Review of Singapore Airlines flight Osaka Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 619
Class Business
Seat 15K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:55
Take-off 18 Oct 17, 11:05
Arrival at 18 Oct 17, 16:00
SQ   #4 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By 4807
Published on 29th October 2017
The next morning, we took the 9am complimentary hotel shuttle to the airport. It was only a 10min ride to Kansai airport.

photo 37967851091_122483facf_b

SQ's check-in counters are located at the far end of the terminal.

photo 37967850701_b905084301_b

Other than the boarding pass, a Fast Lane pass and a Lounge/Restaurant voucher were issued to Business Class passengers.

photo 37967849431_f0387e8513_b

Fast Lans entrance for security. The normal queues were not long as well.

photo 37967848631_c687e405dd_b

As we were given the options to use either the JAL Sakura Lounge, which as a fairly far trek away and nothing too spectacular from reviews I read, or a 2000yen credit per pax to be used at selected restaurants/cafes, we decided to head to the Japanese eatery instead where we had our last dose of Japanese food.

photo 37937329232_d58b329a72_b

photo 37937327422_032fa07541_b

Heaing to the gate after the meal and some Japanese tidbits shopping.

photo 37967845531_6c23430f85_b

We had to board a shuttle train to the gate. Our A330 can be seed.

photo 37967844791_8dc1987668_b

VN B789

photo 37967844241_f47178a82d_b

A couple of GA A330s

photo 37967843611_5b74c59423_b

The gate was rather crowded and flight was almost full in economy.

photo 37967842331_bf9efe51a0_b

SQ's 2nd oldest A330, 9V-STB, will be performing the duty today.

photo 37258112204_eb45c4b187_b

18 October 2017
Singapore Airlines
SQ 619
Osaka Kansai (KIX) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 5H52M

KLM pushed back to departure.

photo 37967841601_b798f07e64_b

Boarding commenced and Business Class/PPS were invited to board.

photo 24116943778_003aa20bbf_b

photo 37967840281_d6bbf72a01_b

photo 37258106944_3577061f20_b

Welcomed by the crew. The Business Class seats were re-upholstered in dark brown leather. Pillow, blanket, socks and slippers were already pre-set on the eats. Guess we will see this 8yrs old aircraft spend more time in the SQ fleet.

photo 37258106484_f588d73446_b

photo 37258105724_4281d11f49_b

photo 37914472926_3fd36e0f90_b

Out the window.

photo 24116851068_f15e21958c_b

Had a glass of bubbly for the welcome drink.

photo 37914473436_2594c8f80f_b

Noise-cancellation headphones.

photo 37967823741_b84f8a29ea_b

Inflight magazines and menu.

photo 24116848348_d6508ea029_b

photo 37258105154_849fe69c34_b

Safety video played. We had a bit of delay awaiting pushback due to traffic congestion. However flight time was only a short 6hrs today.

photo 37967825621_58b0fe6e23_b

Pushed back.

photo 24116846698_8ccb6370d7_b

Taxi to the runway.

photo 24116842098_596682da24_b

Takeoff from Rwy06R.

photo 24116841388_340e17e17c_b

photo 24116840568_b8872f6cf5_b

Kobe airport could be seen.

photo 24116839688_5d26696a80_b

photo 37914465116_94caa52f04_b

Started with "The Mummy".

photo 24116838088_fe26352a15_b

My post takeoff beverage of TWG Silver Moon Tea was delivered, while my friend had a Colombian brew.

photo 37914464086_ddf32d146e_b

photo 37914463586_5775dd8f77_b

Menu selection for this flight.

photo 24116856308_fbf883f6ef_b

photo 24116855078_5090e1c512_b

Shortly after takeoff, canape service commenced with the famed SQ satays and warmed nuts. Lunch would be served about 1.5hrs later.

photo 37914463106_fdd550c004_b

Great weather out there.

photo 37914462606_9f04936d5b_b

Visit to the well-stocked lavatory.

photo 37914461926_9fe43a2de4_b

photo 37937296792_42fbe21545_b

photo 37937297582_37c45ef0fb_b

View of cabin and seats. It was 22/30 in Business today. We were served by a female Inflight Manager, 2 Leading Stewardesses and a steward.

photo 26192169509_acaf596f34_b

photo 37937296182_19a3fbcec9_b

Flying along the eastern coast of Taiwan.

