Review of Air Asia flight Kuala Lumpur Hanoi in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK516
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 30 Jun 17, 06:35
Arrival at 30 Jun 17, 08:50
AK   #6 out of 26 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 122 reviews
By 924
Published on 26th November 2017
Hello all! I'm a new reporter here, and I want to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, I come from Indonesia. Today, I'm going to write a report from my last summer holiday. This flight was operated by world's famous low cost carrier, AIr Asia, bound to Hanoi Capital from Kuala Lumpur. I got very cheap ticket for this flight, considering it was holiday season.
I have arrived at klia2 at 00.40 by last AirAsia's flight from my city, Surabaya. I took a rest until around 5 AM, then proccessed to immigration, and walked to the gate located at pier Q. Look at these aircrafts, they were preparing for morning flights
photo img_0463
Arrived at the gate, and see this A320 registered 9M-AJS being prepare for my flight to Hanoi
photo img_0487
Boarding started at 6.20 AM, and door closed at 6.40 AM. Pushback, and the plane started to taxi to the runway. We took off from KL at 6.55 AM.
After seatbelt sign off, the crews started to gave meals for those who booked the meals online. After that, they started sell meals and duty free items. Here are my meals, Nasi Dagang (rice with chicken rendang from Terengganu) and Mee Mamak (fried noodle in Mamak/Malay-Indian style)
photo img_0491
They have great taste, and I recommend you all to try AIrAsia's meals because most of the meals have delicious taste!
After finishing my meal, I didn't have anything to do because the wifi weren't installed in this plane. So, I decide to read the magazine and take photos of the plane's cabin. Here is cabin condition during cruising above Vietnam
photo img_0497
After 2:40 hours, the plane started to descend, and we could see green view below. The plane touched the runway at 8.50 AM, and we could see these Vietnam AIrlines' B777 stayed in front of the hangar, and we also passed some aircrafts while taxiing to the gate
photo img_0506photo img_0504photo img_0502
We docked at the gate, and passengers started to disembark. Thank you , 9M-AJS!
photo img_0513
After immigration processed, I went to the old quarter with bus number 86. It took around 1 hour from airport to old quarter area.

Here are some bonus of Hanoi
Bonus : Click here display

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my report.

ig: @kevin_jo00
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Air Asia

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Hanoi - HAN



I have good experience with AirAsia in this flight. Meals were good,m and also excellent services from all crews.
In fact, AirAsia has good inflight services, and cheap price. If you are travelling on a budget, you should consider this airline to fly with.



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  • Comment 420530 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5494 Comments
    Thank you for your first report and welcome to the website ;)
  • Comment 420630 by
    cheapflyer.JP 58 Comments
    Welcome to FR.
    AirAsia is a great airline if I don't expect too much.
    Most of the in-flight meal was delicious and affordable, given that Singapore base Scoot is selling an in-flight meal for SGD12 or above in the particular route.
    • Comment 420633 by
      ItsKevin AUTHOR 26 Comments
      Hello! Greetings from Indonesia
      Yeah, I think so. Eventhough they have "you get what you pay" concept, but they try to serve as best as they can.
      I love their Nasi Lemak because it's so tasty (later I'll write the report when I tried this meal), and of course, they sell meal with cheapest price in this region :)
  • Comment 420784 by
    anaknegeri 55 Comments
    Hi Kevin! Saya juga orang Indonesia (I'm Indonesian too).

    Thanks for your nice report. I'm arranging a Southeast Asia trip for next year, and this flight (KUL-HAN by Air Asia) is one of my options. But I want to know more about your experience in Hanoi Airport, especially about the public transport options. As we know, Vietnam has been famous for its ridiculous scams, and one of them is the airport taxis. I heard that only Vinasun and Mai Linh taxis can be trusted.

    Then my comment about the in-flight meals: wow, you ordered 2 meals? Was the rice not enough for you? Hahahaha. I'm also really interested with the "nasi dagang". I have been really curious about this authentic Kelantan / Terengganu food, and really surprised that Air Asia sells this rice dish on board. I must try it on my next flight with Air Asia.

    "After finishing my meal, I didn't have anything to do because the wifi weren't installed in this plane."
    Really? I guess all Air Asia fleet have been equipped with Wi-fi and the "Rokki" portal.

    Once again, thanks and I'm waiting your next reports.
    • Comment 420792 by
      ItsKevin AUTHOR 26 Comments
      Yeah, like in Thailand and Indonesia, many drivers ask to use their taxis outside the terminal, but they will be okay if you refuse them politely. When you walk outside the terminal, just ignore them and turn left if you want to use bus 86 (Tourist airport shuttle) or Vietnam Airlines's shuttle car (minivan).
      You can ask me about Vietnam via personal message/email if you want :)
      Actually, the Mee Mamak was for my mom. Hmm yeah, Nasi Dagang was very tasty, but unfortunately they are no longer available in the prebook menu.
      Yeah, not all aircrafts have WiFi, like 9M-AQN which brought me to KL the previous night also didn't have WiFi. You can search photos in if you want to know which aircrafts already have WiFi, and which one haven't. I think all of AirAsia's A320 NEO also don't have WiFi until today.
      Anyway, thanks for visiting my report!
  • Comment 421423 by
    Eric V P 123 Comments
    Hi Kevin, and welcome! Yet another Indonesian here like @Anaknegeri (but mainly based in Singapore and sometimes Jakarta :p).

    I have arrived at klia2 at 00.40 by last AirAsia's flight from my city, Surabaya
    - Do you have any plan to make a report on that either? I've been interested on the experiences at Kuala Lumpur KUL terminal 2 (I had only flown from their old LCCT and the terminal 1 aka main terminal), so that would sound great.

    Here are my meals, Nasi Dagang (rice with chicken rendang from Terengganu) and Mee Mamak (fried noodle in Mamak/Malay-Indian style)
    - I always got reminded of brown rice being tough when I saw one, so how did you find the rice for the nasi dagang? The mee mamak was quite good, though - I tried it once, but it was long before I started reporting my flights :(

    Vietnamese spring rolls at Wrap & Roll
    - That reminded me of the break fasting session by my internship's place last year - suddenly thought of having one as well (sounds like a bad idea to read reports while a bit hungry?)

    On overall, quite a brief but still good report to start - looking forward for more of your reports (with photos of your experiences at the airport as well, of course :D)!
    • Comment 421505 by
      ItsKevin AUTHOR 26 Comments
      Hey Eric! Salam kenal :)
      Hmm I don’t think so because I don’t have much photos of klia2 (and I fell asleep on my way to KL), so I don’t make the report for SUB-KUL sector. Probably we can get in touch personally if you want to know about the experiences? I can tell you a bit about klia2 :)
      Haha yeah, the meals was good tho
      Well, thanks for visiting my report!

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