Review of United flight Tokyo San Francisco in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA876
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 00:00
Take-off 14 Mar 17, 09:05
Arrival at 14 Mar 17, 17:05
UA   #58 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 384 reviews
Published on 15th September 2017
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This is a report of my holiday to Las Vegas.
I decided to book united flight,because I was a user of their mileage program(Mileageplus).I was collecting their mile to redeem ANA domestic flight,so United was best option for both milage run and holiday trip.

I arrived at Haneda airport at 12:05 from Chitose airport,Using Skymark(I will report it soon).
United flight depart at 6 pm. So I had 5 hours before flight,I decided to go to the town for lunch.

Then,I enjoyed Singapore Chicken rice(I don't know why I went to singapore restaurant)
After Enjoyed lunch,I headed back to Haneda airport again.
photo dscf6378photo dscf6383

Check-in was more smooth than I had expected.So I could use extra time for Spotting.
STAR WARS livery B787 was arrived.It looks very cool,and My ship arrived followed by it.

Haneda Airport was big and super-cleanness.And Old Japanese town was interesting,it is a shopping district.
photo dscf6406photo  403

Unfortunately,Gate 147 was far end of the terminal.I had to walk a long distance.
photo dscf6412photo dscf6416

At the gate,I was noticed 15 minutes delaye of departing time.However,Boarding started almost on time.
My seats was middle low,because all window seats were already occupied.I was disappointed at check-in.But,Now I found my next seat was empty in spite of crowded flight.It was a great bonus for 9 hour flight.
photo dscf6417

Seat pitch was small and outdated IFE,and what is worse,IFE audio jack was broken and no sound.Fortunately, They had on-board wifi which could stream movie and contents to my table.It was much more useful than outdated small IFE.

After take off,Drink service started initially. I chose Apple juice and snack.
Meal was provided followed by drink service.
I chose "karaage"(Japanese fried chicken).It was not edible, and it was a worst in-flight meal for me.

photo dscf6432photo dscf6437

After meal,The cabin turned dark.I tried to sleep,but moderate turbulence was occurred every 5 minutes and disrupted my sleep.But,I got a 5 hours sleep finally.
photo  407

Before 2 hours of landing,Second meal(Breakfast) was distributed.I chose omelet and sausage.It was decent and nice breakfast.
photo dscf6451

Landing was smooth,thanks to pilot.I felt that US pilots tend to land softly and smoothly.

When disembarking,I asked cabin crew to show me a cockpit.Then,She asked pilots.
Fortunately,I was permitted to enter cockpit and be seated captain seat.I was excited like a children.
photo dscf6464photo dscf6463
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Cabin crew9.0

Tokyo - HND


San Francisco - SFO



United B777-200 was outdated.It was equipped with old IFE,However It was small and bad response.I felt on-board wifi streaming was more convenience for tablet user.
Cabin crew was friendly and efficient operation,good working. BUT I was disappointed by meal quality...Don't expect too much of their meals.
Totally,I think they have much room for improve in Hard product and catering.(It may be improved a lot by delivery of B777-300 )

I was permitted to visit cockpit.It was exciting experience for me a enthusiast.I want to say great thanks to crews.

Information on the route Tokyo (HND) San Francisco (SFO)


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  • Comment 413123 by
    AK BRONZE 1055 Comments

    Thanks for the report ! If you had not said you had karaage, I couls not have guessed ! The first meal doesn't look good....
    About the Wifi on board, was it included in the price of your ticket, or did you have to pay an additional fee ?

  • Comment 413131 by
    OH-LWE 33 Comments

    映画 『君の名は』が好きですか?

    • Comment 413163 by
      AK BRONZE 1055 Comments

      If I may comment, IMHO the service of Japanese Airlines on domestic flights is not as good as for international flights. For example usually you get a drink and a candy, but nothing more. However, it's true that the personnel is generally more careful and polite than in US carriers.

  • Comment 413132 by
    cheapflyer.JP AUTHOR 58 Comments

    Your Japanese is much better than my English.(I'm no native of English,too).I like US carrier because their operation is very efficient.Japanese carrier is too polite ,on the other hand they lack of efficient and slow service(But carefully).
    If you come to Japan,Enjoy your trip and have a nice flight!

  • Comment 426225 by
    CAFlyer787 2 Comments

    Thanks for this flight report on United. I do agree on the first meal in terms of taste and portion size compared to ANA longhaul. During the flight, however, does United offer a mid-flight snack on this route?
    The cockpit of the 777 also looks great! I hope to ask for a visit when I fly United sometime.

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