Review of China Airlines flight Singapore Taipei in Economy

Airline China Airlines
Flight CI 752
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:25
Take-off 09 Aug 17, 10:45
Arrival at 09 Aug 17, 15:10
CI   #12 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 96 reviews
By 10707
Published on 21st August 2017
Over the recent national holiday, coupled with 2 days of vacation leave, I flew up to Japan again, this time to the resort island of Okinawa. Flights were booked on China Airlines, which currently offers the fastest and cheapest routing from Singapore (via Taipei), though Jetstar will be launching non-stop flights from Singapore from November. This was also my first ever flight on this Skyteam carrier.

China Airlines, with 3 flights a day from SIN (2x daily to Taipei, daily to Surabaya), departs from Terminal 3. Check-in at Row 11, which is the last row of the terminal. Expecting a full flight, there was however hardly any queues.

photo 36643086376_c207126e7a_b

Proper coloured boarding passes issued, including the continuation to Naha, Okinawa.

photo 36643085746_d529135eb8_b

Straight through immigration. The morning peak has passed and thus the terminal was not too crowded. SQ A380 at the gate, with a Jet Airways A330 arriving shortly.

photo 35879613043_e9a997ff21_b

photo 36643084826_1c628524a5_b

Our aircraft arrived on scheduled from Surabaya. The aircraft had operated TPE-SIN-SUB the day before, night-stopped in SUB and operating today's SUB-SIN-TPE sector.

photo 35879611653_70959ab058_b

Gate A13 for our flight.

photo 36551044441_1e616f07fa_b

CI's oldest, but still very well-maintained, A330-300 aircraft would be operating the flight.

photo 35879610253_6213e6d6c3_b

A very packed boarding gate signalling a full flight. Quite a number of passengers were transiting from Surabaya. Boarding started soon and priorities/boarding groups were enforced.

photo 36551042411_97997a37b2_b

09 August 2017
China Airlines
CI 752
Singapore (SIN) - Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 4H22M

Boarding the aircraft. A newspaper cart was available at the door.

photo 36551041381_a50211acc9_b

photo 36551040701_a4fd7a8b77_b

Welcomed by the crew and directed to the correct aisle. A pillow and blanket was placed on each seat.

photo 35879607623_03b91cc164_b

As most of CI's A330s are still equipped with the older generation of seats, it felt like stepping back into the 90s when boarding the aircraft. However, the cabin and seats were still very clean and well-maintained. Definitely did not felt like a 13+ years old aircraft.

photo 36551039281_fa284348c3_b

View out the window. It was a drizzly morning.

photo 35879606153_0564f60060_b

Legroom was sufficient. PTVs were the tiny (by today's standards) 6.5" screen, with no USB nor power sockets. There is a mirror compartment and a coat hanger on the left of the screen, and a small compartment with a set of earphones on the right. The screen was playing some ads of Taiwan sights.

photo 36551037591_15391b1313_b

Pillow, blanket and the IFE handset at theside of the armrest.

photo 35879604273_e108aff096_b

Earsets, which are quite similar as those handed out on SQ, but in a nicer packaging.

photo 35879601563_5e3a99e145_b

A chunk of inflight magazine, IFE guide, inflight shopping and home-delivery shopping guides, and safety card.

photo 36293739740_8ffcc3d739_b

photo 35879602953_225f8ee5a2_b

Still waiting for boarding to be completed.

photo 36551036801_8e05daf6bb_b

After boarding was completed and doors were closed, safety video was played. The screen quality was definitely not that good, though it was better later on in the interactive mode.

photo 36293736930_581752a53f_b

Taxi to the runway. Cool, even with the aged IFE system, there is still a nose-camera view!

photo 36643077396_7a4b370ff5_b

photo 35879600333_b6b309d2ef_b

Departure from Rwy20C.

photo 36643076326_cc3e1f0125_b

photo 35879599293_d57c24f813_b

photo 36643075326_d350040094_b

photo 35879598003_deac7d6215_b

More than 4hrs to go.

photo 36643074326_2f7061c412_b

Decided to watch a more entertaining movie.

photo 35879596733_ab277f18cc_b

photo 36643071256_72182e6728_b

The weather was good above the clouds.

photo 36643073266_1c8a2bdb34_b

Visit to the lavatory, which is also stocked with a moisturiser and a antibacterial solution apart from the necessary.

photo 36643072336_7a679f6016_b

photo 35879595733_7641af4cc5_b

View of the forward cabin. Also to add, a variety of English and Taiwanese magazines were also available at the magazine racks throughout the aircraft cabin. Nice to see some airlines still offering such frills in economy class.

