.

This was the point of the trip that I was eagerly waiting for. Anything we experienced before this was nothing but a distant memory pushed back to the far reaches on my brain. Its on every harcore flyer's bucket list and now I was able to cross it off mine. While Cathay Pacific First Class may have set the tone for what a First/Business Class flight and service should be, Singapore Airlines just blew them out of the water … with a bazooka. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating about the bazooka part but even Mrs.I agreed that Singapore Airlines came out on top in every way.

We checked out of Shangri La before noon and made our way to the Circular Quay station to catch the Airport Express. We came up to the departure level at Aisle A and had to make our way to J.

Walking, Walking, Walking, Walking, hop, hop, hop, running, running, running ….
photo 32995141644_b4faa1b2d2_b

… Now lets stop. :D
photo 33682634732_835875881b_b

photo 33682634482_b0eb18e079_bphoto 33682634362_d2777b5bff_b

There was a couple being checked in ahead of us, so we have a 2 minute wait. Since we had a 12 hour layover before connecting to Bali, I booked a hotel for the night. I requested one of our bags be checked all the way to Bali so that we didnt have to lug both of them to the hotel and back. The lady helping us was efficient and friendly enough but lacked that little extra something - I noticed the name tag indicate they were Dnata agents, so maybe thats why? I dont know, I'm picking at straws. We received our invite to the SilverKris Lounge located at gate 60 something which was close to where our plane was docked. Made our way through customs using the Express lane and security was easy enough.

photo 33453948950_c8cb5a0b68_b

Ok, is this Duty Free or are we in a mall?
photo 32995138524_dd7f4c7849_bphoto 33025137653_58236ea341_bphoto 33797596556_457aa91a68_b

Following the signs.
photo 33025137143_8ddb2e3b61_b

Up the escalator to get to the lounge.
photo 33797595186_d2eb4de768_b

Ok, so some of you who may have been here or read up on this may know that there are separate entrances for First and Business class. You see that wood panel behind the lounge dragons? Just to the right of it, is the entrance into the First Class lounge section and I did not notice it when I was taking the picture.
photo 33025135863_40d1877a67_b

When we walked up, the lounge dragon scanned our boarding passes and then hit a button (at least I think she did or I was imagining it) which caused a portion of the panel to slide open and reveal the entrance. My reaction was "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!". I looked over at Mrs.I and even her mouth dropped open.

Images of Illidan from World of Warcraft flashed through my head:
photo not-prepared-illidan_o_1734045

Before ushering us in, she gave us the invite to the Private Room. This day just keeps getting better and better.

The Golden Ticket.
photo 33458671920_39fe4f002a_b

Oh joy of joys.
photo 33797594706_4ab8d9df81_bphoto 33025135513_1765cff524_bphoto 33025135063_f318f248cd_b

Excellent place to park ourselves for the next hour and a half.

Temptation to swipe.
photo 33713852071_1ef9d3422d_bphoto 33025131873_a7f060f16a_b

Gluttony yet again. Tasted some of the rice, beef curry and veg. The beef was exceptionally good.
photo 33453941430_d67b8b4759_b

The concierge helped another gentleman for a food order but never came up to us. While serving myself from the buffet, I asked the passing chef if there was another menu. He sent a different concierge out to help us - I was given a menu.
photo 33025131623_598a5b839a_b

I ordered the laksa while Mrs.I ordered the barramundi. Yet again, the fish was the hands down winner.
photo 33025131283_68bc454c67_bphoto 33453940570_6a6d70b018_b

View from where we were sitting.
photo 33453941060_291bb1bf39_b

United heading home.
photo 33025130733_3a6f650ceb_b

photo 33797593776_e070563e6b_b

Our bird.
photo 33453941740_49f3fd86c8_b

With 30 minutes left before our departure time, we decided to head towards the gate. Here's a shot of the secret entrance door.
photo 33453939980_e8a629a4d0_b

The line ups were in full swing and was orderly.
photo 33453939500_1ba0be9e03_bphoto 33025129913_34796195fc_b

Lining up ourselves. A gate agent came around checking everyone's passports and boarding passes.
photo 33453939100_c5b2aa8d68_b

Boarding became on time and soon we were on the tube. The excitement was mounting.
photo 33025129583_ef61237b1d_b

Hello beauty.
photo 33453938670_03cb488288_b

Dedicated Suites bridge. :)
photo 33453938190_4e6a5db145_b

So can you make out the gentleman who is standing right inside the door?
photo 33025128983_32f188e1ee_b

When he saw us coming down the bridge, he stepped off the plane, took a good 5 steps forward and as we approached, he warmly greeted us - "Welcome Mr and Mrs. I!" … he did not even look at our boarding passes to see who we were - How did he know who we were? Did the gate agent radio ahead?

Mrs.I and I looked at each other and our eyes said "WOW!" - Definitely a good sign of how amazing this flight was going to be. Spoiler alert - it was amazing.

There were 3 flight attendants serving in First today. Since we were sitting in C and D, the male attendant (I think he was the senior purser) who met us at the door escorted me to my seat while Mrs.I was escorted to her seat by the female attendant. She joked to Mrs.I that she was happy there was another female other than her in the First class cabin and they laughed. It was then that I understood how they knew who we were - we were the only couple in First today while the other 3 passengers were single males. The female attendant asked Mrs.I if she would like champage and this is how the conversation went:

Crew - "Mrs.I, would you like some champagne?"
Mrs.I - "Sure!"
Crew - "Which one would you like - Dom or Krug?"
Mrs.I - "Oh, anything will do"
Crew - "And Mr.I, which one would you like?"
Me - "Definitely the Dom please!"

