Review of Cathay Pacific flight Jakarta Hong Kong in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX776
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:10
Take-off 31 Aug 17, 14:25
Arrival at 31 Aug 17, 21:35
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By 2956
Published on 26th January 2018
Selamat tinggal Indonesia!

Welcome back! This flight report covers my leg from Jakarta to Hongkong on Cathay Pacific. This airline just happens to be the third airline I've flown on of the top 10 airlines in the world. The aircraft was an Airbus A330-343 and registration was B-LAC. As mentioned in my previous report (DOH-CGK), Jakarta's International Terminal (2) is not the most modern and lacks the amenities that can be found in the neighboring Skyteam Terminal 3.
Passengers on departing flights have to wait here until check-in opens for their respective airlines. The security checkpoint must be passed before even entering the check-in area.
photo img_3946photo img_3947
Departing flights
photo img_3948

After waiting for the Philippine Airlines check-in to close, Cathay's opened soon after and I made my way through.
photo img_3949photo img_3950

Check-in process was rather quick as I came early with intentions to spend my last few hours at CGK in the lounge. At terminal 2, they're two lounges I was eligible for, with the third being used primarily by Singapore Airlines. I made my way to the Premier lounge first.

The food was quite average, so I decided to try out the Purah Indah Lounge.The food was pretty average here also, so I saved my appetite for the food enroute to Hong Kong.

Announcements were being made soon after and I headed to gate D2.

Luckily when I got to the waiting area at D2, I realised that the aircraft was in Cathay's new livery. photo img_3966photo img_3967

Boarding commenced and I prebooked seat 16K. Today's A330 was one of Cathay's international fitted aircraft, where their domestic A330s do not offer much privacy. The seat was slightly more comfortable than that of the Qatar's 787. However, some damage was visible as I sat in my seat.

Cabin crew greeted me and I requested a glass of champagne. photo img_3972photo img_3973photo img_3980
A Singapore Airlines' 777-300 was parked next to us which departed subsequently.
photo img_3971
Boarding was quick and we were on our way! A light teal shade was the mood lighting on today's flight.
photo img_3985photo img_3986
Taxi at CGK could take ages as the airport is busy with multiple domestic flights operating throughout the archipelago.
photo img_3982photo img_3983photo img_3984

Lining up on runway 07L. We can see SIA959 (777-300) and CAL762 (777-300ER) and numerous GA and SJY 737s.
photo img_3987photo img_3988

Soon enough we were soaring over the smog skies of Jakarta. We took a slight left bank towards Hong Kong. photo img_3989photo img_3990photo img_3991

Subsequently, the food service began.
photo img_3995
The meal was rather compulsory with limited options, maybe because it was a regional route for Cathay Pacific. It was quite tasty but the prawns were ice cold. The garlic bread and potato salad were superb!photo img_4003photo img_4005photo img_4006
I held off the food and turned on my PTV, and got some more wine.
photo img_3996photo img_4004photo img_4009
I skipped my main course and went straight for the fruit.
photo img_4006

During cruise, I opened my shade and snapped a couple picks, as we flew over the eastern side of Singapore. I got too impatient waiting to overfly the city and fell asleep soon after.

A couple hours later, the sun hid behind the horizon as we approached Hong img_4012photo img_4015photo img_4028

Before descent, I was in the mood for more garlic bread and wine. Indecisive, the kind flight attendant gave me an option of two wines of which I img_4033photo img_4034photo img_4038
As we began to approach HKG, weather had affected flights before us, resulting in delays on the ground and causing aircraft in the air to enter holding patterns. Unfortunately, 1/2 an hour was added to our flight and we circled the South China img_4032photo img_4036 2photo img_4037
Since there was nothing to do, I opened my menu and tried Cathay Pacific's signature drink, the Cathay Delight.
photo img_4024

The mood lightingphoto img_4039photo img_4041
rphoto img_4042 2
emained on for the hour of holding.

Soon after, we landed at HKIA .

I made my way through transit immigration and to the Cathay Pacific Lounges as I waited for my next flight, CX888 to JFK via YVR.

B-LAC and the CX line up.
photo img_4060 2photo img_4064

Thank you for viewing.
Lookout for my next flight from HKG, CX888 from Hong Kong to Vancouver, which includes all the Cathay Pacific lounges.
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    Nice trip report
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    Please ask me if when you checkin apart from your boarding pass you received a folder with a hongkong airport map?
    If you have the folder Could you scan the folder in big size and send me the pictures to my email?. Thanks and apologize.
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