Review of Ryanair flight Baden-Baden London in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR9773
Class Economy
Seat 09A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 07 Jun 17, 13:05
Arrival at 07 Jun 17, 13:35
FR   #22 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 390 reviews
Published on 12th June 2017
Hello and welcome to this flight report of Ryanair flight 9773 from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport to London Stansted :)

This time I went with my family to London for a couple of days from wednesday to saturday.
Unlike last years' trip to London with British Airways ( of which I also wrote two flight reports ) we chose Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport wich is located nearby our hometown. I already have chosen this airport three times before, for the last time two years ago.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport served more than 40 years as a miltary base for the Canadian Air Force (RCAF) - until 1994. The first commercial flight took place in 2001.
The whole area round the airport is called "Baden Airpark" and because of its history as a military airfield there is plenty of space available and the runway is rather long (over 3000 meters).
Last year nearly 1,1 million passengers went airborne from here using Ryanair, Air Berlin, TUIfly, Eurowings, Turkish Airlines, Wizzair and some others. With some interesting new connections starting in October with Ryanair this number should be easily outperformed this year.

Arrival at the airport

Public transport to the airport is okay but not perfect (Bus connection to the nearby towns Rastatt and Baden-Baden but only few buses to Karlsruhe, the biggest city in its surrounding area), so the easiest way to reach this airport is by car. Fortunately there are plenty of car parks next to the airport. The ride to the airport took around 25 minutes and the footway to the Terminal another 10-15 minutes.

Here you can see the terminal, pretty unremarkable, isn't it? ;)
photo frd_2

Vis-à-vis to the terminal there is a small Airport Hotel
photo frd_3

First we went to the baggace claim area…a queue began to develop next to us at the closed TUIfly counter which was soon heading through all the bag drop area ;)
As you can see this is rather a lovely small kind of airport
photo frd_4

Let's turn around and you can see the entrance to the security checks in the background:
photo frd_5

What I like about Karlsruhe/Baden Airport is the fact you need so much less time to arrive at your gate than on bigger airports…let's see if this is still the case if the passenger numbers keep rising like they do at the moment…our aircraft will park behind those fir trees - on the right you can see the footway we'll take soon.
photo frd_6


The gate opened soon and we made our way to the aircraft. EI-DCN arrived from Zadar with some few minutes delay.
photo frd_7

With its first flight perfomed in October 2004 this is one of the oldest planes in the Ryanair fleet though it is rather young for an airplane ( just keep in mind that the oldest A320 of Lufthansa is 28 years old, for example ;) )
photo frd_8

After all passengers from Zadar had left the plane we could enter the 737 through the front door. The crew welcomed us quite friendly and I took my seat 09A…the seat pitch is quite ok, not really a difference to other european airlines in Economy - but the stowage pocket at the back of the seat is devinitively missing (of course, it is standard for Ryanair).
photo frd_9

Safety instructions on the back of the headrest - simple, but effective ;)
photo frd_10

Boarding was completed in a few minutes and I suppose all 189 seats were occupied
photo frd_11

Next to us stood EI-FTN, it will soon depart to Sofia…
photo frd_1

The way to the runway was quite short and I think we didn't use the full runway length…one TUIfly and one Ryanair 737-800 remained, as well as two Saab 340 cargo aircraft on the right
photo frd_12

The takeoff was uneventful and we enjoyed a pretty view to the black forest…
photo frd_13

…for just a short time.
photo frd_14

Buy on board

After accepting orders for hot meals (pretty useless for such a short flight, isn't it? ;) ) the crew sold drinks and snacks…I bought a can of Pepsi Cola and some crisps - a classic combination.
photo frd_16

They also sold Duty-Free items as well as scratch cards - the standard Ryanair Program ;)
The Channel wasn't far and we soon began our decent to Stansted
photo frd_17

Arrival at Stansted Airport

I think this is Wethersfield airfield I captured during the descent:
photo frd_18

The lovely english landscape…
photo frd_19

…just somewhere in this lovely landscape hides Stansted Airport XD
photo frd_20

The landing was also normal, nothing extraordinary…a Moldavian A319 is already on the way to its parking space
photo frd_21

Arrival at gate 50L, this means a rather long footway…
photo frd_22

Fortunately I took my passport with me and not only the ID so I could use the e-passport gates which meant I needed much less time for the border control.
The baggage was already here and so there was enough time for taking a photo of the baggage claim area of Stansted Airport.
photo frd_23

As all the times before Stansted also left quite a positive impression to me this time.
The best way to get to London is taking the Stansted Express which brings you every 15 minutes to Liverpool Street Station in 47 minutes.

Some photos from London

The following four shots are taken from Kew Gardens near Richmond
photo frd_24

The Palm House
photo frd_26photo frd_27

No, Heathrow can't be that far from here…
photo frd_25

I want to end this flight report with a shot of the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall in the background which is really a great location for concerts of any kind.
photo frd_28
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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Baden-Baden - FKB


London - STN



It was quite a normal but pleasant ride with Ryanair this time :)

FKB Airport: Public transport situation is improvable, but the small airport itself is great: Short queues, great efficiency and clean.
Aircraft: The old interior looks a bit outdated and the seats are just suitable for such short flights.
Crew: Was friendly, pretty good job.
Buy on Board: Nothing extraordinary but rather high prices.
STN Airport: Good impression again of this airport, fortunately I could avoid the long waiting queue by taking the E-Passport gates.



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