Review of China Eastern flight Singapore Shanghai in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU566
Class Economy
Seat 63A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 14 May 17, 23:05
Arrival at 15 May 17, 04:05
MU   #45 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 165 reviews
By 3733
Published on 1st June 2017
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PVG - SIN MU Y / A330-200: Link

This trip was planned as a post-exam graduation trip for my sister and myself as well as for my mum to clear some of her annual leave. As usual for East Asian destinations, China Eastern provides the cheapest flights to Busan via Shanghai and there are no direct flights to Busan from Singapore (Please correct me if I'm wrong). At just over S$600/pax, it was a reasonable price to pay for this flights and a reasonable time.

China Eastern Airlines
MU 566
Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) - Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
Economy Class
Gate A9

China Eastern uses Row 10 in Changi Airport Terminal 3. Since the flight was at 11:05pm and we arrived at the airport at 8pm, we were very early for check in and the counters were empty. The counters were also not swamped as the flight was at about 50% load. We had tried to check-in online earlier during the day but the website was not working for us and we weren't able to select seats. However, since the flight was not full, we were able to select the seats at the counter.
photo img_6894

MU's check-in counters.
photo img_6896

Got my boarding pass for this sector.
photo img_6897

Last shot before going airside. Bye Singapore!
photo img_6898

After crossing immigration, we are officially airside.
photo img_6899

Helped my dad locate the TV lounge as he wanted to watch the Formula 1 race. However, they were only screening golf and tennis for the dozen people waiting for their next flight.
photo img_6900

Decided to take a walk around T3 but there's nothing much that interests me.
photo img_6901

Decided to wait outside the gate for it to open at 10pm.
photo img_6902

And here is our bird. Definitely not a new plane.
photo img_6904

Being the first to enter the waiting, naturally, it was empty. No toilets in here and you are advised to visit the toilets before entering the gates.
photo img_6905

And it's time to board and on-time.
photo img_6907

MU's Economy Cabin, arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration. As you can see, its one of MU's older cabins.
photo img_6908photo img_6909

Seated, I'm fairly disappointed to see that there's no IFE on this flight but legroom is better like this. I also noticed that the air-conditioning on the flight is either turned off or set at a high temperature. On the seats, there are beige blankets placed which you can bring home.
photo img_6910

Earpiece given for this flight. 2-pin connector so you're not likely to use this, other than on another flight.
photo img_6912

MU's in-flight magazine "Connections".
photo img_6913

MU's in-flight shopping magazine "Eastern Mall".
photo img_6914

China's quarantine information.
photo img_6915

Aircraft safety card.
photo img_6916

Airsickness bag.
photo img_6917

Sitting besides the Frankfurt-bound SQ flight.
photo img_6918

Safety video being shown on the common screens. Passengers are unable to use their mobile phones on MU flights, even in flight mode and the staff are pretty strict about it, telling passengers using their phones to switch it off completely.
photo img_6919

And we have lift-off over Changi!
photo img_6922

Once the plane levels off, the in-flight services commence with two options. Rice with beef or Chicken noodles. Neither meal was very tasty and they were accompanied by a cold potato salad, three slices of fruit, a bun and a water cup. I chose a Tsingtao to accompany my meal.
photo img_6926photo img_6927

After the meal, the crew walk down the aisle offering hot chinese tea to the passengers. This was a nice way to end the meal, with hot chinese tea.
photo img_6930

Obligatory toilet visit after the meal. Clean but I dislike all the stickers which was all over the mirror.
photo img_6932photo img_6933

After the toilet visit and having no IFE, I decided to sleep until arrival. 30 minutes before landing, the lights come back on and there's a last minute rush of passengers using the toilet.
photo img_6934

And we're landed at Shanghai Pudong where we taxi to a remote stand.
photo img_6940

Disembarking the plane, time to get a good snapshot of the plane from the ground.
photo img_6944

Arrival at Pudong.
photo img_6946
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China Eastern

Cabin crew5.5

Singapore - SIN


Shanghai - PVG



Still not a fan of MU personally but they do offer the most competitive prices. Not the best flight I've been on and in fact it's one of the poorer flights. Not being able to use your phone even in flight mode is a poor decision by the company and I feel that they need to review this issue with most other airlines allowing phones in flight mode.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Shanghai (PVG)


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