Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 414
Class Economy
Seat 71K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 13 Oct 17, 16:15
Arrival at 13 Oct 17, 17:45
TG   #9 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 364 reviews
By GOLD 1357
Published on 21st October 2017
A week back, I made a short trip again to Japan, to the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido to experience the Autumn season. Flights were booked on a mixture of TG, JL and SQ in various classes. For the flights up to Sapporo, it would be on TG via Bangkok.

Arrived at Changi 1.5hr prior to departure and checked in at the TG counters. Boarding passes were issued for both sectors and baggages were checked through to Sapporo.

photo 23961876008_590ff076d5_b

photo 37782893242_3799cd581e_b

Self-service check-in counters were being set-up and tested in T1, similar to those to be used in the ne T4 opening end of the month.

photo 23961874198_ee8f3bd48b_b

It was a lazy late afternoon in Changi.

photo 37782892022_567d2a4af0_b

Departure was from Gate C1. The gate seemed a bit too small for our almost full load of B777-300, which was upgraded from the original B777-200.

photo 37814819761_d25a796450_b

Our 18-yrs old aircraft had arrived on schedule and being prepared for the return flight to Bangkok.

photo 37814818801_8c83552ea8_b

photo 37814818071_7321c50b81_b

13 October 2017
Thai Airways
TG 414
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H27M

Boarding was called and boarding order was enforced. Boarding the trusty old B777-300.

photo 37814817541_7b87890a39_b

photo 37144517753_4c50ea7e4f_b

This aircraft was fitted with the Skittles-coloured but classy and comfortable seats. A pillow was available on each seat. The economy cabin was huge with about 330 seats. I made my way to my seat at the second last row of the aircraft.

photo 37144516743_429de07fd4_b

photo 37144514723_998f790e8f_b

photo 37144512823_f0c45e75c5_b

The seat pitch at the 2nd last row (row 71) window seats was ridiculously good! Think it was at least 34" pitch. PTV was the older generation type, but enabled with touchscreen.

photo 37814814151_b8448a2a41_b

Blankets were offered by the crew and headsets were already placed in the seat pockets.

photo 37814811791_e9f5668707_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 37144503533_e0727f5c28_b

View out the window. It was a quiet afternoon.

photo 37814813141_f89fbe3410_b

Boarding still in progress and it ended up a very full flight.

photo 37814812451_31c9a78fb2_b

Safety video played and flying time was announced as 2hrs.

photo 37766149836_19f0e2e21d_b

Pushed back slightly late and it was a short taxi to the runway.

photo 37556511660_2337e6b11f_b

photo 37556509920_61993a83b0_b

photo 37814810941_1cffd8389a_b

Departure from Rwy20C.

photo 37556508170_afd4147d6e_b

photo 37556507460_f8d8dbdb3a_b

photo 37766145216_bfbfc6636e_b

Menu of the flight is available in the IFE system.

photo 37556505840_5942d243a0_b

photo 37556504290_d8cdf52847_b

photo 37766140276_81695f7195_b

List of beverages

photo 37766139216_3c3fb3e8b2_b

photo 37766138306_6fec5728ce_b

photo 37766137246_62d6eff2b0_b


photo 37766141526_92e7b4d1e2_b

Flight map

photo 37556498170_104d75af49_b

Decided to watch a comedy "The House".

photo 37766135186_627d2f6821_b

photo 37766134186_dd5a95f7a7_b

After arrival immigration cards were distributed, meal service started.

photo 37782861282_8d00f1fc30_b

Meal trays were distributed and we both went for the snapper option. Tray consisted of a starter, main, roll and butter, dessert and a bottle of water. Plastic cutlery were used.

photo 37782862492_b38858883a_b

Main course unveiled.

photo 37782856662_e53b1188b1_b

Drinks cart followed behind the meal cart, with the full bar selection, including liquors, wines, beers and non-alcohols available from the cart. I ordered a Gin & Tonic, and the stewardess prepared it rather strong, seeing the amount of gin she poured into the cup. TG offers the premium Bombay Sapphire Gin in economy, which SQ only offers in Business.

photo 37782854882_c609a2d345_b

Tuna, potato and egg salad was good. The blueberry yoghurt mousse dessert was very tasty.

photo 37782858372_7b8b14d66f_b

The snapper was full of flavour and delicious as well and portion was big! A very satisfying meal offered by TG on this short flight.

photo 37782859882_78b18ed075_b

The view outside looked like this for majority of the flight with slight bumps…

photo 37782847602_e1fdcee77f_b

Crew offering beverages.

photo 37814779371_d2f563e34f_b

Enjoying my dessert along with a cup of coffee which was later offered as well.

photo 37814777171_eb9d121350_b

photo 37782845612_2d07dbd27c_b

Visit to the lavatory, which was equipped with the necessary as well as a cologne. There were 6 lavatories at the rear of the aircraft and 4 in the middle, totaling a very generous 10 lavatories for 330 economy passengers!

photo 37556477660_7579271bd6_b

View of the cabin. Well-maintained for a 18-yrs old aircraft.

photo 37556475010_a979068831_b

Starting descent into Bangkok. However the pilot announced that we were required to hold for 15min due to congestion at the airport, which I presume was due to the bad weather over the airport.

photo 37556471550_6a3cd00780_b

photo 37556467730_e0dbd2e262_b

Approaching and landing into BKK Rwy19R. We arrived 25min behind schedule due to the hold.

photo 37556466590_d0658fee20_b

photo 37782846512_99a5327519_b

Taxi and parked at the gate in a rainy Bangkok.

photo 37556463180_61c3657a79_b

Disembarking and passing the Business cabin.

photo 37556469880_1790fdac79_b

As we had a 6.5hrs transit in BKK, we popped into the city by the airport train and subway for dinner. There was barely a queue at immigration and we were in the city within an hour of stepping off the aircraft.

Had dinner at one of my favourite eatery at Talad Nam Seafood in Bangkok.

photo 37144461753_c9bc566be1_b

Followed by dessert at After You!

photo 23961793718_4c63bcd9e8_b
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



Great short flight with good service and excellent catering.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Bangkok (BKK)


  • Comment 416959 by
    KL651 TEAM 4476 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I few this exact same plane 3 weeks before between HKT and BKK. I didn't remember the pitch to be that good, but i was at the front of the plane.
    The loads seem to have imorived on TG.
    Really nice service indeed.

  • Comment 442589 by
    PusheenLishy 2 Comments

    Hello Terry,
    Last year, I took TG410 as well as TG670 to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Shin Chitose thereafter. I would like to comment on the flight. I think that you should review a little more on the In-Flight Entertainment system.
    Great Job, BTW

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