Review of Air France flight Papeete Los Angeles in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF 077
Class Business
Seat 2L
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 09 Nov 12, 09:05
Arrival at 09 Nov 12, 19:00
AF   #29 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5665 reviews
By 7733
Published on 11th November 2012
We departed from our home the day before, here is a picture of the view from our living room. We left Toahotu for Faa'a, 65 kilometers away from home. We spent the night at my mothers who lives 7 minutes from the airport.
photo P1000269

After a great evening spent with the family and my best friend from childhood who was home for some vacation, he now lives in Sydney. I woke up around 5am the next day for a departure to Tahiti International airport around 6am.

We got at the airport and the lanes weren't too long, we had pre-checked in without difficulties on the AF website and the baggage drop off was just a formality !
photo P1000271
photo P1000270-1

After we got our boarding cards and the invitations to the Manuhiri lounge, we go through passport and security checks.

A picture of our aircraft which had just arrived from Los Angeles and is letting the flow of passenger get off.
photo P1000273-1

On our way to the lounge I find the Marara or flying fish that used to ornate the Air New Zealand lounge… it had better days…
photo P1000290

Now, to the lounge !
photo P1000289
photo P1000291
photo P1000292

We are welcomed in the lounge by a very charming attendant greeting me by name without looking at my card… the perks of being famous on an island ! She will direct me towards the right hand side part of the lounge which is much quieter.
photo P1000275
photo P1000276

F-GSPE is continue to empty itself before getting ready to head back home.
photo P1000278

Air Tahiti Nui is taking off towards Narita, well, towards Papeete before turning and heading towards Japan !
photo P1000279
photo P1000280

A painting in the Manuhiri lounge illustrate the arrivals of travellers and polynesian traditions.
photo P1000281

What's on offer on the buffet today ?
photo P1000282
photo P1000283
photo P1000284
photo P1000285

My selection for today and the day fresh local news.
photo P1000286

Trip back to my childhood !
photo P1000288

Our crew is ready to board the plane.
photo P1000294
photo P1000293

We walk down to the boarding gate as my companion has a wheelchair because of his hip surgery. We are now parked on the side with all the people needing a pre-boarding.
photo P1000295

We walk up the stairs to board through door 1 left.
photo P1000296

We are welcomed on board by a really nice purser, Shirley.

In the cabin, the cabin attendant, Solange help us getting to our seats and welcomes us in the Business Cabin.

Our seats 2K and 2L.
photo P1000297

The cabin is still empty, it won't be full with 6 seats left empty.
photo P1000299
photo P1000301

The legroom on the NEV4 seat, I am 6'2.
photo P1000298

Quick glance outside the window, not very clean… Nothing much to see, small traffic at Tahiti International airport.
photo P1000300

Our cabin attendant, Solange formally introduces herself and offers the comfort kit. I tell her about me taking pictures throughout the flight, I tell her about FR and she invites me to take as many pictures I want, even of her !
photo P1000304

Solange will then come back to offer us a welcome drink, Champagne for me and orange juice for my companion.
photo P1000305
photo P1000306

We hurry to drink up as the crew starts to spray insecticides in the aircraft, it is imposed by France for all countries where there is dengue fever
photo P1000307
photo P1000308

Departure of this Air Tahiti ATR to one of our superb islands !
photo P1000309

The our departure is upon us, we push back on time. Our giant GE90 start to growl and whine and it won't stop for the next 8 hours !
photo P1000310

The safety demonstrations start.
photo P1000311

The lighting path and the exits.
photo P1000315

Another ATR departs.
photo P1000317

The perfect family of Air France travellers.
photo P1000318

No, she won't start to sing the Marseillaise, she is just wishing us a Bon Voyage !
photo P1000320

And they split for take off !
photo P1000321

We taxi towards the runway threshold, Punaauia side before we turn towards Papeete and start to take off.
photo P1000322
photo P1000323
photo P1000325

The GE90 are screaming, the brakes are released and our airplane starts its take off before lifting off and be back in its element, flight !

We are over Papeete.
photo P1000331
photo P1000332

After 40 minutes of flight we fly over the island of Makatea, which name is used for a geological phenomenon.
photo P1000333
photo P1000334

Makatea is the only island of French Polynesia where there is a train but no airport or port !

