Review of Etihad Airways flight Abu Dhabi Munich in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY005
Class Economy
Seat 39K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:02
Take-off 03 Oct 17, 02:40
Arrival at 03 Oct 17, 06:42
EY   #13 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 242 reviews
By 1166
Published on 30th December 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to the last part of the series.

The series itself covers my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Etihad Airways in Economy Class.
This part covers the last flight from AUH to MUC.

Series overview

1st Part
MUC > AUH with EY006 Can be found here: EY006: MUC > AUH

2nd Part
AUH > KUL with EY418 Can be found here: EY418: AUH > KUL

3rd Part
KUL > AUH with EY411 Can be found here: EY411: KUL > AUH

4th Part
AUH > MUC with EY005 You are here!

Flight information EY005

Aircraft Registration: A6-ETK
Aircraft Type: B777-300ER
Boarding (planned): 01:25
Boarding (actual): 01:33
Push Back: 02:26
Departure (planned): 02:25
Departure (actual): 02:40
Arrival (planned): 07:00
Arrival (actual): 06:42
Arrival Gate: 06:54

*All times are local

Flight Ticket
photo 4_ticket4

Pre Flight @ AUH

Plenty of time after my flight from KUL gave me the chance to walk a little bit around AUH.
In the end I was quite tired and went to my gate and killed the time there.
It was not possible or lets say it was quite hard to see the activities on the apron from my gate, as it was completely dark outside and so bright inside the terminal.

Flight EY005

Flight EY005 was operated by a B777-300ER that day.
EY is known for switching the aircraft types quite often on the routing to MUC.
But during that time on both daily flights to MUC a B777-300ER was used.
Not too bad for me as the B777 is my favourite.

Bording started a little bit late and took almost an hour.
Here's a picture of the cabin from my seat.
photo 20171003_062721

The flight map was already on my screen.
photo 20171003_063304

We departed about 15min behind schedule, but as most of the Gulf Airlines calculate enough time for the flight to Europe, we were right on time.
One last look across Abu Dhabi.
photo 20171003_064058

Well nothing new … we headed west crossing the Persian Gulf.
photo 20171003_070050

Cabin shortly after take off.
photo 20171003_070155

Abot 30min into the flight, the cabin crew distributed "Express Snack" to the passengers.
The package was filled with two buns and some apple pieces.
Both sandwiches were okay - so were the apple pieces.

After the snack we headed north into Iranian Airspace.
photo 20171003_073413

I checked the inflight entertainment and as it was a Tuesday Morning …. Monday Night Football took place.
Thankfully I was possible to watch the game on the 24h sport satellite channel.
I was already able to watch the Monday Night Game of the previous week on my flight from AUH to KUL.
So the next few hours were filled!
photo 20171003_082752photo 20171003_083036

The next few hours I watched the game and took a nap sometimes.
When we crossed Turkey the crew started with the breakfast service.
Well - once again there were two choices available … one was omelette - which I took - and the other one? I cannot remember it :)
photo 20171003_1008290photo 20171003_103738photo 20171003_104442

After breakfast there were about 1.5 - 1 hour left until touchdown in MUC.
photo 20171003_114945photo 20171003_115017photo 20171003_121614

Sunrise in the back of us.
photo 20171003_120148

Inflight magazines.
photo 20171003_115424

Cabin during preparations for landing.
photo 20171003_121717

And touchdown.
photo 20171003_124522

The flight was really quite as most of the passengers slept most of the time.
Cabin was completely dark for about 3 hours to let the passengers rest.
Just a normal night flight, nothing special - no turbulences or whatsoever.

Post Flight @ MUC

Arriving in MUC is nothing really new to me but they opened the Satellite Terminal 2 in MUC in April 2016.
I have never arrived there until that day!
We parked next to a LH A350 which - I have to guess - arrived from Delhi.
(In September, October LH used the A350 on their MUC > DEL > MUC routes. I think since December they use another A350 on the MUC > HKG > MUC routing. Let's see what comes in the future. LH will bring a few A380 to MUC in 2018, additional destinations and will replace all MUC A340 with A350/A380 in the future.)
photo 20171003_125351

One last look onto my EY B777-300ER that day.
By the way … another A350 … SQ A350 from SIN joined the action as the LH A350 was already towed to a remote gate.
photo 20171003_130522

Thanks for spending your time and reading :)
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    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    On this flight the cost cutting in service at EY is not visible which is good and the snack and breakfast are really adequate.

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    thalueng 1 Comments

    Push Back: 02:26

    Departure (planned): 02:25

    Departure (actual): 02:40

    Your flight departed 1 min late, not 15. Published departure times of flights are the time the aircraft pushes back from the terminal, and published arrival times of flights are the time the aircraft arrives at the terminal. Published flight times include the time to taxi on the runway plus a small reserve.

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