Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Boston in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX812
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:50
Take-off 12 Dec 17, 18:05
Arrival at 12 Dec 17, 20:55
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
By 3973
Published on 28th January 2018
Hi guys,
This flight report will cover flight CX812 from HKG - BOS I took in December 2017 for a quick holiday trip to U.S. East Coast.
I took CX812 to BOS and then traveled back from JFK to Hong Kong on CX889. I will upload a flight report for CX889 later.

The trip actually started from PEK, where I took CX347 to Hong Kong first. But I was sick on that day and it was a short flight so I didn't take any photos of that trip. If you are interested in this flight I have covered the same before. You can read it here.

Because I was sick, so after arriving at HKG, I immediately went to the Pier J lounge to get some rest. And unfortunately today's flight departs from Gate 1 which is a very very long walk from the Pier Lounge.

I thought I wasn't going to eat or drink anything in the lounge because I was sick, but I just couldn't resist and decided to pop into the Wing near Gate 1 and had a fruit punch before the flight.
photo img_7841

Boarding started roughly 40 minutes before departure, and if you have traveled to the US recently you would aware that there is now an additional security interview, which is normally been done at check-in, however, if you are connecting passenger like me, you will need to be interviewed at the boarding gate. This really slows down the whole boarding process, when I went to the boarding gate, there were some officers interviewing first and business class passengers. The ground crew checks your boarding pass and passport first, and then if you haven't done the interview, they will lead you to one of the officer and get the interview done, other passengers that needs to do the interview will need to wait a group of 3 or 4 passengers finish their interviews before they can get interviewed so the whole boarding process took much longer. And of course once you are on the jet bridge, there is another liquid check.

Finally settled into my seat 11K. I forgot to take a photo of the seat, but I think you guys should be very familiar with the CX J seat anyway. I always pick row 11 on CX 77H, it has several advantages over other seats:
1. It is in the mini-cabin of only 8 seats, so very quiet and private.
2. You can store your shoes under the ottoman, which is very convenient.
3. Additional space, I never measured it, so I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the seat 11A and 11K offers additional leg room. Also the ottoman is a little bit larger than other window seats as well on 11A and 11K.

photo img_7843
Took a picture of the first class cabin before departure.

Also an interesting notice, I think during early December 2017, on some CX flight the flight map shows the traces of past flights, for example on this flight.
photo img_7844
You can see LAX - HKG route on this flight map.

SYD-HKG flight I took earlier that month, you can see the inbound route map.
photo 0128_1photo 0128_2

Anyways, a pre-departure drink was served. I got a Cathay Delight. A Cathay Pacific Signature Drink.
photo img_7845

The load today was very low, J was around 30% full.

Here's today's menu
photo img_8366photo img_8367photo img_8368

To my surprise, the dinner menu was exactly the same to CX161 I took in Novermber, the only difference was the dessert. Entree and all of the Main Courses were exactly the same. Hummm.. So I went for the exact same choice too.

photo img_7846
Some warm nuts to start.

photo img_7847
Ham entree. It was okay. Several years ago me and my mom took a KA flight and were served a ham entree, and we both suffered diarrhea so since then I only eat a few bite when I am served ham course on board.

photo img_7848
Chicken main course. Chicken was a little bit dry, but tasted good.

photo img_7849
Some cheese and fruits to finish.

Dessert was served while I was enjoying my cheese, but I declined.

photo img_7850
Bed mode. Very comfortable. I think I got around 9 hours of sleep on this flight.

photo img_7853
When I awoke, crew actually came to me and offered some snacks. That's probably the first time for me on CX flight.

photo img_7854
Burger and apple juice. The texture of the meat patty was very wired, but overall still a tasty burger.

I went to sleep after the finishing the burger.

A full breakfast was served 2 hours before landing.
photo img_7855
Fresh fruit to start

photo img_7856
Some bread.

photo img_7857

photo img_7858
Chinese Dim Sum. Very good.

photo img_7859
Near Toronto now.

photo img_7861
Final Approach to BOS.

photo img_7864
Today's route map.

Overall a solid flight with Cathay Pacific. Service was efficient and friendly. Food offering was okay. I got plenty of rest and I actually survived this 15-hour-flight considering I was sick.

No fast track card was provided, but the immigration at BOS was empty. (Indeed there wasn't a single passenger in front of me when I arrived there) So fast track not needed anyway.

Thank you for reading.
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Overall a solid flight with Cathay Pacific. Service was efficient and friendly. Food offering was okay. I got plenty of rest and I actually survived this 15-hour-flight considering I was sick.



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