Review of Sky Airline flight Temuco Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 54
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 07 Oct 17, 15:35
Arrival at 07 Oct 17, 17:00
H2   #69 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
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Published on 3rd December 2017
Lord Shackleton?


Captain James T. Kirk?

Bah! Beginners!

On this trip we will do some REAL exploration. We will face the unknown. We will LAUGH in the face of danger! We will boldly go where no flight-reporter has gone before!! (Yes. I have been watching the DVDs I bought on my last trip) XDDD

In other words… we will venture beyond the fenced perimeter of the airport!!

The reason for such boldness?


I am determined to FIGHT INJUSTICE.

It all starts in July 2016, when I board my flight at the newly built Temuco airport.

As I reported in that occasion, I am shocked by the evil design of the airport access, which turns it into one of the least accessible airports I have ever visited, in spite of being located just meters from a main highway with lots of public transport. This is the map I posted then:
photo aerop

As you can probably see, the access to the airport is several kilometers to the north of the terminal building, which makes it extremely difficult to reach on foot from the highway.

However, there's a gravel road that I notice from the bus when travelling along this highway to and from Temuco.

So the question arises in my brain:

What - if…?

And here I am, ready to examine the airport's surroundings today, and get things ready to find the answer to my question on the trip back: Is it possible to reach the airport on foot from the highway using this gravel road?

Imagine what this would mean!! Humankind (at least the local humankind) would be relieved from the burden of paying the most expensive trasfer service in Chile!

Besides, this trip will bring some nice "side effects" for me: A new airline, JetSmart, has started flying in Chile, and I will have the chance to fly with them on the way back from Santiago… for my birthday!! :3

The long way to ZCO

I start my day early on this Saturday morning. It's a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride from my hometown to Temuco. Then I must take the aforementioned expensive transfer to the airport.

The van will pick me up at a hotel near the city's Plaza de Armas.
photo img_2140

I make it to Temuco before the shops open…
photo img_2142

…so the streets are quite empty…
photo img_2144

…on this lazy Saturday morning.
photo img_2147

I made no arrangements with a transfer service before coming to the city, hoping to take the fixed-route bus advertised on the airport's website.
photo transfer
But when I ask some people in shops around the Plaza de Armas where this bus stops, they just don't know what I'm talking about! So I call the number on the website. The man on the other side says that such service does not exist! The only way to get to ZCO is in your own car, in a taxi, Uber, or transfer. So I ask to be picked up by the transfer. It will be 5000 CLP (8 USD) for a 20km ride. In my hometown you pay 3500 CLP (5 USD) for a 30km ride!

Leaving the Panamerican Highway it's only some meters to the right from the intersection.
photo img_2150

Then the road turns south and runs parallel to the highway…
photo img_2151

…for more than 4km up to the terminal…
photo img_2153

…turning ZCO into the least accessible airport in Chile…
photo img_2154

…in spite of being just meters from a main highway!
photo img_2155

Planning my strategy

See that red car on the left? That's where I'll come in a minute, looking for a way to reach the gravel road that should take me straight to the highway.
photo img_2156

You pay the transfer service inside the main hall at ZCO, so…
photo img_2157

…as soon as the transfer drops me at the door of the terminal building I go inside, pay, and walk out….
photo img_2158

…towards the limits of the airport premises.
photo img_2168

Only bandurrias roam around here, where nobody bothers them (except for some deranged flight-reporter)
photo img_2172

They are sort of romantic. If you see one bandurria, you can be certain that its partner is somewhere near.
photo img_2173

Beyond the parking lot, the airport access, and the bandurrias…
photo img_2161

…there’s an irrigation canal.
photo img_2160

And beyond the irrigation canal I can see what seems to be what I’m looking for.
photo img_2167

YES! A gate! And this wooden gate leads to…
photo img_2166

…a larger, metal, automatic gate that marks the beginning of the gravel road! The highway is at the other end! It’s so exciting! I will try and reach the highway from here when I come back from Santiago, two days later.
photo img_2159
There’s only one thing that I am forgetting at the moment: that a large, metal, automatic gate can only mean one thing. But we’ll see more about that in my next report.

