Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Bandung-Java Island in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 192
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 02 Dec 17, 08:20
Arrival at 02 Dec 17, 08:55
MI   #32 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 64 reviews
By GOLD 604
Published on 14th December 2017
Having been to Bandung a couple of times (and most recently just earlier this year) and being rather familiar with the city, I arranged a family trip to this small Javanese city right smacked in the middle of the volcanic mountains. Tickets booked just a couple of months out on SilkAir was actually cheaper than AirAsia and thus it was a no-brainer to fly SilkAir.

Checked in at 6.30am at the very bustling Terminal 2 due to the holidays season, and the FAST check-in was not that fast either, with the baggage drop queue needing an almost 15-20min wait.

photo 25022665828_7bb95d8ac9_b

photo 25022664588_27f64b21b0_b

It was very busy early in the morning at Terminal 2, with tons of regional flights departing within a span of 1.5 hours.

photo 25022658528_d7d26f0a60_b

Plane spotting, with the majority aircraft being Scoots or SilkAirs. UA's B789 spotted as well.

photo 25022661598_4bc1b5caea_b

photo 25022659988_a499bf9b67_b

Departure Gate E24 for our flight.

photo 25022657728_f03b8a50de_b

02 December 2017
MI 192
Singapore (SIN) - Bandung (BDO)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H30M

9V-SLP basking in the morning sunrise.

photo 25022653268_f8e11eac4c_b

photo 25022650788_77e3a7a854_b

Boarding commenced.

photo 25022649278_f6b215364c_b

On this flight, we would be seated at the forward emergency exit row, with huge legroom but no recline. No worries as it was only a short flight.

photo 25022644948_43a4cd4c18_b

Boarding completed. The flight seemed totally full. Flight time was approximately 1h35m as announced by the pilot.

photo 38178770564_cd374b9b52_b

Inflight magazine (SilkWinds) and inflight shopping (KrisShop). Apparently starting this month, SQ and MI has combined their inflight shopping catalogue into a single KrisShop catalogue. Hence, both SQ and MI now offers largely similar inflight shopping items.

photo 24029358557_112ed3e105_b

Newspapers and refreshment towels were offered.

photo 38178772614_86409afec1_b

Pillows and blankets were also available upon request (or get it yourself from the overhead bins).

photo 24029348447_5c8d427835_b

Safety video played via dropdown monitors.

photo 38863838732_4dfdfd1b4c_b

Started the taxi to the runway.

photo 38863837042_08bf1c55d1_b

photo 38863836062_4ed3c0f9a6_b

Passed the brand new Terminal 4, which is seriously under-utilised with only a couple of CX aircraft at 2 of the 4 wide-body gates. The 17 narrow-body gates were totally empty apart from a couple of MI aircraft using the gates as remote stands. This is a stark difference from the very crowded Terminals 1-3 during the morning peak. I believed Changi has made a mistake in dedicating majority of the gates to narrow-body aircraft as it restricted the attractiveness of the terminal to major airlines operating wide-bodies, plus Changi failed to attract the core LCC players (Scoot and Jetstar) to the new terminal due to their feeds to/from the parents SQ and QF.

photo 24029461097_ed956082d6_b

photo 24029354127_cbfd1b004e_b

Next in line for departure.

photo 38863832592_bc328461d8_b

Takeoff from Rwy02C.

photo 38863830392_6b69e22532_b

photo 24029349897_5a4a322b5f_b

photo 38863827892_b1ec985cb3_b

Breakfast service started 20min after departure.

photo 24029346777_f609aa66fc_b

We were offered a choice of Frittata or Seafood Mee Siam Goreng. The meal tray came with a warm roll and butter and a cup of water. Full range of beverages were available but hot beverages could not be offered as the pilot turned on the seatbelt signs due to minor turbulence. The seatbelt signs remained on for the rest of the flight with no real turbulence encountered.

photo 24029345447_d529ed9092_b

My sis had the frittata with chicken sausages, wedges and tomatoes. Portion looked good and taste was not bad as well.

photo 24029344307_6ee6cc6af5_b

Thinking that the asian choice could be better, I opted for the Mee Siam Goreng with seafood. It turned out to be a bad choice as the mee siam was very dry and the portion of seafood was little. It was basically a casserole of dry and spicy carbo…. Luckily I had some juice to wash it down.

photo 24029343267_e13aa822ac_b

photo 38863817802_ac861ec4ef_b

There was barely any turbulence but seatbelt signs remained on.

photo 24029341407_5824e13373_b

Silent entertainment shown on the drop-down monitors. Did not watch anything on the wifi-streaming Silkair Studio as there was not much choices of interest even though the selection has been enhanced.

photo 38863814012_4087606d3e_b

Basic lavatory with the necessities.

photo 38863812542_ef4c8e9100_b

We were soon approaching Bandung.

photo 24029337247_bc550d5f94_b

Surprisingly, unlike my previous trips, there was no hold for landing and we descended directly towards Bandung city and the airport. Landed well ahead of schedule.

photo 38863810432_19da1769bb_b

photo 24029333957_629ca13341_b

photo 38178752554_93d13af5c5_b

Backtracked down the runway and taxied to the parking stand.

photo 38178751684_fae909640b_b

Parked beside a Citilink A320 which was being boarded.

photo 38007525415_fbba8245a3_b


photo 38007524355_4bef674f64_b

photo 38007523225_bb9fe772cb_b

No aerobridges at Bandung airport and it was a short stroll across the tarmac to the immigration hall.

photo 38007522055_9c5a0460e7_b

photo 38007520685_f26605abc2_b

photo 38178745134_d26587c95f_b

photo 38178743504_9b70173786_b

photo 38007516865_9ae1080bc7_b

Being seated towards the front, we cleared immigration quite fast, but there was a bit of wait at the single baggage belt for luggage delivery.

photo 38007515935_1a84160e3c_b

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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Bandung-Java Island - BDO



It was a comfortable flight on SilkAir at great fares. Service was good on this full flight and crew were generally friendly and efficient. However the catering (only referring to the asian choice) definitely need to be improved.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Bandung-Java Island (BDO)


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    Quite surprised with (one) picture from new International Arrival area. Hope to see your Singapore bound FR's and some of the newly renovated international terminal of BDO pleaseee. Keep the good work!

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