Review of Air India flight Mumbai New Delhi in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI866
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 26 Sep 15, 09:00
Arrival at 26 Sep 15, 11:15
AI   #92 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 84 reviews
By GOLD 1454
Published on 8th September 2017
Air India VT-PPV AI866 BOM-DEL

Flight Details

Airlines: Air India [AI]
Flight : AI866 BOM-DEL
Reg : VT-PPV
Aircraft: Airbus A321-211
Dep - BOM Terminal 1A [Actual]: 11.05 am
Arr - DEL Terminal 3 [Actual]: 12.55 pm
Flight time : 1:50 hrs
Distance : 1,139 km


This trip was undertaken in Sept 2015. You can read the last trip report by clicking here -> Air India : Delhi - Mumbai .

I had fear travelling with Air India Internationally due to delay. Last flight was a close call. This time, my fear came true. I did prepare for this as I was travelling on a Saturday.

This trip report is the return leg of Sydney with a twist.

No report can be complete without living it. Below is the video.

Full Video Report : Air India VT-PPV AI866 BOM-DEL

Do watch the video

Arriving at the airport

Took the Chembur - SantaCruz Link road to arrive on the Western Express Highway

photo 20150926_064746_resizephoto 20150926_064756_resize


photo 20150926_065044_resize

Western Express Highway

Being early morning traffic was light, reached airport withing 45 mins.

photo 20150926_065825_resizephoto 20150926_065850_resize

Airport Tower

photo 20150926_065903_resizephoto 20150926_065931_resize

Terminal 1A

Air India operated most of its domestic flights through this terminal as the Terminal 2 was still under-construction.

photo 20150926_070055_resizephoto 20150926_070341_resize


Since I had arrived much earlier. Check-in was quick, being Saturday it was not crowded.

photo 20150926_071037_resize

Since I was travelling to Sydney. had my baggage check-in but had to clear security and immigration during transit through Delhi.

After completing security. Headed for the food court to have a coffee.

Food Court

photo 20150926_073527_resizephoto 20150926_080204_resize

Mumbai aircraft spotting

Plane spotting video

After spending sometime spotting. Soon was time for departure. Being my first time through this terminal, decided to get to gate early.

Terminal Shops

photo 20150926_082500_resize

Heading to gate video

Flight was departing through gate A9.

photo 20150926_082535_resizephoto 20150926_082629_resize

Way to gate A9

photo 20150926_083726_resize

Flight Schedule

photo 20150926_082406_resizephoto 20150926_082416_resize

Board displayed Security Call

Watching the Indicator board

photo 20150926_083325_resize

Waiting Area

Waiting for the boarding call.

photo 20150926_083130_resizephoto 20150926_083707_resize

Gate Change

The aircraft had arrived from Goa and was docked at the gate. Since there was no boarding call made passed the schedule departure, passengers were informed the aircraft had a technical problem.

After waiting for an hr and the issue could not be fixed a change of aircraft was to happen.

photo 20150926_092149_resize

Bus Boarding

The replacement aircraft was parked at the remote gate, A bus boarding was

photo 20150926_092431_resizephoto 20150926_093805_resizephoto 20150926_093917_resize

Bus Trip view

Bus Trip Video

Enjoyed the bus trip. Remembered the first time travelled through Mumbai Airport on Gulf Air Lockheed L1011 Tristar at 5 am to Doha via Abu Dhabi in Jan 1980 which was parked next to a British Airways Tristar. Wish had a camera like today. Anyways back to present.

Boarding Gate 81

Boarding was at remote gate 81

Juiced up

Aircraft was being refuelled

photo img_8378_resizephoto img_8382_resize

Catering truck

photo 20150926_100232_resize

Boarding had commenced at 10.30 a.m. With no indication of departure was getting worried this could mean a missed flight. There was nothing much I could do so continued with watching the action outside.

Window view

After the fuelling and catering was loaded. The pilot came on board and announced that the flight would be departing soon and the flight was delayed due to technical problem with the original aircraft.