Whatever. I keep planning my mission. What will happen…
photo img_2162

…if this wooden gate is closed when I come back?
photo img_2163

This shouldn’t be a problem, since this seems to be its only lock.
photo img_2164

And, just in case, I think I can pass through this opening. Such a daredevil! XDD
photo img_2165

Rubbing my hands in excitement I head back to the terminal. ZCO is a handsome building.
photo img_20171007_125110


La Araucanía Airport is written in Spanish and Mapudungun on its front.
photo img_20171007_125255

At the check-in counters the new competitor, JetSmart, already has a place.
photo img_20171007_125339

By the moment I’m writing this report, JetSmart has reached over 7% of the Chilean market share…
photo img_20171007_125344a

…while LATAM’s figures plummet. They’re still dominant, though.
photo img_20171007_125359

On the other end of the hall are those counters…
photo img_20171007_125509

…for car rentals and the monopolistic transfer service.
photo img_20171007_125517a

For a more detailed tour of the hall you can visit this report I wrote on my first visit to ZCO.
photo img_20171007_125544

Visiting the restrooms might be a good idea…
photo img_20171007_123051

…before more users start gathering. Fresh and clean.
photo img_20171007_123059

Upstairs, still landside, it’s obvious that glass is one of the main building materials here. I just hope it’s “earthquake-proof”!
photo img_20171007_125720

That's airside, on the other side of the glass panels. The access to the boarding room…
photo img_20171007_125810a

…is a bit concealed between that shop and the cafeteria.
photo img_20171007_125801

Beyond security check, you enter a spacious, well-lit waiting room…
photo img_20171007_135700photo img_20171007_134857

…which is not spotter-friendly at all!
photo img_2175

This escalator is the way out for arriving passengers. It takes you…
photo img_20171007_135641

…down into another waiting room on the first (ground) floor…
photo img_20171007_135443

…right next to baggage claim…
photo img_20171007_135543

…whose access is momentarily closed.
photo img_20171007_135257

I've never seen a single soul sitting here, but this waiting room…
photo img_20171007_135305

…has a much better view on the tarmac!
photo img_20171007_135311a

A chogün kütxalwe in case of fire.
photo img_20171007_135520aphoto img_20171007_135528

The stage gets prepared for the arrival…
photo img_2176

…of this small, palm-tree-decorated gentleman.
photo img_2177

Yes, I know that I should call it "a lady".
photo img_2179

…but my brain simply refuses to accept that planes should be "she".
photo img_2180

The eternal war of genders in my language. A computer, for example…
photo img_2182

…can be el computador (male), or la computadora (female)…
photo img_2186

…but some people have good reasons to choose one gender over the other. Some say computers should be female because 1) No one but their creator understands their internal logic. 2) The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else…
photo img_2188

3) Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval. And 4) As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.
photo img_2189

Others say that computers should be male, because 1) In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on. 2) They have a lot of data but still can't think for themselves…
photo img_2190

3) They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem. And 4) As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.
photo img_2191

So, why should a plane be a she? The thing is, this one is waiting for me and now I have to board… him. :D
photo img_2192

Oh. A LATAM flight has arrived…
photo img_20171007_135322

…and the doors to baggage claim have been opened, meaning that a crowd will soon flock down the escalators. I'd better go back upstairs. Besides, it will soon be time for…
photo img_20171007_145036


Chilled out Chileans have grown accustomed to boarding in a quiet and orderly fashion.
photo img_20171007_150209

We expect to see those section markers, and we just gather at the gate in silence.
photo img_20171007_150218

We are so used to that, that we get startled and confused when things are done differently…
photo img_20171007_150923

