Review of ANA flight Hakodate Tokyo in Business

Airline ANA
Flight NH 554
Class Business
Seat 3K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 24 Jun 17, 12:40
Arrival at 24 Jun 17, 13:50
NH   #24 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 201 reviews
By GOLD 1329
Published on 3rd July 2017
It was a 20min Airport Limousine Bus ride back to the airport from Hakodate JR station. Reached the airport domestic terminal 1.5hrs prior to departure. The international terminal 5min walk down the road. It is smaller and seperated from the domestic terminal

photo 34821786314_39833724a5_b

Check-in hall.

photo 34821783574_d21d67fc4f_b

There are no dedicated check-in counters for ANA's premium pax at Hakodate, unlike the other major airports. Luckily the check-in and baggage drop queue moved fast. There are also no dedicated ANA lounges here. Hence maybe that explains the lower Premium Class fares from Hakodate, which is only 5000yen more than economy, inclusive of 40kg luggage, 125% miles and the full Premium Class experience onboard.

photo 34821784444_5fb48a3d1d_b

Boarding pass

photo 34821785544_121f5a812e_b

There is a huge shopping area above the check-in hall before security, offering all the usual Hakodate and Hokkaido snacks and souvenirs.

photo 34821781334_2fa5578201_b

photo 34821782844_8082e9c793_b

photo 34821782084_2a1f49e63f_b

As with almost all Japanese airports, there is an open-air viewing gallery. Hakodate is definitely not a very busy airport.

photo 34821779924_a781924ab8_b

photo 34821780344_3f55645994_b

photo 34821779444_b5333b9e8e_b

Our B772 touching down slightly late from Haneda and taxiing in.

photo 34821779054_05e94398f5_b

photo 34821778564_c67363c9a5_b

This 5yrs young Boeing (for a B772) will be performing the short sector to Tokyo.

photo 34821778264_ef8d7a8913_b


photo 34821780794_e074f8b99a_b

Domestic security was swift but for some reason, we were provided with another boarding pass-like slip to indicate that security was cleared.

photo 35275630190_22166c4c97_b

The departure was fully packed with the B772 passenger load.

photo 35275631060_6d86278e16_b

View of our widebody. Air DO was seen taxiiing in as well.

photo 34821777334_b43246a180_b

photo 34821776864_9cfd1e401c_b

Due to the late arrival, our boarding and departure time was rescheduled later by 15min.

photo 34821777894_ceaa814fa5_b

24 June 2017
All Nippon Airways ANA
NH 554
Hakodate (HKD) - Tokyo Haneda (HND)
Premium Class
Flight Time: 1H04M

As expected in Japan, boarding was very orderly and priorities were strictly followed.

photo 34853734313_dd5faf3642_b

photo 34821775664_0119ff243c_b

photo 34821774794_8abaebd413_b

Was wamly welcomed by the ANA crew upon boarding. ANA's domestic B772s are fitted with 21 Premium Class seats (equivalent of domestic business class)in 2-3-2 configuration in the Premium Class cabin. The crew serving our aisle also introduced herself and informed that she would be taking care of us on this flight. Really personalised service on my first ANA experience and this is the start of the really awesome ANA service on this very short flight. Lets see if ANA deserves its 2nd World's Best Cabin Crew award (according to Skytrax 2017).

My seat for the flight. These are the new Premium Class seats which are currently being fitted on the domestic fleet. A blanket was already placed on each seat.

photo 34853733213_7b6a918da8_b

A personal reading light and a small storage compartment at the side.

photo 34853732003_daa0d7e151_b

Mechanical seat controls for the recline, leg and foot rests. The seat slides forward to recline instead of the conventional recline method. It is not a lie flat but more than sufficient for the domestic sectors that this aircraft is deployed on.

photo 35623246036_75497af0ed_b

Innovative indicators on whether you would like to be disturbed.

photo 34853731603_ccffc328d5_b

photo 34821786554_ae0157c7c5_b

The flight attendant, upon realising that we were not Japanese, offered either English or Chinese newspapers for our reading pleasure. We chose the English papers.

photo 35275627160_d2c6784e77_b

Leg room is very generous. A pair of slippers and headphones were available in the magazine compartment. IFE is limited to radio channels and short features shown oon the monitors.

photo 35623245366_db8c8c5bf3_b

View out the window.

photo 34821772094_89699cfccd_b

Amenities and inflight magazines.

photo 35662824635_afdac35521_b

Premium Class service information and beverage menu.

photo 35662826115_cfb2c30c6a_b

photo 34853729633_eb4f8595ef_b

photo 34853728953_40b7ac1580_b

photo 35662825385_4840764f95_b

View of the Premium Class cabin. Only 3 rows of seats in 2-3-2 configuration.

