Review of Air Asia X flight Bangkok Seoul in Business

Airline Air Asia X
Flight XJ 700
Class Business
Seat 1K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:50
Take-off 18 Jan 18, 03:15
Arrival at 18 Jan 18, 10:05
D7 17 reviews
By GOLD 2150
Published on 1st February 2018
Left the lounge and proceeded to the gate about 30min prior to departure. On the FIDS, there were only a few flight departures at this time of the night.

photo 39234460004_77b332e5d6_b

Our aircraft was still being serviced.

photo 25073225767_c9dc3dd11d_b

Departure Gate 15

photo 39234458614_ee4aee49a0_b

18 January 2018
Thai AirAsia X
XJ 700
Bangkok Don Muang (DMK) - Seoul Incheon (ICN)
Business Class (Premium Flatbed)
Flight Time: 4H50M

The gate was fully packed. According to the gate agent, the boarding would be slightly delayed due to aircraft servicing.

photo 39234457894_5ea691742f_b

Boarding commenced by zones, and Zone 1 passengers, including Premium Flatbed pax, were invited to board. Boarding zones were enforced strictly.

photo 39046625295_d6df0b3c09_b

Welcomed and directed by the crew to our seats at the first row of the aircraft. I would be seated at 1K on this sector (which coincidentally our famous AV Vlogger Sam Chui also sat on in this exact aircraft and reviewed in his vlog recently, also on a DMK-ICN flight! Premium flatbed is AirAsia's version of Business Class and only offered on its A330 aircraft. The seats are angled lie-flats, similar to those found on a number of full-service airlines (exact same seats as on Garuda A330s' Business Class). Full frills included in the fare includes 40kg check-in luggage, a complimentary meal, priority boarding and baggage delivery. On each seat was already placed a plush pillow. There are only 12 Premium Flatbed seats, configured two rows of 2-2-2, on each A330 aircraft.

photo 25073224507_560b7d3b50_b

photo 39234455564_17ac2bfa34_b

Took a peek into Economy Class. The 3-3-3 configuration on AirAsia X's A330 does indeed looked very cramped! I am in no hurry to fly in one of these seats on a full flight.

photo 39912774162_a834abc83f_b

photo 28165205999_fce23490f3_b

Splendid legroom at Row 1.

photo 28165294869_884d031d07_b

Seat controls, which included some pre-set positions.

photo 39046623615_de26bf1b3f_b

Adjustable reading light

photo 28165286029_a2878b06a6_b

Power outlets available for each seat.

photo 39912772592_6827a12ed6_b

A big, red pillow for your comfort.

photo 39912772312_316103bdbe_b

Inflight magazine, BOB menu, safety card and a 'warning' card.

photo 39234447514_17df6b45ab_b

photo 39912771232_a0afa21bb7_b

photo 39234448324_282d8def6b_b

NokScoot B772 at the gate beside, also bound for a regional destination.

photo 28165291439_8e7da3c2f1_b

A bottle of water was offered to each of us in the front cabin.

photo 39234443324_a0e2c10683_b

To my surprise, a proper hot towel was also offered by the crew! The very professional crew also confirmed if we want our meals served after takeoff or before arrival, all while kneeling down ala SQ-style to ensure eye-contact (learnt later that the crew serving us to fly for Qatar. No wonder the very professional service!). We chose to have the meals prior to arrival.

photo 39234451964_f216d1f4dd_b

Quick visit to the lavatory prior to pushback. It only had the basic amenities.

photo 39046621765_1c6e14764a_b

Doors closed, safety demo performed manually, and we pushed back for the taxi to the runway. Even though we pushed back late, the arrival would still be on schedule due to the announced short flight time of 5hrs.

photo 28165278279_a97b763e1a_b

Took off from Rwy21L bound for Seoul Incheon.

photo 39234444944_0eb333a25a_b

Shortly after takeoff, the crew came round to distribute plush, red duvets to all of us in the front cabin. Time to recline the seat to bed-mode and grab some sleep!

photo 28165273209_7bf525a798_b

Seats in flat-bed mode. The beds were comfortable enough that I managed 3hrs of decent sleep.

photo 28165207159_25c647a479_b

When I woke up, the sun has already risen. It was about 1.5hrs prior to landing.

photo 28165262939_bed609999d_b

Prior to the flight, I received an email notifying that my pre-booked meal selection was now not available for the month and I would need to re-select. Having done that, a glitch in the booking system did not erase the earlier selections and instead, add on my new selections to my earlier selections and replacing the old selections with a current choices. I ended up with 4 meals but requested only to have 2 of them, the Vegan Tofu with Pilaf rice and Japanese chicken teriyaki with rice. Both meals were average, but mainly due to the fact I am not in the appetite for savoury stuff so early in the morning. The meals came with a coffee.

