Review of Myanmar National Airlines flight Singapore Yangon in Economy

Flight UB 2
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 28 Dec 17, 13:15
Arrival at 28 Dec 17, 14:15
UB 6 reviews
By 2991
Published on 7th January 2018
The final destination in my list of December travels is a less visited destination by Singaporeans, Mandalay in Myanmar. Surprisingly, even during the peak travel season, flights availability were still wide open. Looking through the schedules, I settled on Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) Economy Class up to Mandalay, and SilkAir Business Class back.

Myanmar National Airlines is definitely not a commonly flown and reviewed airline. Some background on the airline from Wiki:

Myanmar National Airlines, formerly Union of Burma Airways, Burma Airways, and Myanma Airways, is a state-owned airline and the flag carrier of Myanmar, based in Yangon. It operates scheduled services to all major domestic destinations and to regional destinations in Asia. Its main base is Yangon International Airport. Founded in 1948.

The airline was founded by the government after independence on 15 September 1948, as the Union of Burma Airways (UBA). It initially operated domestic services only, and international services were added in 1950. The name was changed to Burma Airways in December 1972, and to Myanma Airways on 1 April 1989 following the renaming of the country from Burma to Myanmar. International services of Myanma Airways have been made as joint venture airline, Myanmar Airways International (MAI). Myanmar National Airlines is the majority shareholder of Joint Venture Company MAI, set up in 1993.[3] In 2003, it was proposed to set up a Myanmar-based airline for chartered international passenger and cargo flights, which was planned to be called Air Myanmar. What would have been a joint-venture between Myanma Airways and private investors was abandoned in 2005. Myanmar National Airlines provides ground-handling services for Other airline's charter,schedule and non schedule flight.

In mid-2012, Myanma Airways ordered to lease two new Embraer 190AR from GE Civil Aviation Services Co.Ltd, that replaced its Fokker F-28 from November 2012. On February 11, 2014, at the Singapore Airshow, Myanma Airways signed a $960 million deal with GECAS for four Boeing 737-800s and six Boeing 737 MAX planes. The deal is the largest commercial sale by a U.S. company to Myanmar in decades and is the largest single aircraft order in the history of Myanmar's aviation industry.

In December 2014, Myanma Airways re-branded itself as Myanmar National Airlines.

Following the arrival of its first Boeing 737-800 in June 2015, Myanmar National Airlines announced the resumption of international services after a 22-year hiatus to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. International services resumed with the inaugural flight to Singapore on 19 August 2015. Myanmar National Airlines then launched its second international service to Hong Kong on 4 December 2015 following the arrival of its second Boeing 737-800. Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) sets to begin its flights between Yangon and Bangkok starting from February 20, 2016 marking Thailand as its third international destination.

Singapore is MNA's first international destination after the rebranding and it now offers twice daily flights from Singapore to Yangon. Twice a week, the flight continues up to Mandalay on the same flight number, which is the flight I was booked on. The airlines currently operates a fleet of 4 new B737-800 on its international network.

MNA operates out of Terminal 3 at Changi and ground handling was performed by Dnata. Booking of tickets via its website was easy, but online check-in was not available. Hence, all passengers needed to do manual check-in, which was swift. Business Class was also offered, but not available for selection for Mandalay-bound pax. There was also a Premium Economy section onboard, with 6 rows of economy seats offering more seat pitch.

photo 24686111417_a8c98ce743_b

photo 39553443771_25272f89ef_b

Boarding pass issued. The flight would be flying to Mandalay via Yangon. According to the check-in staff, Mandalay-bound pax would be seated towards the rear of the aircraft for ground handling purposes in Yangon, and it appeared most of the pax were Yangon-bound.

photo 24686109287_eb6a3e0105_b

After a quick lunch at the T3 food court, we proceeded through immigration. Spot the aircraft right at the end of the terminal.

photo 39553441981_bdd3026067_b

Departure gate was at A16. It was rather quiet at this time of the afternoon at T3.

photo 24686108097_06d5cb4d74_b

Due to the location of the gate, it was impossible to get a clean shot of the aircraft.

photo 39553440291_d16b92c4ec_b

28 December 2017
Myanmar National Airlines
UB 2
Singapore (SIN) - Yangon (RGN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H27M

We would be flying on MNA's newest B737-800 in its fleet. Boarding was called and boarding sequence was enforced strictly. Welcomed by the UB female crew dressed in Burmese-styled red tunic.

photo 24686106427_33652549b6_b

photo 39553439031_e8f76998eb_b

First impression of the aircraft cabin was very good, with 8 Business Class seats upfront and the rest of the cabin fitted in with green-coloured Economy seats. Interestingly, both Business and Economy seats are of the exact same model as used on SilkAir's B738s.

