Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Aberdeen in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH970
Class Business
Seat 04F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 05 Sep 17, 12:50
Arrival at 05 Sep 17, 13:45
LH   #66 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 10th October 2017
Hello and welcome to this flight report of LH970!

In the beginning of september I went to Scotland for a few days. On my last trip top Scotland I went to Edinburgh (this was before discovering unfortunately), this time I chose Aberdeen instead.
When I booked the flight in March I was quite a bit surprised that Business Class for the outbound flight didn't even cost 30€ more than Eco - that made the descision pretty easy ;)

Arrival at FRA

As usual when I travel to or from Frankfurt Airport I decided to take the ICE-train. That worked pretty good on the way to FRA (but turned into a nightmare a few days later on my way back home… ;) )
We arrived in FRA about three hours ahed of boarding time.
photo fr4_2

Quite a famous view in FRA's T1
photo fr4_3

After dropping my bag I went over to the security check
photo fr4_4

This took surprisingly few time as there was hardly a queue today. Absolutely no need to take the fast lane this time. You get a pretty good view to the apron from the security check area:
photo fr4_5

Lufthansa Business Lounge

I had still plenty of time to visit one of the Business Lounges in Terminal 1B.
The LH Business Lounge at FRA offers quite much room and looked spotlessly clean. Pretty good standard in my opinion.
photo fr4_6

A standard breakfast choice was offered, nothing special at all - and because of the fact I already had breakfast in the morning I only took a banana for my coffee ;)
photo fr4_7


I went over to my gate a few minutes before boarding time where a pretty long queue already had formed - isn't this a bit useless if we have to take the bus to our E-190? ;)
Because of that I didn't take a photo of the crowded gate area. But the view out of the bus was pretty cool on this beautiful day!
Air Canada Boeing 777
photo fr4_8

Terminal 2 in the background
photo fr4_9

Our E-190 stood far away, somewhere behind of Terminal 2…of course this is a CRJ900 though…
photo fr4_10

There she is…D-AECF, named after the village Kronberg/Taunus
photo fr4_11

One of the General Electric CF34 Engines
photo fr4_12

I snatched a photo of the cockpit just before entering the plane…the pilots looked quite a bit busy.
photo fr4_13

The cabin looked tidy and I was warmly welcomed by the two flight attendants. Load factor was at 100%
photo fr4_14

You get lots of space on an LH E-190 - for regional jet standards. Seat pitch was really good (I am 1,82m tall).
photo fr4_15

The seatback…all in all the business class cabin of the LH E-190 is the usual thing when you travel within europe - the same seats as in Economy class with the seat next to you being blocked.
photo fr4_16


Pushback was absolutely on time and we went over to runway 25C
photo fr4_17

Here we go… :)
photo fr4_18photo fr4_19

Crossing the river Rhine shortly after departure
photo fr4_20

Cruise flight and catering

The cabin showed only some few signs of age as you can see on this small tray table…
photo fr4_21

Drinks were offered after a few minutes…Warsteiner beer for me (I pretty like it)
photo fr4_22

About 15 minutes later the meal was handed out:
Salad with carrots, cream cheese, cauliflower, lentils, bread roll and butter.
For dessert vanilla yoghurt with orange and two chocolate cookies (yummy…)

The meal was really good for the length of the flight…a big step from Eco of course!
The salad was fresh and a pretty good composition.
photo fr4_23

In-flight-magazine and Safety Card
photo fr4_24photo fr4_25

Arrival at ABZ

Time spun away and we soon began the descent from 36000 feet.
photo fr4_26

Despite of some clouds the weather was pretty good in Aberdeen…

One BA A319 to LHR is also here (and a BAe ATP freighter on the right?).
photo fr4_31

I passed through border control in very few minutes but we all had to wait really long for our baggage considering that ABZ Airport isn't that big at all and we were the only flight arriving at the moment. The terminal is quite small - I think it can get pretty crowded sometimes.
photo fr4_32

Bus 727 departs quite often towards Central Aberdeen and the ticket is quite cheap - thumbs up!
photo fr4_33

Last but not least a couple of photos from Aberdeen and Dunnottar Castle (very recommendable!)
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Cabin crew9.5

Lufthansa Business Lounge East B44 (Non Schengen) - B


Frankfurt - FRA


Aberdeen - ABZ



I was very pleased with this flight in Business, the 30€ were really worth the money! I think LH should soon consider larger aircrafts for this route because both flights were fully booked and the price for Economy Class was already pretty high.

FRA: Really a good experience this time, especially short queues.
LH Business Lounge: Was quite good, the catering offering could have been a bit more extensive.
LH: Much space for a regional aircraft, great crew and tasty meal .
ABZ: Fast border control checks but long waiting time for the luggage.

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  • Comment 416402 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Nice report! 30 Euros extra is definitely a great deal to upgrade to Business. Airline Revenue Management can sometimes be mysterious--it's always a nice surprise to see situations like this when a premium cabin is barely more expensive than Economy. I've seen it several times, where Business class was actually cheaper than Economy.

    I like that LH block the seat next to you on E-jets. It makes it more consistent with the rest of the fleet, even though they do end up losing 50% of the capacity in E-jet Business unlike just 1/3 of the capacity in A32X or 737s with middle seat of 3 blocked. Some carriers, like KLM don't block a seat in Business on E-jets, which is really a shame because then there is no difference between J and Y, except the meal and maybe a tiny bit more legroom.

    Thanks for the comprehensive report!
    • Comment 418517 by
      marvin150892 AUTHOR 42 Comments
      Thank You for your comment!
      The fact that they cut the capacity in the first four rows by 50% for Business Class also surprised me in a positive way. And according to the mint condition of those blocked seats I suppose that no one ever sat down there :D

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