Review of ANA flight Tokyo Munich in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH217
Class Economy
Seat 24K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 11:50
Take-off 02 Jun 17, 12:30
Arrival at 02 Jun 17, 17:20
NH 206 reviews
By BRONZE 2596
Published on 16th June 2017
Welcome to the final part of the report. This part will cover the flight from Tokyo Haneda to Munich.

1. NH218 MUC to HND Here
2. NH859 HND to HKG Here
3. NH810 HKG to NRT Here
4. NH217 HND to MUC You Are Here!

The next morning I took a bus direct to Haneda airport. As my flight will be departing at noon, I tried to go as early as possible so that I could explore the airport and do some shopping. I arrived the airport at 8:50am. There were only a few people queuing in front of me before the check in desk.
photo dsc04011
After I checked my luggage, I took the free shuttle bus to the domestic terminal 2, which is the home base of ANA group. The first thing to do is to visit the ANA Festa shop. There were so many ANA official models and original goods but I didn't buy anything.
photo img_0056
Then I went upstairs to the observatory deck. The departure lobby was very huge.
photo dsc04012
The weather was so nice for plane spotting, I wish I could spend a day here.
photo dsc04013
Not so many people.
photo dsc04014
1. JA742A B777-200ER NH553 HKD->HKD
2. JA606A B767-300 NH643 HKD->HMJ
3. JA112A A321-200 NH653 HKD->OKJ
4. JA67AN B737-800 NH753 HKD->KMQ
photo dsc04017
Domestic Terminal 2. Everything is so blue here.
photo dsc04019
JA744A B777-200 with special 2020 Tokyo Olympic sticker.
photo dsc04020
At the far end, we can also see the Skytree.

1. ANA JA825A B787-8 NH19 HND->ITM
2. ANA JA701A B777-200 NH469 HKD->OKA
3. ANA JA830A B787-9 NH247 HKD->FUK, this is one of the two domestic version B787-9, installed with Trent 1000A2 engine. and carrying the "TOMODACHI" sticker.
photo dsc04021
After plane spotting, I went down to a restaurant to grab some food. Finally I entered a restaurant called Airport Grill & Bar(エアポートグリル&バール). The reason was that this restaurant offered a great view on the apron where people can look at the plane and enjoy the meal. I ordered a Hayashi Omurice (オムハヤシ).
photo dsc04023
Airport Grill & Bar
photo dsc04024
Glass rotunda at the middle of the terminal, designed by César Pelli.
photo dsc04026
lastly I went to Tanabe bookstore at BIF. I brought two books, one was a monthly magazine AIRLINE which featured on ANA this month and the other one was about ANA Story.
photo img_0184
Then I headed back to international terminal. Due to the traffic jam, It took me about 20 minutes to get back to international terminal. Once arrived, I went straight to the observatory deck to check if my plane arrived at the gate or not.
photo dsc04028
My ride today, JA891A this brand new aircraft was delivered to ANA in April 2017, even newer than the one I flew to Hong Kong. This one of course is one of the long range international version B787-9.
photo dsc04029
At the back, ANA B777-300ER JA735A was departing to Frankfurt as NH223.
photo dsc04032
I was very lucky to spot planes with special paint scheme.
1. Japan Airlines JA733J B777-300ER JL43 HND->LHR, “JET-KEI”
2. Korean Air HL7573 B777-300 KE2708 HND->GMP
3. EVA Air B-16332 A330-300 BR192 TSA->HND, "Sanrio Characters Joyful Dream Jet"
photo dsc04033
Lufthansa also operates its own flight to Munich almost the same time as ANA (5 minutes after NH217).
1. Asiana HL7754 A330-300 OZ1075 HND->GMP
2. Lufthansa D-AIHH A340-600 LH715 HND->MUC
photo dsc04034
Since there was only 35 minutes to the schedule boarding time(12:05pm), I made my way to the security check and immigration. The process was very smooth and I was air-sided in 15 minutes.
photo dsc04037
Today, the boarding gate was assigned at Gate 110. The gate is right in front of the immigration so it took me no time to reach there.
photo dsc04038
Boarding was started at 12:13pm. My seat 34K, this was at the second last row at the rear part of the plane. I just realized that one window was missing between seat 33K and 34K. Pillow and blanket were placed in advance on the seat. I had two Japanese ladies sitting next to me, they were having a vacation in Europe.
photo dsc04039
Welcome screen on the PTV. Seat number and time were displayed.
photo dsc04040
View from the window. Next to us there was a Shanghai airlines A330-300 B-6096, preparing for the flight back to Shanghai Hongqiao as FM816.
photo dsc04041photo dsc04042
The blue interior lighting
photo dsc04043
Pushback began at 12:31pm
photo dsc04044
Passing through the domestic terminal 2. Beardo Hokkaido Jet can be seen in the background.
photo dsc04047
lining up on RWY16L.
photo dsc04048
Eventually lifted off at 12:46pm.
photo dsc04049
Due to the turbulence, it was very bumpy after take-off. The turbulence was so severe that there was even a broadcast to tell passengers that the turbulence had no effect on the aircraft.
photo dsc04051
I continued to watched the last 3 episodes of the drama which I had been watching throughout the journey.
photo dsc04052
Flying over Niigata, entering Sea of Japan.
photo dsc04053
Wet towel, bottle water and snacks were distributed one by one subsequently.
photo dsc04054
I requested a hot green tea.
photo dsc04056
At 14:25 lunch was served. I took the Stewed beef with demi-glace sauce option (ビーフシチュー デミグラスソース).

