Review of Emirates flight Dubai Manama in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK837
Class Economy
Seat 43B
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 13 Apr 17, 10:40
Arrival at 13 Apr 17, 11:15
EK   #3 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
By 1370
Published on 18th May 2017

Emirates Flight EK837 from Dubai to Manama

Welcome back to the second part of my trip report to Manama, Bahrain over the Easter Weekend for the 2017 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Trip Overview

Leg #1: Flight EK52 MUC -> DXB | April 12th, 2017 You can find that part right here: MUC => DXB (EK52)

Leg #2: Flight EK837 DXB -> BAH | April 13th, 2017 You are here!

Leg #3: Flight EK838 BAH -> DXB | April 17th, 2017 You can find that part right here: BAH => DXB (EK838)

Leg #4: Flight EK51 DXB -> MUC | April 17th, 2017 Part 4 can be found here: DXB => MUC (EK51)

Pre-Flight Information

The connection time in DXB between the flight from MUC and the outbound flight to Manama was about 2.5h.
After arriving about 30min later than scheduled from MUC with EK52, my friend and I were a little bit in a hurry.
You never know how long you have to wait at the security control, because there are always a lot of transit passengers at DXB.

Overall everything went quite good. We had to wait about 15min for the security check and then had to take the train to DXB concourse B, where our Gate for EK837 was.

We arrived about 1h before the scheduled departure time at the gate.
Just a few minutes after we passed the gate and seated in the waiting area, we got the information, that the flight to BAH will have at least a 2h delay … well what a nice information.
The EK personnel at the gate gave everyone a voucher for some food and drinks.

We killed the time and walked around concourse B to check the other gates and then relaxed a little bit.

About 1h before the new scheduled departure time of 10:30 am local time, we went back to the gate.
Surprisingly for me, the current team principal of Scuderia Ferrari - Maurizio Arrivabene - and a few other Ferrari Personnel entered our gate and were on the same flight to Manama.
I used the opportunity and asked for an autograph - which I got - and wished them lots of luck for this weekends race :D

Boarding started at around 09:45 am - 45 min before the new scheduled departure time - … it took almost 1h to complete it because the new aircraft was located at a remote ramp which was very far from the concourse.

After the boarding the captain was speaking to us and told us the reason for the 2h delay.
He said, that the engineers were not happy with some engine data. After he looked at it, he agreed with the engineers that it would be better to chance the aircraft.
Well, safety first - right decision!!

Flight Equipment

Type: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: A6-ENX
First Flight: 2014-11-26 (about 2.5 years old)
Note: Aircraft was equipped with the "new" Economy Seats

Flight Times

Note: Times are in local time!!
Scheduled Departure: 08:30 am [DELAYED]
New Scheduled Departure: 10:30 am
Push Back 10:40 am
Actual Departure: 11:00 am
Scheduled Arrival: 08:45 am
New Scheduled Arrival: 10:45 am
Actual Arrival: 11:10 am
Arrival at Gate: 11:15 am

Flight Ticket

photo 1_ticket2

EK837 from DXB to BAH

Our B777-300ER during Boarding
photo img_20170413_102613882photo img_5796photo img_5803photo img_20170413_105007989

Pictures during taxiing and departure

photo img_20170413_105000709photo img_20170413_105004285photo img_5812photo img_5824photo img_5829photo img_5832photo img_5835photo img_5836photo img_5838photo img_5845

After departure, we made a sharp left turn and headed south along the coast of the UAE.
That offered some great views to Dubai.

photo img_5851photo img_5858photo img_5865photo img_5877photo img_5882

Inflight magazines and Safety Card

photo img_20170413_115711676_hdr

Food on EK837
There were no menu cards issued to the passengers.
The EK crew started with the service very early - no wonder for such a short flight and such a huge aircraft.
Everyone got a tray with a cheese and ham sandwich and some sweets, for example nuts.
Bottled water was also on the tray and coffee or tea was also offered.

So the meal for that short flight was nothing special, but it was okay.

An extra note: The cabin crew was very kind.
They appologized to almost every passenger and offered their help to make the flight as compfortable as possible - even with the delay.

During the flight

photo img_5890photo img_20170413_115618851photo img_20170413_115622104

Landing in BAH

photo img_5905photo img_5914photo img_5917photo img_5923photo img_20170413_120754533_hdr

As you can see in all the pictures, it was very dusty and – of course – hot in DXB and BAH.
Around 35°C and up to 45°C (on Saturday) in April …. haha way better than in Europe.
We still had some snow in some regions of Bavaria during the Easter Holidays :D

Finally in BAH

photo img_5930photo img_5934photo img_5938photo img_5943

Lots of work is going on at BAH.
I guess they are building a new terminal and extend the Airport a little bit.

Parked @ the Gate
photo img_20170413_122515802

Some pictures from the hotel - which was located next to the Airport and the Gulf Air Headquarters

photo img_5946photo img_5948photo img_5953photo img_5957
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Cabin crew8.5

Dubai - DXB


Manama - BAH



Another great flight with Emirates.

Yes, the delay was annoying - but like I said - safety first.

It is always nice, when a widebody aircraft is used for such short flights.

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The airline with the best average rating is Emirates with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 18 minutes.

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  • Comment 398289 by
    757Fan 616 Comments

    Great report. It's amazing how Emirates serves a meal and utilizes a 777-300 on a short 1 hour 30 minute flight like this! Wow!

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Comment 398311 by
    Ronnie 3 Comments

    Very nice review. What about the 43B legroom? Soon there will be a long flight on Boeing 777 Emirates and I want to choose a suitable place. I look at the layout of the seats here - and dnot know where to sit better :/

    • Comment 398404 by
      Rob777ER AUTHOR 42 Comments

      Well I have flown a few times with EK B777.
      To be honest, 10 seats in one row - it sucks.

      But I would reccomend you to take a seat the the aisle.
      I have been to rows 40+ on the window one time (the middle seat was empty) and the other times at the aisle.

      Only the BAH -> DXB section I was in row 34 - in the middle ... and that place was aweful. It's ok for an 1h flight - but it's not for longer flights.

  • Comment 398312 by
    Ronnie 3 Comments

    Very nice review. What about the 43B legroom? Soon there will be a long flight on Boeing 777 Emirates and I want to choose a suitable place. I look at the layout of the seats here - and dnot know where to sit better :/

  • Comment 398313 by
    Ronnie 3 Comments

    Very nice review. What about the 43B legroom? Soon there will be a long flight on Boeing 777 Emirates and I want to choose a suitable place. I look at the seat chart and dnot know where to sit better :/

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