Review of Myanmar National Airlines flight Yangon Mandalay in Economy

Flight UB 2
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 28 Dec 17, 15:45
Arrival at 28 Dec 17, 16:35
UB 6 reviews
By 828
Published on 11th January 2018
28 December 2017
Myanmar National Airlines
UB 2
Yangon (RGN) - Mandalay (MDL)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 51M

Aircraft being refuelled during the transit stop.

photo 39577344271_d812b947e9_b

While the front cabin was being cleaned, the kind crew members offered as Mandalay-bound pax at the rear cups of water.

photo 38681405525_887e62a9da_b

Interestingly, while initially we were attached to the aerobridge, we were disconnected and pushed back slightly, all the time while the aircraft was being cleaned and aircraft doors opened. Apparently it was to allow the boarding of Yangon-originating passengers who would be bussed from the domestic terminal and board via stairs.

MH arriving from KUL.

photo 39577343431_99a4a90ab8_b

Domestic passengers started boarding. The flight ended up nearly full on the short domestic sector. Quite a lucrative route for the airline, considering the airfare between RGN-MDL is almost similar to SIN-MDL.

photo 39577343131_fa666f42d1_b

As per previous sector, refreshing towels were distributed after boarding was completed. The crew pictured was, I must say, very dedicated, caring and kind, with sincere smiles to all. During boarding, she was observed patiently assisting two seperate elderly passengers to their seats towards the rear of the aircraft, and ensuring that they were comfortably seated. Seldom do we find such genuine service, care and concern shown by cabin crew onboard.

photo 38869060434_2bcda2edcc_b

Pushed back slightly behind schedule due to the long boarding process of the domestic passengers.

photo 39577341841_2b0f9a3568_b

Burmese safety video with chinese subtitles was played.

photo 39577341501_66664f8bac_b

This was followed by the English version as we started our taxi.

photo 39577341181_8a4b6c5535_b

photo 39577340711_2cf17906eb_b

photo 39577340251_d99c1f3261_b

Lining up on the runway.

photo 27801030319_69c1dd6eb4_b

Departure from Yangon Rwy21 for the short flight to Mandalay.

photo 39577338901_67fd3c05ff_b

Climbing out of Yangon.

photo 27801029559_a68081313a_b

photo 39577336911_1fb1482c35_b

photo 27801027539_2fb9a49832_b

photo 39577334381_d90af6e885_b

Above the dense cloud cover, which remained so for most of the flight till we were approaching Mandalay.

photo 39577333601_5c53a14323_b

photo 39577332351_8028ab6342_b

Flight map on the streaming IFE. We were at 32000ft.

photo 25707402148_77a082496c_b

photo 25707403908_c27d3cec53_b

Refreshment service immediately started and the crew rushed down the aisle to distribute snack boxes.

photo 27801025789_667edc598f_b

Each passenger was given a snack box containing pastry items and a cup for hot beverages. The cake provided was delicious! For some reason, the snack boxes were all labeled "Premium Economy".

photo 27801024689_1e591f7c67_b

photo 27801023899_3e3e77670e_b


photo 39577329731_59f45b8170_b

After the snack boxes were distributed, crew came down the aisle with the drink carts, offering a range of soft drinks, water and coffee/tea. I had a tea. Service by this set of rather junior crew was efficient and very friendly as compared to the previous sector.

photo 27801023279_713b0af56a_b

photo 39577329111_250f65100e_b

Clouds cleared when we were nearing Mandalay.

photo 39577328221_69dc73035a_b

Descending into Mandalay.

photo 39577327501_e52e53666a_b

photo 27801018039_c6eeb2a422_b

photo 27801017349_08c4e85964_b

Spot the runway while we were turning for finals.

photo 38681381125_cbf452203c_b

Landing in Mandalay Intl Airport Rwy17 and taxied to the gate.

photo 38681378955_9ff53425c5_b

photo 38869047594_ed3d83e54d_b

photo 38869047084_3b3258d812_b

photo 39577323931_4c78f6d0e7_b


photo 38681370195_7a7fae7d06_b

View of the aircraft after disembarking. A China Eastern B738 was spotted departing for Kunming.

photo 25707408918_5ea3fd7d41_b

photo 25707407988_724f5e4087_b

Both SIN and RGN originated passengers disembarked into the same terminal area. At immigration, there were signages for SIN-originated pax to proceed to the immigration counters while RGN domestic pax can exit through a separate hallway (not sure if boarding passes/documents were checked). However both domestic and international flights uses the same baggage belts.

photo 25707406828_2b8aed8d93_b

The arrival hall.

photo 25707405638_3d0f440713_b

photo 25707405098_d658a04891_b

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Myanmar National Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Yangon - RGN


Mandalay - MDL



It was a very pleasant short flight on Myanmar National Airlines on the RGN-MDL sector with very pleasant service and good inflight offerings. I woud have to qualms flying with MNA again if I have the chance in the future.



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