Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Denpasar in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ948
Class Business
Seat 11A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 08 Jul 17, 18:45
Arrival at 08 Jul 17, 21:15
SQ   #6 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 644 reviews
By 1825
Published on 16th July 2017

You are in the second installment of my series of trip reports.

1. CMB SIN - MI427 - 08 Jul 2017 - Boeing 737-800 - Follow this link
2. SIN DPS - SQ948 - 08 Jul 2017 - Airbus A330-300 - You are here
3. DPS SIN - SQ943 - 11 Jul 2017 - Airbus A330-300
4. SIN CMB - SQ468 - 11 Jul 2017 - Airbus A330-300

I apologize for the quality of the pics. My equipment nor my photographic skills are not good at low light conditions.

So I started my long walk towards the gate E28. No time to hit the lounge.

photo dsc09829

The FIDS confirmed the delay of the flight.

photo dsc09833

Walk… Walk… Walk…
photo dsc09840

Almost there!

photo dsc09846


photo dsc09847

Went past the security check to find the holding area full of people. Some tired ones were sleeping on the floor!!!
The late arrival of aircraft means a delayed departure of 30 mins.
I verified with the gate agents that my checked baggage has been transferred.

photo dsc09855

Boarding was called around 7.00pm with business usual priorities respected.

Entering SQ aircraft for the first time :D

photo dsc09858photo dsc09860

My seat : 11A.

photo dsc09861

J Cabin.

photo dsc09863

All for me :)

photo dsc09868

Today we are being served by Ada and Terrance, two energetic cabin crew.
While Ada confirmed my book the cook selection, Terrance brought us pre-departure drinks.
Hot towels too were offered.

My choice : Pineapple juice.

photo dsc09872

Dinner menu for both sectors.

photo dsc09873photo dsc09874

Bulkhead pocket items :

Noise cancelling headphones.

photo dsc09889

Ada distributed a 70th anniversary gift to all J passengers.
Consisted of a lip balm, a hand cream, a wash and stain bar, and a crease release spray from The Laundress.
A nice gesture!

photo dsc09893

Pushback around 7.20 pm.

photo dsc09895

J seemed about 75% full. Only the window seats were taken at the front row but other rows were almost full.
Economy should be full by the looks of pax at the gate.

photo dsc09896photo dsc09898photo dsc09906

Seat Controls.
photo dsc09907

IFE Remote. Little bit unresponsive but functional.

photo dsc09913

Cabin lights dimmed for take off.

photo dsc09921

A Jetstar A320 taking off ahead us.

photo dsc09923

We took off around 7.30pm. Captain announced an ETA of 9.50pm.

photo dsc09932

Full moon is rising!
photo dsc09936

Leg space shot.

photo dsc09940photo dsc09944

IFE had a vast selection. Turned on some music and switched to my favorite programme! ;)

photo dsc09960photo dsc09961photo dsc09963

Dinner service started. Crew had to rush a bit as the flight time is short and also due to the delayed departure.

I had the book the cook option of Peranakan itek siow - braised duck in a thick onion and tamarind sauce served with traditional Nonya vegetable stew (chap chai) and steamed rice.
This Singaporean dish was simply delicious.

photo dsc09967photo dsc09973

While serving dinner, the crew inquired for my drink choice.
I screamed "SINGAPORE SLING"!!! I didn't want to drink anything else in SQ :D

photo dsc09976

Long live Singapore Airlines and their Singapore Sling!

photo dsc09978

Terrance came with the bread basket and I took garlic bread. He was happy to serve me two in one go.

photo dsc09979

After dinner service concluded, Terrance suggested more Singapore Sling.
I wanted to try the SilverKris Sling but his advice was to go with the original.
I happily complied :)

More Sling with almonds and nuts. Again two packets served even without asking.

photo dsc09982

We had to hold out again for some traffic and the landing was delayed again by 10 mins.

photo dsc09984photo dsc09986

Approaching Denpasar.

photo dsc09989

We landed and docked at a jet bridge after a quick taxi run.

photo dsc09994photo dsc09995

As every good thing, it had to come to an end.
I thanked the crew for the wonderful service and took a photo with them as a memory of my first SQ flight :)

Towards immigration.

photo dsc09999

Massive arrival hall.

photo dsc10002

Lot of arrivals at this late hour meant snaking immigration queues. It took almost 30 mins to clear the border.

photo dsc10004

Baggage was already there when I reached the belt.
Had to queue again to hand out customs declaration forms but it moved quickly.

photo dsc10005

My hotel transfer was waiting to pick me up and arrived there in the midnight.

Since there were only few pics in this short flight, here is some bonus for you.


Bonus : Click here display


Bonus : Click here display

Thank for reading my first two reports. Stay in touch for the reports of the return trip!
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Singapore - SIN


Denpasar - DPS



It was a wonderful first flight with SQ. Though the transfer process was not smooth and I missed the lounge experience, everything beyond that was perfect. The hard product of SQ A333 J class is not the best but more than enough for such a short trip. Crew was fantastic even when they had to rush through the service. IFE too was good. They made good first impression on me and I couldn't wait to fly back home with them.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Denpasar (DPS)


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  • Comment 404303 by
    Razza_Pr 216 Comments

    Hello, Thurya, and thank you for this FR.

    This report particularly interests me because SQ is about to phase out their A330s in favour of A350s. Another interesting note is that although their cabin configuration remains unchanged, the pillowcase already matches that of the new aeroplanes.

    On the dinner menu for the SIN-DPS sector there's also something that piqued my curiosity.. SQ apparently advertises Beef Rendang as a "Singaporean" dish? Lol

    Your photos suggest that Bali's weather at the time of your visit wasn't very pretty! It looks more like London weather than Bali weather :O

    Once again, thank you for this FR. Cheers!

    • Comment 405359 by
      Thurya AUTHOR 78 Comments

      Hi Razza_Pr,

      Thank you for your comments. I hope that they will replace A330 with A350 in CMB-SIN sector soon so that I can get on board my favourite aircraft easily :) I think with such multi ethnic society and a diverse cuisine, Singaporeans can claim any dish its theirs ;) :D Weather was bad especially for photography. Anyway, being a person from the tropics myself, gloomy weather felt much better than the more common hot and humid weather.


  • Comment 404464 by
    socalnow 978 Comments

    Greetings Thurya and thanks for sharing this report of your flight to beautiful Bali.

    I have never flown on the SQ A330 but it looks quite comfortable. Your meal selection sounds fantastic!

    Thanks for the bonus spotting pictures and pictures around the island. Especially the cuisine!

    Happy flying.

    • Comment 405361 by
      Thurya AUTHOR 78 Comments

      Hi socalnow,

      Thanks for the nice comments. Indeed it was adequate for such as short sector though its the most inferior business class hard product SQ offers. I'm always willing to take few risks when it comes to food as I love explore different cuisines. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

      Happy flying!

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