photo 28165270569_a2fd1ec27b_b

photo 39944742331_000d278d12_b

Vegan Tofu with Rice Pilaf
A healthy and flavourful vegetarian meal that pairs garnished pilaf rice with spiced tofu, tomato chutney and blanched cauliflower. Perfect palate for everyone.

photo 39234440544_46c61481ff_b

Japanese Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
Juicy roasted chicken in sweet and savory teriyaki sauce, served with Japanese rice.

photo 39234440914_b537516a06_b

Due to a similar glitch, my friend also had 4 meals in the booking selection, but only had the Filipino-styled Grilled chicken with rice and Chicken Lasagne. The grilled chicken dish was tasty but Chicken lasagne was a bit too heavy for breakfast.

photo 39234442214_0f3856ce37_b

Tasty Grilled Chicken with Baked Jasmine Rice
Philippine's favourite cuisine marries chicken, vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaves and peppercorn for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

photo 39912767892_a4c719ce72_b

Chicken Lasagne
Savour this classic, heart-warming Chicken Lasagna. Layers of juicy chicken tomato sauce, cream sauce, pasta and shredded cheese are baked to perfection, with vegetables completing this gratifying meal.

photo 39234441304_e01bfe07ee_b

Another view of the flatbed without the duvet. In lie-flat mode, the armrest at one side moves down to flush with the bed for more width.

photo 39944740341_d2849ed7a4_b

Across the aisle.

photo 28165261169_bd747d6963_b

Prior to descent, crew came around to collect all the pillows and duvets. We started the descend into the gloomy skies.

photo 28165261489_aa7507ae05_b

Approaching Incheon, it seemed to be a cold and gloomy winter morning.

photo 39944735671_c0cb76ec82_b

photo 28165258739_5e5ebb08ae_b

photo 28165257939_c0f7fefc0e_b

Landing on Rwy33R right on schedule.

Taxied pass the brand nw Terminal 2, which was on its first day of operations. The main carrier at the new terminal is Korean Air, along with a handful of other Skyteam airlines.

photo 39944732811_605175c8b3_b

photo 28165256849_e63b65766b_b

Turning into the Concourse terminal.

photo 39944730691_34cca3bc6c_b

photo 28165255719_f41a08a94a_b

photo 39944728871_1cacb42bbc_b

Parked at the gate.

photo 28165254969_0afb0fcc4f_b

View of the comfortable Premium Flatbed seats before disembarking.

photo 39944726661_1318abdd03_b

Some shots of the A330 during disembarking.

photo 28165253509_2cb581da6d_b

photo 39944724581_c1c4f219c8_b

Another view of the XJ A330 while heading to the shuttle to the main terminal.

photo 28165252519_dd78bbef6b_b

Immigration was smooth and bags were out fast, though not the earlier ones despite priority-tagged.

photo 39944722861_3355ed1c64_b

We took the Airport Limousine to Myeongdong, which was about an hour's ride. Stayed at Sejong Hotel on this trip. The hotel, though one of the grand old dames in Seoul, was well kept and very comfortable. Rooms were huge and the location was unbeatable. View from the room was towards Namsan hill.

photo 39944720551_71638f522c_b

photo 28165251409_d672c550ab_b

photo 28165250599_3a607f62fd_b

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Air Asia X

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Bangkok - DMK


Seoul - ICN



The flight on Thai AirAsia X was very comfortable indeed. From a price point of view, it was very value for money when bough at promotional fares, especially with the ability to catch a decent sleep on the mid-haul. The included frills, such as meals, hot towels, pillow and duvet, coupled with the good service, certainly enhanced the comfort level. To have a good rest at decent prices, the AirAsia X group is certainly the way to fly if good deals are available.



  • Comment 430094 by
    Rob777ER 42 Comments

    Great report!
    I was in Seoul at that time, too.
    How long did you stay - it was very cold from January 23rd onwards.

  • Comment 430223 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 538 Comments

    Great report, thanks for sharing!

    Very interesting to see AAX's premium service, which looks pretty solid for an LCC, except for perhaps the catering. Althrough (thanks to glitches) that certainly worked out well in terms of quantity, if not quality.

    Service sounds very good for a carrier like AAX.

    Your bonus also took me back -- I also stayed at the Sejong on my first trip to Seoul, and quite liked the place. And man, I love some Korean fried chicken and beer.

    Thanks again for sharing!

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