Review of Firefly flight Singapore Ipoh in Economy

Airline Firefly
Flight FY 3546
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 14 Jul 17, 15:15
Arrival at 14 Jul 17, 16:35
FY 19 reviews
By 1783
Published on 21st July 2017
Again, I embarked on another short weekend trip to neighbouring Malaysia, making a visit to the town of Ipoh in the state of Perak. Since the start of direct flights from Singapore to Ipoh, Ipoh has been gradually gaining popularity for holidays by Singaporeans, as well as convenient access by Ipohians in Singapore. Currently, there are 3 to 4 flights daily to Ipoh, operated by Firefly and Tigerair (soon to be Scoot). Malindo Air, which I flew previously more than a year ago on my first trip to Ipoh, has pulled out of the route due to low loads. However, Tigerair seemed to be able to make the route work, increasing its flights to double dailies on certain days. Firefly maintained its twice daily flights. This trip, I would be flying on Firefly, which is the regional arm of Malaysia Airlines and operating solely ATR72 turboprops.

Checked in at Terminal 2 an hour before departure at the Firefly counters. There are 4 counters opened for check-in, 2 each for Subang and Ipoh. Boarding pass was prnted on Dnata stock.

photo 35637702560_efe4dfeb51_b

photo 35637701960_a78fe5da85_b

photo 35187584004_01e2db19c6_b

It was a drizzly afternoon. Tarmac view at T2.

photo 35187586764_c21d8867b9_b

Both Firefly flights to Subang and Ipoh were departing from F55, which is a bus gate.

photo 35856147592_fb9d053cfd_b

Code-shared with MH

photo 35187585154_865ac55b86_b

Tigerair A320 at the gate. These aircraft will soon be repainted in Scoot's livery.

photo 35637699330_1d4a3f23c4_b

14 July 2017
FY 3546
Singapore (SIN) - Ipoh (IPH)
ATR 72-500
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H18M

Both passengers for Ipoh and Subang were at the gate, but Ipoh pax were called for boarding earlier as the Subang flight was slightly delayed ue to late arrival of aircraft from Kuantan. Ferried by the bus to the remote stand. Firefly's first aircraft would be performing the sector today. This flight is part of the 4-sector Subang-Singapore-Ipoh-Singapore-Subang routing. Long working day for the pilots and crew.

photo 35637698500_1b45d91d26_b

photo 35187582954_b661284f1d_b

Welcomed by a crew at the door and proceeded to our seats. Configuration on this ATR72 is 2-2 for a total of, yes you guessed it, 72 seats. 2 cabin crew will be working this flight. The cabin was clean and well-maintained despite this being Firefly's oldest aircraft.

photo 35856144342_4eb4658e94_b

photo 35637696480_122ab70b95_b

photo 35637695190_f590f5c403_b

Seat pitch is tight, but slightly better than the LCCs.

photo 35187578974_4a68289ba6_b

Inflight magazine and stuff in the seat pocket.

photo 35187580804_681cfa1788_b

The flight was not too full and after the last passenger boarded, doors were closed and we were pushed back. Started the taxi to the runway.

photo 35187579424_0ca98c6c5b_b

Holding for AirAsia and Hong Kong Airlines.

photo 35893526491_a663a0c52b_b

photo 35187578384_a91ef77ed0_b

Departure from Rwy20C. Massive works going on in preparation for T5.

photo 35856140702_a72203faec_b

photo 36027240675_4691a4a342_b

photo 35856138902_92d45106dc_b

photo 35856137692_bc28daabc6_b

The slower speed of the turboprop afforded a scenic 'tour' of the north-eastern part of Singapore.

photo 35856136732_b143c214a6_b

photo 35856135842_ab73fc4354_b

photo 35856135262_e005706291_b

Firefly markets itself as a full-service regional airline and hence all frills are offered, including free check-in luggage and complimentary refreshments. However there are talks that Firefly will stop offering complimentary refreshments soon. Crew came down the aisle with snacks in a basket, offering a choice of peanuts, muffins and curry puffs! I had a curry puff and a muffin. Tasty and filling snacks.

photo 35856133652_030bff4fa7_b

photo 35856134682_de906aaea4_b

photo 35187572704_3a1ba40011_b

A choice of soya bean milk and mango juice were offered. Both for me please! As the seatbelt signs were kept on (with hardly any turbulence though), no hot drinks were offered.

photo 35856130792_cd392f170b_b

As mentioned earlier, the weather was rather good for flying. Not sure why the seatbelt signs were swithed on for almost the entire flight.

photo 35187571494_a0c8c6cc5e_b

After the snack service, a crew came to me and requested if I could fill up a survey on the tablet. Sure!

photo 35856129522_68b66c0c0f_b

Port Dickson, i think.

photo 35856127532_28a1f27043_b

Near Port Klang.

photo 35187569214_dc277102f0_b

Compared to the jet which only took 50min, the flight on the ATR72 was almost half hour longer. We soon started the descent into Ipoh.

photo 35856126232_6a58e4ef21_b

photo 35856125422_1fa617570f_b

photo 35856124302_78b2a5e542_b

photo 35856123172_537ea76a73_b

Landing in Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport Rwy04.

A rapid taxi and parked at the terminal.

photo 35856122242_8a59d57261_b

Disembarking and a short walk to the arrival hall of the small terminal.

photo 35856121082_94d8734131_b

photo 36027230045_a56dae6838_b

photo 35856118192_90a8c613a3_b

No queues at the arrival immigration for foreigners and we were through immigration and customs in a couple of minutes. Bliss of arriving at small airports! Last shot of the aircraft after clearing immigration.

photo 35856117452_dc43b2a7b5_b

Only a maximum of 4 international flights a day to Ipoh, all from Singapore. There are also daily domestic flights to Johor Bahru.

photo 35856116492_f26e8862d7_b

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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Ipoh - IPH



It was a great flight on Firefly. Service was excellent by the cheerful crew members, complimentary refreshments were more than adequate for the short flight, and aircraft, though rather noisy, was well-maintained and comfortable. However, with competition heaing up in the turboprop market due to entry of Malindo, I guess it will not be long before we see Firefly cutting on the frills.



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