Review of Etihad Airways flight Munich Abu Dhabi in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY006
Class Economy
Seat 38A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:37
Take-off 25 Sep 17, 13:04
Arrival at 25 Sep 17, 20:41
EY   #5 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 246 reviews
By 1504
Published on 22nd December 2017
Hello once again to everyone and welcome.

This series will cover my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Etihad Airways in Economy Class.

Series overview

1st Part
MUC > AUH with EY006 You are here!

2nd Part
AUH > KUL with EY418 Can be found here: EY418: AUH > KUL

3rd Part
KUL > AUH with EY411 Can be found here: EY411: KUL > AUH

4th Part
AUH > MUC with EY005 Can be found here: EY005: AUH > MUC

Flight information EY006

Aircraft Registration: A6-ETL
Aircraft Type: B777-300ER
Boarding (planned): 11:10
Boarding (actual): 11:35
Push Back: 12:50
Departure (planned): 12:10
Departure (actual): 13:04
Arrival (planned): 20:25
Arrival (actual): 20:41
Arrival Gate: 20:50

*All times are local

Flight Ticket
photo 1_ticket1

Pre Flight @ MUC

It was a quite and fine Monday morning in MUC. Blue skies, almost no clouds and a little bit cold - perfect weather for flying.
I arrived early at the airport and went straight to Terminal 2, because during 2017, the whole EY operation was moved from T1 to T2 in MUC.
photo 20170925_091815

The check in was not very crowded and finished within a few minutes.
After that I went on to the security checks … they were very crowded.
A reason could be the famous Oktoberfest in Munich.
photo 20170925_100637

After that I took a walk along T2 and watched the operations at the aproon.
When I arrvied at the gate, the B777-300ER was still missing - but was towed to the gate just a few minutes later.
What a beautiful paint scheme for that Triple Seven!!
photo 20170925_105911photo 20170925_1059350photo 20170925_110013

Flight EY006

Boarding for that flight started a little bit late.
I could stare at this engines forever! So fat and so powerful …. just great.
photo 20170925_114212

Unfortunately just after I took my place, there was an announcement, that we will have a 1 hour delay.
The reason was a delayed connecting flight which was operated by Air Berlin.
Yep, in September Air Berlin was still alive …

The seas was quite compfortable.
Sadly EY also uses 10 seats in a row in the B777.
photo 20170925_115109

View from the cabin during boarding.
photo 20170925_120725

During that 1 hour delay I enjoyed the view across the apron and was able to see some beauties :)
LH A340-600 at the gate next door and a departure in the background.
photo 20170925_120034

LH A320 joined the action.
photo 20170925_114837

Air Malta taxiing to the runway.
photo 20170925_123503

Air China A330 after arrival from Shanghai or Beijing.
photo 20170925_124214

Lufthansa A350 taxiing to the runway.
photo 20170925_122119

And look, who is joining, too! The old Queen of the Skies: Thai B747-400 in the Sky Alliance paint scheme.
She was towed to the gate and prepared for her return flight to BKK.
photo 20170925_124539

Then finally after an hour delay, we were pushed back and the engines were fired.
photo 20170925_125237

During taxiing to the runway, the LH A350 took off.
photo 20170925_125550

photo 20170925_125644photo 20170925_130256photo 20170925_130315

Lineup and here we go!
photo 20170925_130326photo 20170925_130406photo 20170925_130436

As we departed and passed the Terminal buildings, I saw that a BA Airbus was departing from the parallel runway.
Well I hope you can see the Aircraft. I had to lower the quality of the photos, because most of them were bigger than max. size of 3MB…

BA Airbus zoomed in.
We made a slight right turn, as the BA Airbus made a left turn heading north - back home to LHR.
Just amazing. I have never seen a parallel departure before, so that was quite amazing!

As I sad, the weather that day was very good and there were almost no clouds.
photo 20170925_130931photo 20170925_131617photo 20170925_131620

About 30min after departure drinks and snacks were offered.
photo 20170925_133346

Pictures over Eastern Europe - still great weather.

2 hours into the flight the meal service started.
The choices were chicken or lamb.
I took the lamb which was very good.
EY did not offered any menu cards this time.

Some B777-300ER wing detail as we flew over Turkey.

Cruising over Turkey.

When we entered the Iran, the sun set down in our back which resulted in great lights.

Entering the Persian Gulf and Landing @ AUH.

Landing was very smooth and it taxiing to the remote gate took a while.
photo 20170925_185015

Post Flight @ AUH

Because of the 1 hour delay a few passangers had to hurry to get their connection flights.
Obviously the remote gate did not helped a lot.
We had to wait quite some time to disembark the aircraft and get onto busses. The bus trip by to the terminal took about 10minutes.
Thankfully I had about 2h until my next flight to KUL.

Pictures from disembarking the B777-300ER which took me to AUH.
photo 20170925_210403photo 20170925_210409photo 20170925_210413

Thanks for spending your time and reading :)
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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Munich - MUC


Abu Dhabi - AUH



Everything was fine.
I was a little bit sad, that there were no menu cards offered.

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