photo 34853727843_a36470d060_b

With Japanese efficiency, boarding was completed rapidly. Doors closed and armed, and we pushed back.

photo 34853726973_9496ca61a5_b

Safety video was played.

photo 34821768544_d15d57a642_b

Taxi to Rwy30.

photo 34821768174_a3eee840d6_b

Departure from Rwy30.

photo 34821767914_9fe65de837_b

photo 34821767404_e1e2b2b211_b

photo 34821766814_959cb02ee0_b

photo 35532580471_943be5937e_b

photo 34821765884_7348df1a9b_b

photo 35623237636_1aec6e8839_b

Service started immediately after seatbelt signs were turned off. 3 flight attendants were serving in Premium Class today.

photo 34821765354_0456bce146_b

photo 35532600481_f305ca1351_b

Scenery outside.

photo 34821765014_7ee2329009_b

On this noon flight, the Premium Gozen meal was offered along with the full range of beverages. The crew described the meal while offering it, and also offered miso soup to go with the meal. I also ordered a shochu with ice and apple juice. A packaged wet cloth towel was also provided.

photo 34821764744_0229fd1b50_b

The meal was served at room temperature, and comprises of 2 beautifully arranged bento boxes.

photo 35623235406_ef1a27bec3_b

This first bento consisted of salmon, omelette and various side dishes.

photo 35623234336_382fe61559_b

The second bento box was grilled chicken with rice. All the items were very tasty!

photo 35623234936_da4a86cfde_b

Shochu with ice.

photo 35623236026_4e28eaedc2_b

Sake, which my friend ordered.

photo 34853720303_8270d72f5f_b

After we were done with our meal, the crew immediately collected the meal trays, and came back with another tray to offer rice crackers and mixed nuts. We were also asked if we would like any more drinks. Awesome service!

photo 34853720753_c36127c532_b

We asked the crew if they have any postcards or memorables, and the very nice crew came back with sets of 4 different postcards for us to choose from! I had one of each design for keepsake.

photo 34853719953_9dacfa45cd_b

View of my half-reclined seat.

photo 35623233416_2f6a4c2cc5_b

Visit to the lavatory, which was huge but only offered the basic amenities.

photo 35493911392_6bc93f9bee_b

Flight map shown on the monitors.

photo 35493909832_9773b5f309_b

Just when we started our descend, the crew came round again and ask if we would like coffee or tea. I gladly accepted a coffee and it was brought rom the galley and offered with a tasty matcha cookie!

photo 35662815375_2e9e18dde7_b

Descending into Haneda.

photo 35662812965_81a954b256_b

photo 35662810915_e1aea363ec_b

Just when we have thought that the service has ended, the lovely ANA crew appeared with a basket of snacks and sweets to offer to Premium Class pax halfway through the descent. A lovely touch! We were all in praises for the ANA cabin crew for the wonderful service on this very short sector.

photo 34821786964_ae4f9f2c44_b

photo 35623230906_944b277867_b

Nearing Haneda.

photo 35623230216_8555b0e186_b

photo 35662809625_c1e26c8144_b

Descending over Tokyo Bay.

photo 35623229156_90234c07fd_b

photo 35662808225_b45311d9de_b

Landing on Tokyo Haneda Rwy23.

Taxied to and parked at Terminal 2, which is ANA's domestic base.

photo 35623228496_75303ea857_b

photo 35662807375_cd2287ba2b_b

A last look at ANA's Premium Class seat for the flight.

photo 35623227676_7f27ee4254_b

Disembarking, where a final pleasant surprise awaits…

photo 35623227296_05a1fc2488_b

While passing the crew during disembarkation, the Premium Class crew serving us passed us a postcard and thanked us for flying ANA. It was with great surprised that they actually wrote a thank you card on behalf of the entire flight and cabin crew after we had sang praises of their service and how it was our first time flying ANA!

photo 35532570291_7c51f81985_b

photo 35623219926_9466992655_b

Walking down the jetbridge.

photo 35662805365_d8761cc3da_b

ANA land

photo 35623226266_85b8e5edae_b

Missed the Star Wars plane by a digit! The registration of the Star Wars aircraft is JA743A.

photo 35662803575_3259c7dc27_b

One of ANA's many 787s

photo 35662802675_d3e3a8fb4e_b

Our luggage were one of the first to be out as they were priority tagged for Premium Class.

photo 35532569761_2cd26b54d8_b

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Cabin crew9.5

Hakodate - HKD


Tokyo - HND



Among all my limited premium class experiences on short-hauls, this flight on ANA has certainly ranked as the best. Service was personal, attentive and non-intrusive, and the small touches by the crew do make a difference and left a lasting impression on this very short flight. Having experienced ANA's fabulous service, I am now more keen then ever to fly on ANA again in the near future!



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