At 11a.m pushback commenced. Passengers were informed that Air India Delhi is aware of the delay and connecting passengers would be able to catch their flight.


photo img_8394_resize

Taxi to runway 27

photo img_8397_resizephoto img_8403_resize

Flight was lined behind a Emirates Cargo

photo img_8406_resize

Incoming flights

photo img_8407_resizephoto img_8408_resize

Emirates ready to depart

photo img_8410_resize

Next in line AI866 to Delhi and Sringar

photo img_8413_resizephoto img_8414_resize

British Airways arrives

photo img_8416_resize

Departure roll

photo img_8422_resize

Terminal view on take off

photo img_8425_resize

Window view

photo img_8426_resizephoto img_8428_resize

Heading north of Mumbai

photo img_8432_resizephoto img_8435_resizephoto img_8438_resize

Flight Information

photo 20150926_114243_resize

Seat view

photo 20150926_114455_resize

Air India logo

photo 20150926_114253_resize

Flight path

photo 20150926_114217_resizephoto 20150926_114317_resizephoto 20150926_114328_resize

Reading material

photo 20150926_114529_resize

Air India fleet information

photo 20150926_114552_resize

Air India route map

Safety Card

photo 20150926_114507_resizephoto 20150926_114512_resize

Flight Information

photo 20150926_114345_resize


Headphones were supplied

photo 20150926_115053_resize


Newspaper was provided

photo img_8331_resize

Breakfast Sevice

Breakfast meal service was started half an hour after departure. Option was veg or non-veg.

photo img_8453_resize

I had a breakfast earlier at the airport. Had the breakfast as I wasn't sure if would get time later. Wise decision.

Food was tasty, finished it.

Breakfast : Omelette, fried potatoes, capsicum, fruits

photo img_8460_resize

Went to the back and checked with the crew about the delay. Was informed there are other passengers who are connecting and pilot had informed the ground staff regarding the transit passengers.

Cabin View

photo 20150926_120919_resize

I went back to seat relaxed thinking should be there just in time.

Flight Map and Information

photo img_8445_resize

Clean India Program

photo img_8446_resize

Closer to Delhi

photo img_20150926_122335_resize

Approaching Delhi


Taxi to gate

Landed around 12.45 pm. Was ready to burst out when the gate opened.


Air India VT-PPV will be heading to Srinagar

photo 20150926_125408_resize

On arriving at the transit desk for Sydney flight. Was informed that could not go for security and immigration clearance as the baggage could not be transferred and captain didn't want to delay the flight.

Transfer Desk

photo dsc_2207_resizephoto dsc_2208_resize

Had to go and collect the bags from the carousel

photo 20150926_134859_resize

Baggage collection

After collecting the bags came back to the transfer desk. Due to the delayed flight, connection to Sydney, Paris, Kathmandu and connection to Auckland were missed. Then it was waiting till arrangements were made.

No one argued with ground staff. Everyone was calm, they did what they had to do even though Air India could have provided better coordination with the flight staff.

photo 20150926_134859_resizephoto dsc_2209_resize

Since Air India does not fly daily to Sydney. Were offered to be flown to Melbourne next day and then onwards to Sydney by Qantas. Hotel was arranged by 2.30 pm and headed for the exit.

Delhi Airport Exit

photo dsc_2238_resizephoto dsc_2239_resize

Outside view

Bus view

Boarded the bus to Radisson Blu Hotel in Dwarka

photo dsc_2247_resizephoto img_20150926_151807_resize

Bus ride

photo 20150926_153234_resize

Delhi air control

photo 20150926_152048_resize

Outside view

photo 20150926_151949_resizephoto 20150926_152511_resize

Arrived at the hotel got check in to the suite.

Hotel view

photo 20150926_160324_resize

After resting for sometime. Went for the buffet.

photo 20150926_160957_resize

It was time for socialising and finding more about the flight next morning to Melbourne. We were informed that the bus would pick-up at 10a.m for the 1p.m flight.

Radisson Blue Hotel video

After dinner went to bed for a long flight next day.

Thanks for reading this report till next time.

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Air India

Cabin crew4.5

Mumbai - BOM


New Delhi - DEL



Air India outbound to Delhi got delayed by 2 hrs. Missed the connecting flight.

Mumbai Domestic airport was quick check-in, bus transfer was due to aircraft having technical problem.

On board, cabin was clean, service was good. Being a short domestic flight, there was no entertainment - headphones, newspapers were provided. Food was excellent. Crew provided service promptly but had poor coordination with the ground staff in Delhi.
Ground staff in Delhi were helpful, did what they had to do.

Delhi airport was easy to navigate.

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