photo 35879594173_862f5779ab_b

Lunch service soon started. Service by the crew was friendly and warm, akin to the familar taiwanese hospitality. All the more, kudos to the crew for maintaining the smiles as they had also operated the previous ungodly 6am departure Surabaya-Singapore sector.

photo 35854243184_d70c9f06a9_b

Lunch tray, with an option of Beef with noodles or Chicken with rice. There were a warm roll with butter, starter, fruits and dessert on the tray as well. Not many airlines offer fruits together with both starter and dessert, so kudos here to CI again. A full beverage selection was also offered but I just went with an apple juice. Chose the beef noodles for my main

photo 35854248534_000d780773_b

photo 36643070326_8c9f5cf2b9_b

Starter was a cucumber salad with chicken. Fruits were fresh and sweet and dessert was a light berry mousse cake.

photo 36643068036_e0ddf30f2e_b

photo 36643068996_477e33891c_b

The main course was a delicious malay-styled fried noodles (mee goreng) with beef in satay sauce, vegetables and half an egg. It was a very tasty dish!

photo 35854247104_f0a303a9e6_b

The other choice was Chicken in oyster sauce with rice and vegetables. Very similar to one of the usual boring oriental choices served on SQ, and tasted 'boring' as well.

photo 35854244384_3a644a3ea6_b

After meals were distributed, crew came down the aisle offering coffee or Oolong tea. I ended the satisfying meal with an Oolong.

photo 36643065856_6821ea0257_b

photo 35854241554_b6d1916043_b

After I was done with the first movie, we were nearing the Philippines, with slightly more than 2hrs to go.

photo 36643064356_ec86ffec41_b

Requested and got some playing cards from the crew. Better collect them before they become the victoms of cost-cutting in the future!

photo 35854239194_21e9615182_b

After some channel surfing, decided to watch a chinese movie.

photo 35854238244_e9d3ba207e_b

Just prior to descend, the crew came roud to distribute a packet of mixed rice crackers and cups of water. The crackers are really nice!

photo 35854237844_8d48575d97_b

photo 35854236924_dd65f017ae_b

Above Taichung during the descend into TPE.

photo 35854235704_563da49682_b

Descending into Taipei Taoyuan.

photo 35854234544_88bd6b21c3_b

photo 35854233804_d66239e22e_b

photo 35854232884_ff66ab1b1f_b

photo 35854232114_3183e1915c_b

photo 35854231284_e8e166e42a_b

photo 35854230554_15cc98f64f_b

It was very windy during the approach but the pilot still managed to make a very smooth landing on Rwy23R.

Taxi to our gate at Terminal 1.

photo 35854229844_f7ca614dfa_b

photo 35854228724_4eec23804a_b

photo 35854227894_93fd124a09_b

Disembarking and passing the Business Class cabin with the old regional seats.

photo 35854227014_20145e462c_b

View of our A330.

photo 35854226334_0199a5c0de_b

As we had a 2hrs layover during the transit, we proceeded to the Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 2, where the next flight would be departing from. Plaza Premium has 2 lounges each in T1 and T2.

photo 35854218184_a328bcbd34_b

The lounge has a large dining area and a separate quiet seating area.

photo 35854225594_1674073eb8_b

photo 36293701340_4cc0c07896_b

Food and beverages were available from the buffet selection as well as cooked-to-order dishes.

photo 36293700270_c2a049766b_b

photo 36293704160_2391143487_b

photo 36293698940_e54bfcfcac_b

Our selection.

photo 35854224654_bb29d8392e_b

photo 35854223734_b46e6ecd7a_b

photo 36293697340_452697f98e_b

Nearing boarding time, we proceeded to the Taiwanese Snacks themed gate.

photo 36551002631_4fb172552d_b

However the flight was slightly delayed due o the late arrival of the aircraft.

photo 36643048976_3eb01b6fda_b

Sneak preview of my ride to Okinawa!

photo 35854216114_789d6844aa_b

photo 36643047076_de3c82678d_b
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China Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



It was a commendable first experience on China Airlines. Being a full-service carrier, it still offers the full works in economy class. Even though the IFE system is quited dated, it still offers the full AVOD selection and is more than sufficient for the flight. Understand the the newer B773ERs and A350s have much better seats and IFE system. Crew were friendly, professional and responsive, and catering was good. A very good flight onboard China Airlines.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Taipei (TPE)


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    Great to see your FR. I travelled on a similarly aged (maybe the same but I don't have the reg) A330 in J BKK-TPE (FR not out yet). I found the regional seats to be quite comfortable and the AVOD didn't seem as outdated. I also flew the 777 SFO-TPE-SFO, and my experience was the the older AVOD was easier to use and the picture quality was okay too. Thanks for your opinion!

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