photo 37937293142_51f7b22e76_b

Lunch service commenced. Our meal orders were taken and unfortunately our original choice of Hankoreiki were already not available. Apparently it was a very popular choice which quickly ran out after the first few meal orders were taken at the front cabin, adding that vey limited quantities were catered onboard,leaving the rest of the passengers disappointed. Crew can be observed apologising to many passengers for the lack of the Hanakoreiki choice. This is something which I don't understand, why promote a popular option in the menu with expected high orders, yet only load very limited quantities (around only a quarter of total meals I was told by the crew) and disappoint many passengers. Wrote a feedback to SQ, since it was the 3rd time I was not offered the Hanakoreiki this year on my Japan sectors, proposing that it could be a Book-the-cook option instead, and SQ responded that they are reviewing the option of having it in Book-the-cook.

Meal commenced with the starter and breads. Starter of parma ham was ok, but the breads were delicious!

photo 37914458926_fe42541179_b

photo 37937294842_ae624f4120_b

I chose the Grilled Beef Fillet from the remaining 3 options. When the IFM delivered the main to me, it was presented very beautifully, but looked very dry. The IFM requested for me to take a bite and assess it it was too well-done as this particular cut was thinner than the rest and could be cooked quicker than usual. Expected, it was too tough and chewy, and the IFM apologised and promised to prepare another serving.

The very nicely presented but too well-done steak.

photo 37937294052_aa21effe4a_b

10min later, the IFM came back with another serving, which is time round, was a thicker cut of beef and prepared perfectly medium and some pink still in the middle! Now this was restaurant quality! The IFM also ensured that I was satisfied with the steak. Great service recovery here, especially when I knew how difficult it is to prepare a good steak at above 30,000ft.

photo 37914452576_75048d043a_b

Rum and raisin ice cream was excellent!

photo 37967800181_49d8a48e99_b

Cheeses and fruits

photo 37967801251_0203c5dfc6_b

Ending with pralines and iced mocha.

photo 37967798001_53180343e9_b

Another view of the coast of Taiwan.

photo 37914451086_8c0b2fcfd5_b

3hrs into the flight.

photo 37967798891_442287d827_b

Bottled water was distributed. Watched "Baywatch" for the next film, which surprisingly was quite entertaining.

photo 26192170869_b9c738b07d_b

photo 26192168899_2bf3c0f106_b

Less than an hour to arrival.

photo 37967784701_7463770bec_b

Another round of warm nuts was offered just before descend.

photo 26192168439_3a67616d89_b

Descending into Singapre. During the descent, the IFM also came round to offer sweets and pralines.

photo 37967782361_48878b4ee4_b

photo 37914434606_3dc02db189_b

photo 37967780861_2b3620d5b8_b

Landing on Rwy20R 35min ahead of scheduled.

photo 37967780291_73846d47fc_b

photo 37914432666_1ab522aa63_b

photo 37914431856_62011b8d35_b

photo 26192158579_818169d1e2_b

Rather lengthy taxi to Terminal 2.

photo 37937280642_99af1d9e78_b

photo 26192167489_2936d30156_b

photo 26192166839_2bce1f9848_b

photo 26192166139_65327a5ce3_b

photo 26192165709_7421ba6fdc_b

photo 37967786831_3a969be94f_b

Last look at my messy seat.

photo 37967785711_71c1a72fc3_b


photo 37967783221_2858c13a64_b
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Osaka - KIX


Singapore - SIN



It was a very comfortable flight again on SQ Business Class. Even though my desired meal choice was unavailable, the crew were very apologetic and made up for it by their wonderful service. The sloping flat seats are perfectly adequate for this mid-haul. Cabin was refreshed with new seat covers and hence did not feel aged on this 8 years old aircraft. I am definitely looking forward to the brand new seats, both long-haul and regional, which SQ would be launching in a few days' time!

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    cheapflyer.JP 60 Comments

    Thank you for your report.
    I have been hearing good reputations about SQ. It seems to be true.
    I am also looking forward to SQ A380 next generation hard product.

  • Comment 417602 by
    dreamweaver888 77 Comments

    Wonderful report! It is improper IMO for SQ to have Hanakoreiki available for only 1/4 of the J class pax. I assume that means that 3/4 of the pax need to choose the Western option -- in which case that option should be the default on the menu and not presented alongside the Hanakoreiki as if both were 50/50 allocated.

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