Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Chitose in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 670
Class Economy
Seat 65A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 06:10
Take-off 14 Oct 17, 00:15
Arrival at 14 Oct 17, 08:25
TG   #9 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 364 reviews
By GOLD 2954
Published on 22nd October 2017
After spending 3+hrs in the city, we proceeded back to the airport again. It was rather busy with the many red-eye departures.

photo 37556768340_d48423c314_b

Departure gate at A5. The gate is normally used for domestic flights during the day and for international flights at nights. Flight appeared to be very full again.

photo 37766385386_fc0f96a7d1_b

13 October 2017
Thai Airways
TG 670
Bangkok (BKK) - Sapporo New Chitose (CTS)
HS-TGW "Star Alliance Livery"
Economy Class
Flight Time: 6H08M

Would be flying on the rare 20 yrs old Queen of the Skies for this sector. Boarding the Star Alliance liveried aircraft.

photo 37766383466_c918349408_b

This aircraft was one of the earlier retrofitted ones, with the older ptv screens. Blankets and pillows already placed on each seat.

photo 37766382546_32bab7ca0d_b

photo 37766381376_37f51f6307_b

Legroom was pretty generous again at 34" pitch.

photo 37766380426_80db702f5a_b

TG A350 parked beside, heading to MEL.

photo 37766379336_af67115fda_b

Boarding in progress. Again, flight was very full.

photo 37766378106_a240d21096_b

Flight map

photo 37766377226_440fac8984_b

A snack will be served after takeoff and breakfast before arrival.

photo 37766376256_8ac6520173_b

photo 37766375636_404190f453_b

photo 37556758390_b55e28a716_b

photo 37556756760_ed2b811216_b

Safety card

photo 23962087308_3f3d4c1419_b

Old-school controller.

photo 37815028451_6e1ca15e31_b

Doors closed and safety video played.

photo 23962088678_04271d7512_b

Pushed back.

photo 23962085198_d2bded1130_b

It was barely a few minutes of taxi to the runway and we were very soon taking off from Rwy19L for the 6hrs flight to Sapporo.

After seatbelt signs were turned off, the refreshment service prompted started with the handing out of sandwiches followed by juices and water. My friend had ordered the seafood meal for this sector and the crew delivered his tuna sandwich.

photo 23962083788_e29bd51e89_b

For the normal meal, a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich was offered. I also had an apple juice. After the quick snack service, lights were turned off.

photo 37104856964_4fa38675af_b

With the comfortable legroom and seat recline, I managed to get about 3hrs of sleep. Woke up when it was dawn and we were about 2hrs away fron Sapporo.

photo 23962073848_bcaa4e1171_b

photo 37104854764_b6ce650655_b

Cabin distributed hot disposable towels, followed by the breakfast service.

photo 23962072248_290b16b580_b

The breakfast tray consisted of fruits, yoghurt, warm croissant with butter and jam, main dish and a cup of orange juice.

photo 37104848054_629f49545e_b

I chose the Fried snapper in mushroom sauce with Japanese rice. The portion was huge and the dish tasted alright. Fruit and yoghurt were good and croissant was delicious!

photo 23962067838_2527460253_b

photo 23962064618_52539a66ae_b

photo 37766359646_019b77420f_b

photo 37766358456_c577513d84_b

My friend's seafood meal consisted of grilled seafood skewer with buttered mashed potatoes, grilled tomato and peas. It was rather tasty as well.

photo 37104852654_66901f958b_b

Stretched my legs after breakfast. A look at the B747-400 door at the rear.

photo 23962051208_f5c0f92fca_b

A total of 6 lavatories at the rear of the aircraft, and 4 in the center. Similar to the B773, there are a total of 10 lavatories for economy pax!

photo 37815041761_20467dc971_b

Visit to the lavatory to wash up. Even though TG does not provide amenity kits or amenities in the lavs, toothbrushes, earplugs and eyeshades (not sure about socks) can be requested from the crew.

photo 37815040121_dc43a45c0f_b

photo 37815038611_ddf4b7ebf7_b

photo 37815035891_8e928bd9d6_b

View of the B747 cabin after breakfast service.

photo 23962057678_c442921852_b

We would be starting the descent very soon.

photo 23962050578_52e3b53d06_b

Descending into Chitose and flying pass Hakodate, which I went earlier this year.

photo 37815030581_92275d2c8d_b

photo 37144724263_8ac5f558d0_b

photo 37766348586_d055601c78_b

photo 37144723453_cc34e04282_b

Flying pass New Chitose airport for the approach.

photo 37144722953_0ddb71a0e9_b

photo 37144721993_97def2bce7_b

Making a turn back to New Chitose Airport.

photo 37766346276_f8bc95bc67_b

Landing on Rwy19L slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 37783106422_03b7834ff3_b

photo 37783104672_411d13936d_b

photo 37766341126_16e78d214f_b

photo 37766340186_8b7b893bcd_b

It was a bit of a taxi to the international terminal, where we were the first international arrival for the day at the totally empty terminal.

photo 37766339206_f77a5d1205_b

photo 37766338506_64ce4180a1_b

Disembarking and last views of the Star Alliance Queen.

photo 37766337596_3cbb6b6520_b

photo 37783094292_47b8bc06b0_b

photo 23962036058_2ff3f401fd_b

photo 23962034588_ab46d8072a_b

Immigration did not take too long as we were the first arrival and bags were out pretty fast as well.

photo 23962033348_03183287db_b

The arrival hall of New Chitose International terminal looked pretty sterile.

photo 23962032088_2b1be6a638_b

The domestic terminal and the linkway to it was the complete opposite however. There are Doraemon and Sanrio themed play areas and cafes along the linkway between both terminals.

photo 37587320030_15df03f3be_b

photo 37813335242_82e0cd2870_b

Along the linkway as well, there is also a Royce Chocolate World, which includes a chocolate making factory, museum and shop selling limited edition Royce chocolates, including Hibiki 17 flavour! Not found anywhere else in the world.

photo 37796675706_d3bf889a24_b

photo 37796673796_b307bcaa97_b

photo 37796673076_8b89cccb9a_b

photo 23992615718_0203f89c8c_b

And even a Royce bakery with amazing breads and pastries items!

photo 37135119434_bbd13cdb28_b

Over at the domestic terminal, it was a bustling food market, shopping mall, and various eateries all in one. There is even an onsen!

photo 37587311750_7c026dc150_b

Fresh seafood, including live crabs, are actually sold here!

photo 37587315670_d38431dbaa_b

photo 37587314680_66bea85c7a_b

photo 37587313380_c9cde4c450_b

And of course the obligatory shops selling Hokkaido products, which were in abundance throughout the terminal.

photo 23992612458_a81e179615_b

An avenue selling all the sweet treats!

photo 23992611478_f9e10e4991_b

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Bangkok - BKK


Chitose - CTS



The 2 flights on TG has been truely comfortable even though they were in economy. The generous seat space, quality catering, reasonable IFE and good service has certainly enhanced the economy experience. TG certainly offers one of the better economy products in Asia and one of my top choices for flights in economy.



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    cheapflyer.JP 61 Comments

    Hi,TERRYYONG. Thank you for the nice report.
    Welcome to my hometown. TG arrives at this airport early morning so I often meet this big bird. TG is one of the two airlines operating B747 regularly in this airport. The other is China Airline.
    Seats were so colorful and cute. I'm happy to hear that their seat was comfortable. I would like to try TG for accessing SE Asia, someday.

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