Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Shanghai Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH389
Class Economy
Seat 30K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 24 Dec 10, 17:10
Arrival at 24 Dec 10, 22:10
MH   #25 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 216 reviews
By SILVER 2734
Published on 26th November 2017
Trip Report : Shanghai (Pudong) - Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines

Flight Details:

Airlines: Malaysian Airlines
Flight : MH389 PVG-KUL
Reg : 9M-MRO
Aircraft : Boeing 777-2H6(ER)
Dep - PVG : 16:05
Arr - KUL : 21:35
Flight time : 5 h 25 m
Distance : 3,712 km or 2,307 miles


This trip was undertaken in 2010. This is a return trip from Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines.

Previous trip can be read here : Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Shanghai on Malaysian Airlines

Full Trip Video: Malaysian Airlines 9M-MRO MH389 PVG-KUL

Note: Long video : 18 minutes

Getting to Airport

Had hailed a taxi from Pudong to the airport.

photo dsc_1248_resizephoto dsc_1249_resize

Airport Traffic

photo dsc_1250_resizephoto dsc_1251_resize

Getting close to the airport.

photo dsc_1252_resize

Shanghai - Pudong Terminal 2

Reached airport early

photo dsc_1253_resizephoto dsc_1254_resize

Terminal 2

The driver parked by the curb, offloaded the luggage and entered the terminal.

photo dsc_1256_resize

MH Check-in Counter

Check was not open.

photo dsc_1262_resize

MH Board

photo dsc_1263_resize

Tarmac View

Found a place near the counter with airside view.

photo dsc_1257_resizephoto dsc_1258_resize

Air China A340

photo dsc_1259_resizephoto dsc_1260_resize

Shanghai Airlines

photo dsc_1261_resize

Terminal View

photo dsc_1265_resizephoto dsc_1266_resize

Checkin Counters

photo dsc_1267_resize

First Passenger at the MH counter. Soon joined the queue, check-in took about 20 mins.

photo dsc_1271_resize

Tarmac View after Checkin

Once check-in was completed, lighter in weight. Went around the terminal as there was still long time to boarding.

photo dsc_1272_resizephoto dsc_1268_resize

Dragon Air to Hong Kong

photo dsc_1270_resize

Air China's "Purple Peony" Scheme

photo dsc_1275_resize

Checkin Queue

photo dsc_1276_resize

Terminal 2

photo dsc_1277_resizephoto dsc_1278_resize

Entrance to immigration and security

photo dsc_1279_resize

Domestic Boarding

photo dsc_1280_resize

Domestic Section

photo dsc_1281_resize

China Southern dominates this section of the terminal

photo dsc_1283_resizephoto dsc_1284_resize

Terminal 2 View

photo dsc_1287_resizephoto dsc_1288_resize

Information Counter

photo dsc_1286_resize

To Maglev Trains

photo dsc_1290_resize

Flight Schedule

Being expo 2010 in Shanghai, mascot on display

photo dsc_1291_resizephoto dsc_1292_resize

Terminal view

After spending time walking around, it was 15.45 and time to head for the immigration and security.

photo dsc_1297_resize

Schedule closeup

photo dsc_1298_resizephoto dsc_1299_resize

Towards international departures

photo dsc_1300_resizephoto dsc_1302_resize

New Kiosk under construction

photo dsc_1303_resize

Check-in Area

photo dsc_1304_resizephoto dsc_1305_resize

To Immigration

photo dsc_1307_resize

It did not take long for immigration and security.

photo dsc_1308_resize

Terminal 2 Departure Area

After competing the immigration and security, entered the departure area.

photo dsc_1330_resize

Plane Spotting

With about an hour to spare. Plane-spotting as aircraft's arrived and departed Shanghai.

Air New Zealand B777-200

photo dsc_1311_resize

China Eastern Cargo MD-11

photo dsc_1313_resize

China Southern A320

photo dsc_1315_resize

Japan Airlines B767

photo dsc_1316_resize

Malaysian Airlines 9M-MRO arrives to operate MH389 PVG-KUL

photo dsc_1320_resize

Korean Air B777

photo dsc_1321_resize

Dragon Air A330

photo dsc_1323_resizephoto dsc_1324_resize

China Southern B737

photo dsc_1325_resize

Air Macau A321

photo dsc_1326_resize

Lounge Directions

photo dsc_1329_resize

Duty free Shopping

photo dsc_1332_resize

More air-side action

photo dsc_1335_resizephoto dsc_1341_resize

United acquired Continental Airlines, blue colour scheme

photo dsc_1615_resizephoto dsc_1616_resize

United in new colours

photo dsc_1599_resize

United being serviced

photo dsc_1617_resizephoto dsc_1616_resize

Flight Schedule

photo dsc_1339_resizephoto dsc_1340_resize

Airport hotel

photo dsc_1362_resize

Airside Action

photo dsc_1343_resize

Vietnam Airlines in this section of the terminal

photo dsc_1345_resizephoto dsc_1346_resize

Road to Terminal 1

photo dsc_1361_resize

Airside view

photo dsc_1347_resizephoto dsc_1348_resize

Domestic Boarding on lower level

photo dsc_1602_resize

Shanghai Airlines being serviced for domestic flight

photo dsc_1349_resize

Singapore Airlines arrives

photo dsc_1350_resize

Heading back to near the gate

photo dsc_1359_resizephoto dsc_1338_resize

Airside view

photo dsc_1360_resize

Eva Cargo

photo dsc_1555_resize

American Airlines B777 arrives

photo dsc_1365_resize

American being serviced

photo dsc_1620_resize

Tail view

photo dsc_1619_resize

Qatar Airways A7-BAG B777

photo dsc_1618_resizephoto dsc_1622_resize

Emirates B777

photo dsc_1625_resizephoto dsc_1626_resize

Nose view

photo dsc_1634_resize

Singapore boarding gate

photo dsc_1623_resize

Emirates boarding gate

photo dsc_1624_resize

View of terminal before boarding.