Economy seats

photo 24686105257_e8b9995dbf_b

Christmas decorations on the wall.

photo 39553437621_293fcf11e3_b

Seat pitch is good (better than SilkAir) and recline is decent. There were no pillows available but blankets could be requested from the crew if required.

photo 24686103707_1fbe0afe33_b

photo 27777350889_5d0666a154_b

Each seat has an adjustable headrest.

photo 24686097407_0d53ed56c7_b

IFE controls in the armrest, which I believed served no purpose. Electrical sockets are available under the seats.

photo 27777329379_593bbc4e96_b

The inflight magazine, duty-free guide, safety card and airsick bag.

photo 24686102327_988b7a0254_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 39523990782_617389246b_b

View out the window.

photo 39523990422_11572f1359_b

Boarding almost completed. Flight was about 70% full on the sector up to Yangon. Pilot announced a 2.5hr flight to Yangon.

photo 24686100477_c75ffb4d50_b

After boarding was completed, refreshing towels and arrival immigration cards were distributed.

photo 27777335029_ae80040c38_b

photo 27777352349_b838f8bc05_b

Pushed back with the safety video played, first in Burmese followed by English.

photo 24686098957_5898da33ec_b

Taxiing to the runway and passing the new Terminal 4.

photo 27777349689_d4fdf9a350_b

photo 24686096337_3d2f549db0_b

photo 27777348329_7cc184ed6e_b

Took off from Rwy02C.

photo 24686095707_b0a8acc825_b

photo 39523989562_4df16a506b_b

photo 24686094717_222dc218f3_b

photo 39523989172_e2d21ce8e3_b

MNA offers wifi-streaming IFE to laptop/mobile devices for its economy class passengers. Business Class seats are fitted with in-seat IFE monitors. The IFE app would need to be downloaded prior to the flight departure and would not be available for download onboard. Downloaded the app to the IFE system.

IFE menu

photo 27777328659_f5f330215c_b

Offering a grand total of 4 movies….

photo 39523981642_087162b6d7_b

photo 38657394995_4ac2700a8e_b

A selection of music albums across different genres.

photo 39523978822_790c58bf03_b

And the flight map, which was the only working selection as both movies and music crashed when trying to be loaded on my and my friend's mobile devices. MNA definitely needed to do something about its IFE system.

photo 39523975882_220585acd1_b

photo 38657390425_3b9460627b_b

First, a round of beverages was offered from the bar cart. The full bar selection, including beers, wines, rum and soft drinks were available. The flight map was played on the dropdown monitors.

photo 27777345389_64e87316d6_b

photo 39553413691_af49859eef_b

I saw that Mandalay rum was offered on the bar cart and ordered a Mandalay rum with Coke. Why not, since I am flying to Mandalay!

photo 39523988832_63704cf17f_b

This was followed by the meal service. Crew were generally friendly and professional in conducting the inflight service, though smiles seemed forced on a few.

photo 27777343959_5586b92816_b

We were offered a choice of Chicken with noodles or Fish with rice. We chose a selection each. The meal tray came with a cold roll, butter and dessert cake. Cutlery was plastic. It seemed that only the main courses were uplifted from SIN and that the rest of the meal tray contents were from Yangon.

photo 27777343249_b3577b5509_b

Soya sauce chicken with ee-fu noodles. The portion was big and taste was good as well.

photo 27777341829_8de6af5ebf_b

photo 39523987382_6ec997b171_b

Indian-styled spicy fish with rice and curried vegetables. This choice was delicious too!

photo 39523987932_ff5bb8f7d3_b

photo 27777339769_40da40d7de_b

Interesting butter packaging.

photo 27777340299_6960bbcf2a_b

The chocolate cream cake was ok.

photo 27777339049_71f6db2ee9_b

Ending with a cup of tea. Note the interesting salt and pepper sachets.

photo 39523986152_1fe7443b8c_b

At 38000 feet.

photo 39523985632_a0a6032250_b

Visit to the lavatory, which only had the necessary amenities. Also, this aircraft had the newer-styled lavatories, which seemed smaller than the rest.

photo 27777336259_91b6b6956f_b

Cabin view.

photo 39523985132_8efd127785_b

With no other entertainment available, I took bouts of naps till we started the descend into Yangon.

photo 38657386295_400d6710e3_b

Slowing down during descend.

photo 39523984712_2c15dd4a6f_b

photo 27777333769_8deb9a8fed_b

Blue hues switched on for landing.

photo 39523983852_090c73d321_b

Interestingly, crew were only requested by the pilot to prepare cabin for landing at 10,000ft, and to be seated only when gears were lowered a couple of minutes before touch down.

photo 39523984212_7c005c96f4_b

photo 27777332709_ddf7649193_b

photo 27777331259_5b50f8ce9c_b

Landed at Yangon International Airport Rwy21 slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 39523983392_ef57e7d300_b

Exited the runway but required to hold as another aircraft taxied past.

photo 27777330329_570c5dc588_b

Only a very short taxi to the terminal.

photo 39523983012_2b4ec1526b_b

Yangon-bound passengers disembarked. Passengers heading to Mandalay were required to remain onboard while the crew did a headcount and cabin was cleaned. As told at check-in, all Mandalay-bound passengers were assigned seats towards the rear and the forward cabin was emptied as the Yangon pax disembarked. There would be a change of crew and domestic passengers joining.

photo 27777337549_e95cab8675_b
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Myanmar National Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Singapore - SIN


Yangon - RGN



This first flight on Myanmar National Airlines was better than expectations. Being a very small international carrier, it is expected that the offered frills, such as IFE, would not match up with the big players. However, with the comfortable seats, good catering and friendly service, MNA certainly offers a reasonable full-service experience.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Yangon (RGN)


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    Nice report, Sir.

    I've never heard about Myanmar National Airlines, and I think I've never also seen its banner in Changi.

    Its service seems good. Did your meal has Burmese taste? (I've tried a Burmese-style fried rice at Peninsula Plaza, a Burmese enclave in Singapore).

    I'm waiting for the Yangon-Mandalay leg.

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