Review of Hong Kong Airlines flight Kagoshima Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Hong Kong Airlines
Flight HX671
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 06 Oct 17, 17:05
Arrival at 06 Oct 17, 19:25
HX 18 reviews
Published on 1st November 2017
Welcome to the fourth part of the trip to Asia. This report will cover the return flight from Kagoshima to Hong Kong with Hong Kong Airlines. After 5 days in Japan, it was time for me to return to Europe.

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On the day of flight, I took the shuttle bus from Kagoshima central station to the airport. It took about 40 minutes and I arrival the international terminal at 14:25pm. Since it was still quite early, the terminal was almost empty.

The arrival hall of international terminal.
photo dsc04994
Next to the arrival hall. Here is the checkin area for international flights.
photo dsc04996
Since the counters were not open yet, I decided to visit the domestic terminal
photo dsc04997
ANA checkin area.
photo dsc04998
The domestic arrival hall.
photo dsc05000
Japan Airlines checkin area.
photo dsc05001
Somehow I found an elevator that brought me to the observation deck on third floor.
photo dsc05005
Next to the observation deck, there is a small area call "Sora Stage" which exhibits a small part of the wing and the engine. There are also some information about the history and also the airlines that came to Kagoshima Airport.

The fan blade from Japan Airlines B747-300
photo dsc05006
The winglet of ANA B747-400. Then I thought it was time to return to the International terminal.
photo dsc05007
The counter was finally opened at 15:07pm, it took about 10 more minutes until I finished the checkin process. Then I returned to the domestic terminal again. I brought an ANA original strap at the ANA festa on second floor. Then I took the escalator to the third floor and visited the observation deck again.

The departure hall for domestic flight.
photo dsc05009
Solarseed Air B737-800 was preparing its flight to Tokyo Haneda.
photo dsc05010
Soon it was time for me to returned to international terminal. The departure area was on the second floor.
photo img_0951
Passengers were already queuing in front of security check. I noticed that the couple that was seating next to me on the previous flight was queuing in front of me.
photo img_0952
The whole process was very smooth. I got my bag checked and then passed through the immigration in no time. Since there is only one gate (bridge) in international terminal, this is the only waiting area in front of the gate. There was nothing else but only one souvenir shop, those Hong Kong tourists took the last chance and keeping buying until the last minutes. Boarding was started at around 16:30pm.
photo dsc05013
This was my ride to Hong Kong, B-LPN, A320-200 with winglet. This plane was delivered to Hong Kong Airlines in April 2015, the different thing was that this plane was assembled in Airbus Tianjin.
photo dsc05015
Aircraft view before embarking
photo dsc05017
My seat, 37A.
photo dsc05018
View from my seat. A Skymark Airlines B737-800 was parked next to us.
photo dsc05020
back of the seat, same as the previous flight, no cup holder, no coat hanger, no PTV.
photo dsc05021
Cabin during boarding.
photo dsc05023
overhead monitor were lowered and safety video was showned.
photo dsc05026
Pushback started at 17:02pm.
photo dsc05027
While we were taxing to runway, an ANA B767-300 was taking off.
photo dsc05029
Entering the runway and we took off at 17:12pm.
photo dsc05030
Shortly after takeoff, our plane made a 180 degree turn and kept heading south. This allowed me to have a good view of the Kagoshima airport.
photo dsc05032
Soon we passed through Kirishima city (霧島市) and Aira City (姶良市)
photo dsc05034
And here came the most valuable part of this flight. We were flying next to Volcano Sakura. The volcano is still active and two small eruptions were recorded on 5th October.
photo dsc05037
Then our plane turned slightly turned towards southwest and we also had a nice view of Kagoshima city. Soon, the clouds started to gathered. In the photo below, it was also able to observe the Mount Kaimon (開聞岳). This is also an active volcano which looks very much similar to Mount Fuji therefore it is also know as "Satsuma-Fuji"
photo dsc05040
The overhead monitor was playing some Hong Kong TV program, but as far as I can see nobody cared about it.
photo dsc05042
At 17:52pm, dinner was distributed.
photo dsc05043
I asked for a cup of coffee for the drink. However I saw that they just used normal plastic bottle to hold the coffee, this explained why the coffee was not hot.
photo dsc05045
The winglet of Hong Kong Airlines.
photo dsc05046
The view was stunning!!!
photo dsc05049
Flying over Taiwan.
photo dsc05050
Outside it was getting darker and I soon fell asleep.
photo dsc05052
At 19:16pm, I was waken up by the PA announcement. We were informed that the landing time will be at 19:00pm Hong Kong time.
During the descend, we can observed the lightning in distance. At 19:06pm we landed on RWY07L. Total flight time was 2 hours 54 minutes.
Thanks for reading!
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Just like the comments that I wrote for the outbound flight. I wasn't quite satisfied with the inflight experience. Next time, I guess I would rather choose Cathay Pacific Airways or Japanese carriers.



  • Comment 417868 by
    cheapflyer.JP 61 Comments

    Thank you for your flight. Kagoshima airport's international security area looks too small.
    The Photos of scenery was quite beautiful. I often fly to Hong Kong, however, I had never seen the Mount Kaimon from such a low altitude.

  • Comment 418240 by
    NGD16 SILVER AUTHOR 36 Comments

    Thanks for your reply. There are only a few international flights in Kagoshima, so don't expect too much in the international terminal. I am really glad that the weather was so good during departure.

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