Review of Jeju Air flight Busan Seoul in Economy

Airline Jeju Air
Flight 7C 201
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 16 Jan 18, 07:10
Arrival at 16 Jan 18, 08:05
7C 5 reviews
By 982
Published on 31st January 2018
This is a domestic flight which I took during my trip to Korea few weeks back. See the rest of the flight reports here
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While planning on the transportation from Busan to Seoul , we decided to opt for domestic flight instead of Korean Rail as it is way faster and we got ourselves pretty decent fare (around 25USD per person including tax and 15 kg checked in luggage) . Busan Gimhae being Air Busan's hub offers flight to Seoul nearly every hour on their A320s, Jeju Air on the other hand offers one flight per day.
Busan to Seoul early in the morning and the return flight late at night. I would assume this arrangement is mainly for dispatch and deployment. The only con side of taking this flight is that this seem more like a commuting flight for business person therefore it is overall hectic and full pax ; and that the check in time at 6 means you probably could only take taxi to reach Gimhae Airport (however Busan taxis are super affordable :) )

photo 27606186_2099535073394906_1356375800_o
Overview of the Departure Area, there were alot of stalls serving breakfast and coffee at 6 AM

photo 27606178_2099535056728241_1418181669_o
Jeju Air occupies around one fifth of the check in counters

photo 27650168_2099534396728307_1619940456_o
Boarding Pass printed using thermal paper and is in bright orange

photo 27650421_2099535083394905_411981554_o
After passing crowded security checks we soon boarded the aircraft through shuttle buses

photo 27650744_2099535050061575_1923044766_o
It was freezing early in the morning, Today's aircraft B738 HL-8239. Delivered and leased to Pegasus Air in 2001, and later leased to Jeju Air in 2011.

photo 27604232_2099535286728218_1580015263_o
An Eastar Jet parked beside us

photo 27651030_2099535300061550_1407803902_o
Cabin overview, mediocre and nothing special.

photo 27604035_2099535330061547_711738495_o
Safety Card for this 737-800 (without winglet)

photo 27537123_2099535356728211_979958656_o
Jeju Air is currently growing at a quick pace and spent relatively a large budget on advertising. Living in Taipei, I could always see Jeju Air Ads in alot of places.

photo 27605415_2099535450061535_949867071_o
Sunrise soon after take off, it was rather a bumpy ride.

photo 27605658_2099532606728486_1858727507_o
The air quality in Seoul is awful , and my Korean friends would say it is mainly due to the air pollution coming from China. Yes I know , in Taiwan we suffer badly from Chinese air pollution too during winter. During our stay, the air quality was so bad that public transportation were free during rush hours.

photo 27536822_2099532593395154_987201841_o
The visibility that day.

photo 27537516_2099535443394869_228278554_o
As a "commuting flight" not many people had checked in luggage. We counted around 20 luggage on the belt for a full pax 738.
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Jeju Air

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Busan - PUS


Seoul - GMP



25 Dollars for a domestic flight is definitely a bargain. Way to go Jeju Air
We had rather bad experience after landing in Gimpo though. There seems to be renovation going on where they block the arrival concourse walkway of 3 boarding gates and 3 boarding gates disembarked simultaneously. So we were actually jammed as the walkway leading to the exit was served only by a escalator. Well, this was on a side note though not a big deal



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