Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH730
Class Economy
Seat 29K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 11:05
Take-off 18 Aug 17, 22:20
Arrival at 19 Aug 17, 15:25
LH   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1174 reviews
By SILVER 2510
Published on 17th September 2017
In August, I was having a business trip to Hong Kong. As I would like to try again the Lufthansa A380, so I brought a ticket with a transit at Frankfurt airport.

1st Part MUC to HKG: You are Here!
2nd Part HKG to MUC: Here!

On the day of flight, I finished work at around three and went home to get my luggage to airport. I had already checkin online and everything should be fine… When I arrive at the airport checkin counter, the agent was checking the computer for a long time and then talked with her colleagues. Instantly, I realized that something went wrong and she told me that my flight to Frankfurt was cancelled. She rebooked me into the direct flight from Munich instead. Well, basically this was fine for me, the only thing for me was to think about how to spend the next five hours in the airport. She then issued the boarding pass to me and told me to get the seat number at gate. I had a look on the boarding pass and saw "Standby" written on it.

The checkin counters
photo dsc04127
Then I decided to go to Maredo steakhouse for dinner.
photo dsc04129
I ordered a rib-eye with french fried.
photo dsc04130
As there was nothing to do there, so I decided to go airside. Once passed through the immigration, I headed to the service center to get an update for my seat. The staff told me that they need to upgrade people to the business class so that they can have the vacancy for my seat and asked me to go the the gate at around 21:00pm.

Then I proceeded to the gate and waited for sometime until a staff showed up at the counter. I went to the staff and tried to ask for some update for my STANDBY status but in return that staff was yelling loudly back to me that THE GATE IS NOT OPEN YET! That was fine, I found a seat closer and kept waiting.

My ride to Hong Kong, D-AIHP.
photo dsc04132
Gate H31
photo dsc04133
As the thunderstorm was getting stronger, and lightning was happening quite frequently, boarding was delayed because of this.
Finally boarding started at 23:00pm. I headed to the counter and was told that everyone would get a seat tonight, the seat number will be given when I scan the boarding pass. At last, I was assigned a window seat 29K, the second row on the right of the economy class.
photo dsc05170

Once I reached my seat, my neighbor asked if I can switch the seat with her friend but I refused as I wanted to seat by the window.
Cabin during boarding. Premium Economy and Economy is in the same compartment without any separation, I would say.
photo dsc04137
There is a cup holder at the back of the seat.
photo dsc04138
The PTV, USB port and phone jack on the right side of the screen.
photo dsc04141
Menu was distributed at 23:38pm. Soon, there was an announcement that the crew were still negotiating with the airport authority as basically the German law prohibit any take-off after 0:00am. It seemed that the permission was granted and at 0:23am, pushback was commenced. It was surprised that the safety video was broadcasted in Mandarin instead of Cantonese, I think the crew made a mistake on that. Eventually, we took off at 0:34am from RWY26L
photo dsc04142
After take-off, I started watching the movie Kong, but soon fell asleep. Therefore I did not know if I had missed the snack services.
photo dsc04143
The flying map views are switched automatically so you are not able to choose the kind of view you want.
photo dsc04144
At 1:20am, I woke up and the crew was providing hot towel.
Dinner was then served at 1:56am. I chose the beef option. Actually the taste was quite good and I could manage to finish all the stuff on the tray. I asked for the red wine for the meal drink.
photo dsc04145
I had a cup of Jasmin tea after the meal.
photo dsc04147
When I finished the Kong movie, I went to the toilet at 3:10am, there was a few people there so I had to wait at the stairs.
photo dsc04148
The lower deck of the 5 lavatories. It was interesting that there was an ashtray next to the door of every lavatory.
photo dsc04149
Cabin view
photo dsc04150
After I went back to my seat, the cabin was completely darkened. I had another nap for 1 hour and 15 mins. Then I started the second movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.
photo dsc04152
10 more minutes after the start of the movie, I fell asleep again, this time for 2 hours and 20 minutes. As I woke up, we were already entered the China airspace, west of Lanzhou.
photo dsc04153
At 8:13am a crew came by with a tray of drinks and I took a glass of orange juice.
The demonstration of the cup holder function
photo dsc04155
I was then had a nap for 30 minutes until 9:15am, the cabin light was on again and the crew was coming back and distributed the wet towel again.
Breakfast was served at 9:43am. I took the "Omelette" option with an apple juice. At 10:20, I finished the second movie.
photo dsc04157
Seat pocket items. Seatbelt signed was on at 10:55am and we were descending in to Hong Kong airport.
photo dsc04160
I remembered this photo was taken as the plane made a 180 degree turning towards Hong Kong after passing through Macau.
photo dsc04162
Passing south of Hong Kong.
photo dsc04163
Final approach
photo dsc04168
At 11:28am (Munich time) we touchdown on RWY25R.
photo dsc04169
Passing the British Airways A380
photo dsc04171
Taxing to gate.
photo dsc04172
Reached the parking position at gate 43
photo dsc04173
Thanks for reading!
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I was not expected the flight cancellation so sudden but anyway, what choice could I have for that moment... The thing that I do not so comfortable was that they use Mandarin instead of Cantonese for the safety video broadcast. Lufthansa should be aware of that.

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