…as you will see in my future reports.
photo img_20171007_150944

But today the whole process is extremely peaceful.
photo img_20171007_150957

Look! We have two male FAs today. They are very polite. A lady is carrying a baby, and one of the male FAs gives her some special instructions.
photo img_20171007_152013

Two minutes later the other male FA comes and repeats the instructions thoroughly. We all laugh. The one in the white shirt continually fiddles with a pen. I guess he's either nervous or self-conscious!
photo img_20171007_152048

Let's inspect my Y class environment. "Only" some cup ring marks on the tray table. But I always keep this article in mind. I wonder how many CFUs are thriving there!
photo img_20171007_151958

Javiera and Ángel Parra are the children of the late Violeta Parra, one of the most remarkable Chilean artists of the 20th century. She was especially famous for her music.
photo img_20171007_151915

Unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of Chilean folk music, Violeta's has been linked to politics, which I think is unfair because, even though she was a political activist, she sang mostly about love, the suffering of the poor, local traditions, and other things.
photo img_20171007_151516
One of my favorites (and the most famous, perhaps) is Gracias a la vida (I thank life). It goes, in part: "I thank life for giving me so much. It gave me two bright stars. When I open them I can clearly see the difference between what’s black and what’s white, and the starry expanse of the high skies, and in the midst of the crowds the man I love." I can’t listen to this song without shedding a tear!

Violeta suffered a lot. She came from a poor family. In the end she killed herself, presumably for love. I'm sure you will love her music if you search for it on YouTube. Her daughter Javiera has "modernized" some of her mother’s songs. Here's a link to Violeta's El Albertío, and to Javiera's version. Enjoy!

Some images of Puerto Natales, in the far south of Chile…
photo img_20171007_151717

…which I will be visiting next February! There will be a report about that, and hopefully, a nice tourism bonus. :)
photo img_20171007_151758

I’m lucky today! I can stretch at will!
photo img_20171007_152207

The flight

As soon as the baggage loader…
photo img_2193

…drives away…
photo img_2194

…we are pushed back. It’s a short taxi, of course…
photo img_2195

…and in a couple of minutes…
photo img_2196

…we are at the tip…
photo img_2198

…of the runway…
photo img_2200

…and immediately…
photo img_2201

photo img_2203

photo img_2204

…ZCO's terminal.
photo img_2205photo img_2206

We climb above the Panamerican Highway, and the road to the airport (lower right corner)…
photo img_2207

…and the intersection 4km north of the terminal.
photo img_2208

This reminds me of my evil plan. On my trip back I will play detective (one of the most stupid things I have ever done) and determine once and for all if you can skip the long road to ZCO from this intersection by walking straight from the highway to the terminal. Don't miss the next report. You will either laugh with me… or at me!
photo img_2209

River Vilcún flows some 10km south of Temuco…
photo img_2210photo img_2212

The southern suburbs of the city, on river Cautín, are the last thing I can see…
photo img_2215

…before the clouds block the viewall the way to Santiago…
photo img_2216

…where we arrive after…
photo img_2217

…a most placid flight.
photo img_2218photo img_2220

Some details of the flight for my personal record.
photo sky01

Thanks for waiting!
photo img_2224

I wonder what's new around here.
photo img_2225

Oh! I think I can see something over there.
photo img_2226

Aerodesierto. A charter airline. As you can see, the latest trend is letting the CEO's children design the livery. I think that LATAM set the example, and AirFrance before them.
photo img_2227

We come to a stop here, but I haven't got the slightest intention to disembark quickly.
photo img_2228

I can do some spotting in the meantime. Talking about sad liveries, Sky Airline comes there…
photo img_2229

…though I like those colors.
photo img_2230

And there goes the Avianca aircraft that gave us way some moments ago.
photo img_2232

Good. Whether I like it or not, it's time to walk out to the cold, frantic city.
photo img_2233

I'm not alone in my reluctance, it seems.
photo img_20171007_164732

A welcoming SCL, as usual. I wonder what they are changing now.
photo img_20171007_165020

There you go. A new VIP lounge.
photo img_20171007_165308

Thanks for reading. I'll sleep a lot and get ready for my investigation, now. If you thought avgeeks were weird, wait to read my next report! XDDD
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Temuco - ZCO


Santiago - SCL



A flight as uneventful and efficient as you can expect. That means that things are in working order, doesn't it?

