Review of China Eastern flight Shanghai Fukuoka in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU517
Class Economy
Seat 53C
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 20 Dec 17, 10:35
Arrival at 20 Dec 17, 13:30
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By 1167
Published on 23rd February 2018
SIN - PVG MU Y / A330-200: Link
PVG - FUK MU Y / B737-800: HERE
FUK - PVG MU Y / A321-200: Link
PVG - SIN MU Y / A330: Link

Layover at Pudong. It's becoming my most visited airport since I've done quite a number of reports on MU. I'm now very accustomed to what to expect and the procedures at the terminal. This report will cover the short hop between Pudong and Fukuoka.

China Eastern Airlines
MU 517
Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) - Fukuoka Airport (FUK)
Economy Class
Gate 208

Boarding pass for this flight.
photo img_9686

Shanghai Pudong. If you need more picture of the main terminal, you may visit my other MU reports. I was still sleepy even after catching some sleep on the previous flight. My family had a meal at Tsui Wah before heading to the gate.
photo img_9689

Taking off from the Gates 200+ will require you to go to the ground floor. Access to the plane is via bus.
photo img_9691

The waiting area is typically shared between two gates and flights from both gates are continuous. MU making full use of their planes.
photo img_9693

I took another nap using an empty bench before finally being called to board. Doesn't seem like a full flight today.
photo img_9694

We board the bus and are shuttled off to the plane.
photo img_9695

Our bird for the flight, a B738 (B-1965), in the older MU livery. Everyone is wearing a coat because it's pretty cold, except for me. Mine was in my check-in bag.
photo img_9696photo img_9697photo img_9698

Entering the plane, we see that the seats are the slightly newer variant which can be seen by the vibrant blue. Older cabins use a dark blue and maroon for their seats. The Y-cabin is arranged in a standard 3-3 configuration
photo img_9699

A quick visit to the lavatory before the flight. The orchid is a nice touch by MU.
photo img_9701photo img_9703

A view from my seat. I'm seated almost at the aft of the plane along with my mum. We have an empty middle seat!
photo img_9705

The all important legroom shot. It's adequate for this short trip.
photo img_9706

Seatback contents: Air sickness bag, Safety card, Eastern Mall Duty-Free Catalogue and Connections magazine.

The overhead screens run through several programs during this flight.
photo img_9718

The meal is served shortly after take-off. A very decent meal from MU on this sector. Main course is steamed rice with fish in oyster sauce. It's accompanied by an assortment of Japanese appetizers, some watermelon, a bun and a caramel biscuit. Peanuts are served with the meal.
photo img_9720

After the meal, trays are collected and we being our final descent to Fukuoka.
photo img_9722

My seat for this flight.
photo img_9724

Off the plane we go…
photo img_9725

… and into another bus.
photo img_9727

Welcome to Fukuoka!
photo img_9729photo img_9730
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China Eastern

Cabin crew6.5

Shanghai - PVG


Fukuoka - FUK



MU's meal surprised me on this flight. After my previous trip to Busan on MU, I was expecting something simple and plain but to receive such a meal was above all my expectations. The overall trip was comfortable enough, especially with the empty middle seat.



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