Chinese style vermicelli salad
Steamed chicken
Imitation crab meat akes
Potato salad
Soft salami / Dried parsley
Mixed leaves
Yuzu citrus soy sauce dressing
photo dsc04058
Desert of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream was served afterwards.
photo dsc04062
Had a cup of coffee after the meal.
photo dsc04064
At 16:02pm, I visited the lavatory at the back and handed my logbook to one of the FA.
photo dsc04065
The bidet toilet seats were installed in every lavatory.
photo dsc04066
Blue LED lighting in the lavatory ceiling.
photo dsc04067
The right rear door.
photo dsc04068
Back to my seat and I started to watch the movie, John Wick: Chapter 2. In about 10 minutes I fell asleep, but was woken up after 40 minutes by a very loud sneeze.
photo dsc04069
While I was concentrating on the movie, I glimpsed at the window and was amazed by the scenery outside out there. That is Taz River in Western Siberia.
photo dsc04076
Our position as showed on the PTV's route map.
photo dsc04078
Everything seem to be frozen down there.
photo dsc04080
Soon, we passed through the Pur River.
photo dsc04083
At 19:55pm, I watched the second movie. It was a Chinese movie called Sky On Fire.
photo dsc04087
At 20:48 I visited the lavatory again but this time I went to the one in the front. Also equiped with bidet toilet.
photo dsc04088photo dsc04089
After I came out of the lavatory, I checked out the self-service snack bar. While I was taking photos, an FA showed up and asked if I need any help to take photos. We had a short nice chat until she received a call for service.
photo dsc04090
The snacks on the basket. Please help yourself.
photo dsc04091
The drinks
photo dsc04092
At last I took some of them and also a glass of ANA's original Kaoru Kabosu.
photo dsc04093
About 10 minutes later, the cabin light was turned on again and 15 minutes later, wet towel was provided.
photo dsc04094
At this time, we were flying over the south of Lake Onega in north western part of Russia.
photo dsc04097
Breakfast was served at 21:49pm. I took the Pancake and poached egg option (パンケーキとポーチドエッグ).
There were also some fruits and Yogurt on the tray.
photo dsc04099
During the breakfast, I watched another Japanese TV drama.
photo dsc04100
Flying over the Gulf of Riga, coastline of Latvia was observable.
photo dsc04101
Had another coffee after the breakfast.
photo dsc04103
The Gdansk Bay
photo dsc04108
At 23:06 ANA candy was distributed. 30 minutes later, seatbelt sign was switched on again, the long journey will end soon~
photo dsc04109
Descending into Munich airport
photo dsc04111
touch down at 16:51pm Germany time, which was much earlier than the schedule arrival time.
photo dsc04113
Taxing to the star alliance terminal 2.
photo dsc04114
At parking gate 207. The total flight time was 11 hours 5 minutes.
photo dsc04115
Thanks for reading!
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