Then it is Rangiroa that we fly over, then nothing, only water until the californian coast.
photo P1000338
photo P1000339

Something new ! The covers of the menus ! Solange offers the menu and also offers her help to use the seat or the video system.
photo P1000340

I will ask if she has any spare menus to have the other covers. We had Hong Kong and Nice and not pictured, New York and Stockholm.

If the menu cover is different from anthonytahiti's, the meal is nearly the same apart the dish of the day.
photo P1000341
photo P1000342
photo P1000343
photo P1000344

The drinks, I didn't take any pictures of the wines, anthonytahiti did it.
photo P1000345

we start with pre-meal drinks.
photo P1000346

I request a glass of champagne and I will add some ginger syrup that I had with me, my partner will go for a Gin and Tonic with ginger too. We discovered that syrup at the Agricultural Fair of Tahiti, a wonderful found made in the Marquesas. Drinks were served with the Mise en bouche.
photo P1000347
photo P1000348

We are enjoying our drink and we start a movie, I go for the Marsupilami, I need something light to start our vacations !

Solange will walk through the cabin regularly to collect glasses and other napkins.

Solange will then be back to serve the meal. The foie gras and chicken galantine, I didn't really like it, I love smoke salmon, particularly with chive cream. The bread was warm !!!

The service was simply perfect !
photo P1000351
photo P1000351

A glass of Chablis to go with the meal. I didn't find the wine particularly great but it was OK.

For the hot meal I went for the veal fillet with mustard seeds and my companion went for the vegetable moussaka. The 2 dishes were really good and at a great temperature.
photo P1000354
photo P1000355

Solange will offer more bread, still warm, and more wine, still chilled !

She will then come back offer cheese.
photo P1000357

Where are we in the world ?!
photo P1000358

The comes dessert !
The opera cake is excellent just like the mango macaroon. I will also ask for a mango sorbet and a herbal tea, Marchand de rêves from Fauchon.
photo P1000361

Solange will offer a hot drink to my companion with his dessert, she will even offer a cappuccino or an espresso.

She will come back to offer more hot water for my tea.
photo P1000363

We continue our flight, all alone !
photo P1000364
photo P1000365
photo P1000366
photo P1000367

Far from the Hawaiian islands, our nearest refuge if we have a problem…
photo P1000368

Another 4 hours of flight.
photo P1000369

The toilets were well kept throughout the flight.
photo P1000370
photo P1000372

I stop at the bar for a few minutes and I ask for a cappuccino and ask the Solange to add a shot of espresso.
photo P1000373

Everyone is resting in Business Class.
photo P1000375

1 hour 45 minutes before we arrive in Los Angeles, the lights are back on, a little too bright, no mood-lighting on this aircraft, to think that only the ceiling was lit up…
Solange will serve us the snack before arrival.
photo P1000378
photo P1000382

I ask for a Coke and tea to go with my snack. I loved the chicken and wasabi mayo canapé, amazing !!!

The sun is setting, we are getting closer to the USA.
photo P1000384

I start to watch Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp.
photo P1000386

Finally !!!
photo P1000387

Only 22 minutes left ! Solange and Shirley are in the cabin thanking each passengers individually and give information about the connections to Paris or from other terminals of LAX. We will thank them and congratulate them for the amazing service.
photo P1000388

To spend more time, my ritual, an episode of the Simpsons.
photo P1000389

Los Angeles is shining a thousand fires !
photo P1000394

We are landing on the runway and our plane F-GSPE says good bye !
photo P1000400

Who is this ?! Our next aircraft for the transpacific journey ! China Southern Airlines Airbus 380-800 B-6138, parked at gate 101.
photo P1000397

We arrive at Terminal 2 and we park next to this Air Canada Embraer.
photo P1000401

We disembark at the same time as everyone and my companions wheelchair is there waiting for him. Immigration is quick as there is a dedicated line for wheelchairs, the bags are delivered rapidly too, special line for customs and we go to Tom Bradley for our next trip !
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Cabin crew10.0

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What an AMAZING flight ! I couldn't wish for a better crew !

Departure and arrival on time.

For the comfort it is a NEV4, nothing special, looking forward to the Cirrus seats.

If I could I would have given a 30/20 and it still wouldn't be enough ! These 2 cabin crew were fantastic ! always smiling, attentive, available !

The meal, was rather good, I wasn't impressed by the starter but the main was delicious and the warm bread gave extra points !

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