Information on the route Temuco (ZCO) Santiago (SCL)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 4 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Temuco (ZCO) → Santiago (SCL).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LAN Airlines avec 7.9/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 23 minutes.

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  • Comment 421610 by
    loukas 341 Comments
    Hi Nechus, thanks for another funny report. I'm waiting for the next one to see if you managed to skip the ridiculous airport access or maybe got stuck somewhere between the fields, wooden gate and fences ;)
    • Comment 421761 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      or maybe got stuck somewhere between the fields, wooden gate and fences

      I'm not sure if I should post that report. I will be the community's laughing stock! :'''( Well, I'm already writing the draft. You will see.
  • Comment 422398 by
    RafaelTHE 11 Comments
    Hi Nelson!

    Another great report! I'm really curious to know what happened.... I have some ideas, but let's wait!
  • Comment 422507 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6590 Comments
    Nonstop LOLZ from beginning to end :-P

    Oh my goodness, I can just imagine the hilarious scenes of you roaming around gravel roads suspiciously looking for another access to the terminal! haah. I'm surprised the airport police didn't come for you! All that for an difference of a few USD in airport transfer. Your sense of justice is strong and acute, indeed! haha

    In both French and Spanish Airplanes are Hes, but I never really think of inanimate object as having a gender--I guess my Americanization and lack of gender in English has washed away view of gender and objects. And even though French is my native language, I regularly mess up genders in French because it just makes no sense to me anymore. I love your hilarious take on Computador vs Computadora. At first I thought, uh oh... discussions of sex/gender are so taboo at the moment, and then I see that the humor is very well balanced putting both genders on equal footing. Bravo. Your intelligent humor is one of the great things about your reports!

    "which I will be visiting next February!There will be a report about that, and hopefully, a nice tourism bonus. :)"
    - Yay! Good. looking forward to that. It looks amazing!

    It's always nice to have empty seats next to you in Y! I actually had a whole row to myself in the bulkhead in Y yesterday and then by some miracle, I was upgraded to First by the gate agent right before the door closed. I actually hesitated for a second...hmmm....stay here and have a row all to myself, or sit next to a stranger in First. Well, of course I went up to First...but still...I did hesitate for a split-second, haha.

    "Don't miss the next report. You will either laugh with me… or at me!"
    - I just hope you didn't end up at the police station! LOL...but probably you did ^^
    Oh, the suspense!

    Damn the clouds! They have deprived me of your beautiful signature aerial photos! Make sure you make the clouds go away for the next report...I won't stand for it! ^^

    As always, muchisimas gracias por este FR!
  • Comment 423171 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Hola Nelson.

    Gracias por compartir una nueva aventura con tus lectores.

    Great shots of Temuco airport and the Plaza de Armas. Your pictures make Chile look so inviting.

    Looks like you had a great flight on Sky. Love the shot with the wing tip of the plane.

    Nos vemos.
    • Comment 423257 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      Holaaaaa!!! Todo bien por esos lados???
      Sí, Temuco es una zona muy pintoresca. La ciudad no tanto, pero los alrededores son muy bellos. La verdad es que ninguna ciudad chilena vale la pena, pero hay mucho que ver para los amantes de la naturaleza.
      Vi que ya posteaste tu viaje a Hong Kong. Lo veré con paciencia dentro de poco. Ahora estamos terminando el año escolar y es de locos! Ni siquiera he podido avanzar con mi propio informe del regreso a Temuco! :(
      Hasta lueguito!! :)

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