Review of China Airlines flight Taipei Naha in Business

Airline China Airlines
Flight CI 122
Class Business
Seat 7K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 09 Aug 17, 17:45
Arrival at 09 Aug 17, 19:50
CI   #10 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 94 reviews
By 1330
Published on 25th August 2017
The departure gate was pretty packed with Taiwanese families on their summer holidays.

photo 35906618013_62c2f1c1ba_b

The mighty Queen of the Skies performing the short hop to Okinawa. Another Queen taxies by. CI sure have quite a number of B747s still flying around. Boarding was delayed by 20min due to the late arrival of aircraft.

photo 36715855095_c1768db206_b

09 August 2017
China Airlines
CI 122
Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) - Naha Okinawa (OKA)
Economy Class (Business Class cabin)
Flight Time: 1H02M

If you have noticed my boarding passes earlier, I would be flying on the upper deck of the Queen, and in the Business Class cabin too even though it was an economy ticket. For certain leisure-oriented flights, CI is allowing economy passengers (with the exception of certain fare classes) to select seats in the Business Class cabin, but of course with Economy service. First Class cabin would be used of Business Class instead. With luck, my fare class is eligible for selection of the Business Class cabin during online seat management and hence immediately I selected the Upper Deck cabin! This would be my first ever flight on a B747 Upper Deck!

Boarding commenced and was again orderly.

photo 35906616093_e9333259db_b

Boeing-liveried CI B773ER

photo 35906614183_897333232d_b

Newspaper cart at the door before boarding. Mainly Taiwanese newspapers offered.

photo 35906612643_95fc22919c_b

photo 35906611263_afab228929_b

Welcomed and directed up the stairs to the hump! Stepped into the upper deck Business Class cabin, which is a haven compared to the mass Economy cabin below. This aircraft was still fitted with the older recliner seats though the overhead bins has been fitted with the larger new ones. There are 24 Business Class seats in the upper deck, and even though it was economy service, we were still served by 2 dedicated crew in the upper deck. Business class pillows and duvet were placed on each seat. Surprisingly, upper deck was not full.

photo 35906610143_f8f73b0d41_b

photo 36577230841_1fbe461247_b

Tons of legroom!

photo 36577231311_7d9b584c6e_b

Seat controls

photo 36577230421_4af2208e4b_b

Large pillow and a duvet.

photo 36577229961_cda9f68249_b

Inflight magazines were packed in a clear plastic folder. Retro-looking noise-cancellation headphones were availabe at each seat as well.

photo 36577228181_31be0241d9_b

With the very spacious seat, I had almost 3 windows to myself!

photo 36577228821_5e58ce6e6d_b

View from the upper deck.

photo 36577229201_eabfbc3856_b

Boarding was completed swiftly, doors closed and safety video was played.

photo 36577227521_5dbe2746b6_b

Taxi to the runway.

photo 36577227081_b893556a2f_b

photo 36715846455_f291270023_b

Competitor's Queen which is retiring very soon.

photo 36715846035_48778a68a0_b

KLM just behind.

photo 35881163674_f817d86df6_b

With this being a lightly loaded short-haul flight, the takeoff run from Rwy23L must be one of the shortest ever takeoffs I experienced on a B747!


photo 35881162684_b78d563626_b

photo 35881161954_30ee00c24c_b

photo 35881161384_551640ea15_b

The bulky and retro IFE handset, which also functions as a phone.

photo 35906585773_db201d99e2_b

photo 35906584113_2e8d830c60_b

On this 1hr flight, I was actually surprised that a hot dinner was offered. Meal trays were swiftly distributed shortly after takeoff. According to the cabin crew, the meal would be a fried vermecilli with minced pork and fishcake. The tray came with a dessert cookie and a cup of water. The hot meal was delicious and the white chocolate cookie tasty as well. Coffee and Oolong tea was also offered.

photo 35881159704_bb1410bc95_b

photo 35881158904_bd205a01c3_b

photo 35881158164_6be5280eb5_b

Visit to the lavatory, which had the Business Class amenities stocked.

photo 35906581963_c950691c95_b

photo 36715838485_0131d90a27_b

Full recline of the seat, though not flat, was still pretty comfortable.

photo 35906583073_da81b391c2_b

Spent the rest of the short flight catching up with the movie I was watching during the previous sector. The IFE system is similar to the A330.

photo 36715837735_f1893b30e4_b


photo 35881157294_996d139f1d_b

Very soon, we were already descending into Naha. Landing into Naha Airport Rwy18 in the night was uneventful.

Parked beside the competitor's aircraft.

photo 35906578733_ffc0286cff_b

Disembarking and getting more shots of the upper deck cabin.

photo 36715836405_e387a1f1a1_b

photo 36715835605_b9b7a84d4a_b

photo 35906575793_12c71c79f8_b

Going down the stairs of the Queen.

photo 36715834865_7ee06fa022_b

Business Class cabin at the main deck. Seemed pretty empty with the unused pillows and blankets on the seats.

photo 35906573773_a68a5bd5c6_b

photo 35906571983_55d688dca7_b

Being seated in the upper deck, we were the first few to disembark, which helped to avoid the very long immigration queue at the small immigration hall. Guess those seated at the back would take quite a while to clear immigration.

There was a slight wait for the bags, but not too long.

photo 35881145524_d7b4407fdc_b

Arrival hall meeting area at Naha Airport's International terminal. The terminal is way smaller than the major Japanese airports.

photo 35881144884_1814e9b34a_b

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China Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Taipei - TPE


Naha - OKA



One item crossed out from my must-do list, which is to fly on the B747 upper deck. It was definitely a very pleasant way to fly short-haul with efficient service and proper catering. The Business class cabin experience was definitely a bonus! And it was surprising that the Business cabin was not filled up.



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