photo dsc_1630_resize

Boarding Check

Soon boarding was called. Boarding pass and passport being checked.

photo dsc_1631_resize

Malaysian Airlines ready for boarding

photo dsc_1633_resize

Tail view of 9M-MRO

photo dsc_1627_resize

Boarding through Aerobridge

photo dsc_1635_resize

Emirates to Dubai

photo dsc_1629_resizephoto dsc_1632_resize

Side view

photo dsc_1637_resize

Crew waiting to welcome onboard

photo dsc_1638_resize

Business Class

photo dsc_1639_resize

Economy Class

photo dsc_1640_resize

Window View

Once settled in seat view of the outside

photo dsc_1641_resizephoto dsc_1405_resize

Preparing for departure

photo dsc_1651_resize

Common Display

photo dsc_1650_resize

Bags being loaded

photo dsc_1641_resize

Seat view

photo dsc_1643_resize

Flight map

photo dsc_1644_resize

Ready for pushback

After passengers had boarded, it was time for pushback.

photo dsc_1646_resize

Airside view during taxi

photo dsc_1652_resize

Taxi to runway

photo dsc_1653_resize

Holding Point

photo dsc_1654_resize

Take off

Watch video for pushback, takeoff, cabin view and landing .


photo dsc_1655_resizephoto dsc_1658_resize

Evening as flight departed Shanghai

photo dsc_1659_resize

Cabin View

photo dsc_1431_resize

Flight Information

photo dsc_1432_resize

Flight map

photo dsc_1441_resizephoto dsc_1442_resize


photo dsc_1430_resize

Seat pocket material

photo dsc_1455_resize

Safety Card

photo dsc_1435_resize


photo dsc_1434_resize


photo dsc_1452_resize

Inflight Magazine

Lets loose and peace in one frame…

photo dsc_1454_resize

Malaysian Fleet Information

photo dsc_1456_resize


Salted peanuts

photo dsc_1686_resize

With Orange juice

photo dsc_1687_resize

With Beer

photo dsc_1689_resize

Window view

photo dsc_1428_resizephoto dsc_1429_resize

Getting dark

photo dsc_1433_resizephoto dsc_1436_resize

as the sun sets..

photo dsc_1661_resizephoto dsc_1669_resize


photo dsc_1691_resize

Flight information

photo dsc_1463_resizephoto dsc_1466_resize

more information…

photo dsc_1464_resizephoto dsc_1465_resize

Flight route

photo dsc_1467_resize

Entertainment on the screen

photo dsc_1444_resize

Dinner packaging

Cabin service was commenced around 3 hrs into the flight. Option was fish with noodles or chicken with rice. Fish was so so and oily, but the chicken teriyaki was good.

photo dsc_1473_resize

Dinner - Fish with noodles

photo dsc_1475_resize

Dinner - Teriyaki Chicken

photo dsc_1447_resize

Closer to Vietnam

photo dsc_1478_resize

Seat Recline

photo dsc_1483_resize

Cabin View

After dinner had a walk to the toilet, view of the cabin.

photo dsc_1468_resizephoto dsc_1469_resize

more view…

photo dsc_1470_resizephoto dsc_1471_resize

Flight Information

It was time to relax before landing in KL.

photo dsc_1478_resizephoto dsc_1479_resize

more view..

photo dsc_1481_resizephoto dsc_1482_resize

Cabin darkened for landing

photo dsc_1450_resize

Approaching the runway

Watch video for landing.

photo dsc_1485_resizephoto dsc_1486_resize

VIdeo played with advert for Visit Malaysia campaign

photo dsc_1489_resize

Flying MH

photo dsc_1487_resize


photo dsc_1488_resize

9M-MRO @ gate

photo dsc_1451_resize

Departure Schedule

photo dsc_1491_resize

Satellite Terminal

photo dsc_1492_resize

People Mover getting renovated

photo dsc_1493_resize

Heading towards bus for Main Terminal Building(MTB)

photo dsc_1737_resizephoto dsc_1764_resize

Taken from Bus

photo dsc_1766_resize

Main Terminal Building (MTB)

Passengers heading for immigration.

photo dsc_1767_resize

DutyFree Shops in Departure area

Since was transiting with flight to Singapore in an hours, went to the departure area of the MTB.

photo dsc_1768_resize

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.

End of Trip

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Shanghai - PVG


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Chose to fly Malaysian airlines as they were cheapest option from Singapore during that period. Onboard service was good, the crew was responding to customer request. Food was good with the chicken option being better than the fish. Flight departed and arrived on time.

Shanghai was easy to travel through, with enough time to spare , was never in a rush. KL was easy connecting. Due to the people mover being out of operation had to take the bus from satellite to the main terminal. Overall had a satisfactory experience with Malaysian Airlines.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Malaysia Airlines avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 5 heures et 22 minutes.

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