I looked at Mrs.I and tsk tsk-ed her. :)

Getting all the obligatory pics out of the way.

The special bubbles has arrived. I have to admit that I am not a champagne connoisseur - after tasting Dom and comparing it to Krug, I could not tell the difference. Please dont beat me - like I mentioned before, I am a neanderthal. :)
photo 33713850091_4fe0a98458_bphoto 32995103654_d29e9c65c1_bphoto 33453935750_95ea4cae45_b

The purser handed us the menus to decide what we wanted for dinner. Dinner service would after take off.

Our amenity kits.
photo 32995104784_7509937fd0_bphoto 32995104364_e8eb857d72_bphoto 33025120253_80bbdd7b3d_b

The captain came on the PA and welcomed us aboard. He indicated a flight time of 7 hours and were almost ready to go. There was a no show passenger and had to find the luggage to offboard. No problem!
photo 33682620662_fa07c7fb0a_bphoto 33797576136_35c19ddbe0_bphoto 33682620452_f4effd6839_b

Since we had time, we both went to change in our PJs. When we came out, the crew helped us to hang our clothes on the hangars and store them away. Fifteen minutes later, the captain came on the PA again and informed us that the bags were offloaded but now they were not getting permission for push back. It had just started raining and local labour laws prohibited ground crew working in the rain. Uh - please come to Canada to see our ground crew working in the snow. :)

Another 10 minutes later, we began push back. As it was a full-on rain storm, traffic control were releasing planes for take off at a slower rate than normal. Better safe than sorry no?

photo 33682620982_ea1f016d50_b

Take off was smooth depsite the rain and 2 lightening strikes on either side of the aircraft as we were climbing. After the seat belt was turned off, I walked around the get some cabin pics.

The grand staircase.
photo 33709188451_29a072bf5c_bphoto 33709188191_b1c9347ab6_b

Time flies by when you are having fun and before we knew it, dinner was being served.

photo 33453924030_523b672a73_b

Oh so yummy GB.
photo 33453923650_2df844f426_b

Mrs.I went with the salmon starter.
photo 33453923330_244d443aea_b

While I went with the caviar. Mmmmmm.
photo 33453923000_eb4ac412ba_b

Mrs.I's soup choice. I tasted it and it was meh.
photo 33453922780_81a6885919_b

And my choice.
photo 33453922150_832210c703_b

We both BTC-ed the Boston Lobster Thermidor. While the choices from the menu were good, we could not miss the opportunity to BTC. In fact, we BTC-ed on all Singapore flights where available.
photo 33453921880_eee5844c11_b

So here's my rant - I dont know what the catering company did with this dish but they screwed it up royally. The rice had no flavour and the lobster itself was bitter to the taste buds - it was like I was eating dried herbs. Mrs.I had the same problem. Folks - please enlighten me - is the Boston Lobster supposed to taste like this? I was expecting savoury, buttery, melty goodness. In retrospect, we should have alerted the crew but it just didnt occur to us at the time. The stubborn side of my brain probably kicked in and said "We wanted BTC and we will be damned if some bitterness is going to dampen our mood."

For dessert, we both had the flourless cake. It was meh but the ice cream was good.
photo 33453921530_3aa80d5588_b

We were stuffed after this and asked for our beds to be made. The purser asked us what time we would like to be woken up for the snack service and we had turned it down.

Glorious double bed in the sky.
photo 33025114353_a7551371e5_b

We were joined by these cuddly critters.
photo 33458672550_83bbf4e6ff_b

4 hours of sleep and we began our descent into Singapore. We wanted to change out of the PJs and freshen up - the purser proactively helped us to remove the clothes from the storage area and put it in the washroom for us. Toilettries were available in the washroom as our disposal.

Final approach.
photo 33682613812_6b56f960c9_b

As we disembarked, the crew thanked us for flying with Singapore Airlines and we both thanked them for looking after us during the flight. Immigration was easy and bags were out in no time. Grabbed a cab to the Holiday Inn Express Katong for a quick 6 hour snooze. I chose this hotel as it was 15 minutes for the airport plus it was 10k IHG points a night.

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Our First Class flight with Singapore Airlines definitely raised the bar for the rest of the trip. The flight crew were absolutely amazing and were highly engaging. How would Business class compare? How would our ANA F flight compare to this? Stay tuned for more!

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  • Comment 397107 by
    Razza_Pr 216 Comments

    Hello, Injian13, and thank you for sharing this FR.

    The Suites lounge at SYD looks great! Doesn't look too crowded, too.

    "The rice had no flavour and the lobster itself was bitter to the taste buds - it was like I was eating dried herbs."
    -Yikes. Even in R class, SQ still falls short on their catering game. And to think the last flight I had with them was years ago, there's still so much room for improvement. Sounds like an Achilles' heel on an otherwise marvellous flight experience.

    Excited about reading your coverage on NH F. Hard product differences aside, I'd be interested to see how the catering will be head to head.

    Thanks again for this report. Cheers!

  • Comment 397143 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    The lobster Thermidor is definitely not supposed to taste bitter, and I'm sure if alerted the cabin crew would've done all in their power to make things right - though I can certainly understand your thought process as well! My first BTC meal in First/Suites was the lobster Thermidor too; it seems to be a rite of passage amongst us aviation enthusiasts.

  • Comment 397155 by
    JW19 120 Comments

    BTCs tend to be best out of their Singapore home base. Otherwise I would recommend going with the menu. My lobster thermidor in J had me salivating till this day whenever I look at the pictures on FR again.

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