Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ982
Class Economy
Seat 60K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 24 Jan 18, 17:35
Arrival at 24 Jan 18, 19:00
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By GOLD 2423
Published on 4th February 2018
This was the second leg of TPE-BKK trip via SIN on SQ

CDG-TPE : BR88 (B777-300ER)
TPE-SIN : SQ877 (A330-300)
SIN- BKK : SQ982 (B777-200ER) you are there
BKK-TPE : BR76 (B777-300ER) to be posted later
TPE-CDG : BR87 (B777-300ER)

Like for the previous segment, it was impossible to select a seat before the OLCI because I had BR tickets on SQ flights. This was the cabin’s landscape at OLCI, where many seats were available. True to my habits, I did not keep pre-assigned Seat 40K (a window seat, but overwing), and selected 61K instead: as far from the wing as possible so that it would not be in the frame when taking picture outside, and also as far rear of the aircraft as possible, and therefore the least desirable for passengers who want to leave the aircraft as fast as possible, which meant conversely with the most chances of an empty middle seat. I did not choose one of the twin seats, precisely because they would not have an empty seat next to them if all aisle seats were occupied.

photo clipboard00
SQ keeps being remarkably terse about the meal to be served on board.
photo clipboard14a
There were few passengers at the luggage drop, but also few open counters. I did not record the time spent, but I did not have the impression of a very fast service.
photo img_3231a
SQ sets a 7kg in Economy but according to a frequent flyer on SQ, this LCC-like limit is never enforced.
photo img_3229a
A Merlion (hybrid of a mermaid and a lion), the symbol de Singapore, at the other end of the check-in area.
photo img_3232a
Going through immigration was very fast ; arrival airside
photo img_3233a
A floral decoration
photo img_3235a
There is a small pool and a glass-bottomed balcony which is obviously there for souvenir shots.
photo img_3236a
Another floral decoration alongside a corridor
photo img_3249a
You can’t go thirsty in SIN : there are many water fountains like these, where the lower one is accessible to wheelchair handicapped persons and kids alike.
photo img_3279a
SIN is also an airport where each boarding gate has its own security check, like this one for my flight : this one opened 1h10’ before takeoff, and once you passed it, you are in a relatively limited space without any facilities. It is actually the same as LCC pre-boarding in Europe, and to a European traveler, it gives a distinct LCC ground experience to flying from SIN, be it with SQ or any other airline.
photo img_3250aphoto img_3251a
In all airports in the world, taking pictures of security check facilities is forbidden, even though nothing is more standardized than security check facilities. Here, those which are unused because no flight is going to depart from the corresponding gates are ideal for completing your picture book.
photo img_3255aphoto img_3254a
No flight was departing from that gate : this was a training session for security check staff
photo img_3280a
This configuration with security check facilities dedicated to each gate has a major inconvenient for a Flight Reporter : the vast majority of the windows are inaccessible.
photo img_3276a
And when there is an accessible window which does not require boarding a flight to reach it, there is often something in the way.
photo img_3256a
This rest area providing a view to the outside could attract plane spotters
photo img_3258aphoto img_3259a
Only that the designers seem to have a rule to hamper plane spotters, here with a row of potted plants in front of the window. The said windows are heavily tinted to reduce the power of the air-conditioning: it’s good for the environment, not for plane addicts. (Why did they not use a neutral grey tint ?)
photo img_3257a
In such a challenging hunting ground, this is the meager result of my hunt. (In all fairness, I should mention that I once found a decent place for plane spotting last time I departed from SIN, but it was not in Terminals C and D.)

Scoot A320
photo img_3243a
Scoot 787
photo img_3245a
Singapore Airlines A330
photo img_3244a
In the distance, blurred by the hot air, a British Airways A380 hiding a Jetstar A320
photo img_3247a
Firefly ATR72
photo img_3261a
Silk Air A319
photo img_3264a
A large white aircraft emerged from behind these palisades
photo img_3265a
An entirely white A380: no, this was not of the A380s that MH will dedicate to the transportation of Hajj pilgrims also wearing white clothes.
photo img_3269a
This was 9V-SKB, the second oldest A380 operated by Singapore Airlines which does not own her: she has been returned to her owner after the expiration of the ten-year lease. Nobody is operating her as of now, hence the white livery.
photo img_3271a
An aircraft which never flies degrades, so the crew will take her on a one hour flight disclosed later by Flightradar24
photo clipboard021a
GCL-Poly is a Chinese company specialized in renewable energy which their corporate A319CJ parked here.
photo img_3277a
What can you do once you have exhausted the meager plane spotting after walking miles, when the boarding room is not opened yet ?
photo img_3282a
I could for instance on one of these seats on the right and recharge my laptop. I note the presence of multistandard power ports: too many international airport managers forget that some passengers are connecting between two flights and do not have an adapter for the local plug standard. This is the case in HKG where the power ports are mercilessly Type G only, inherited like in Singapore from a British colonial past.
photo img_3284a
SIN is one of these annoying airports where you must have a cell phone with roaming access to connect to the internet, because you must receive a code by SMS.
photo clipboard01a
After going quickly through the security check of my gate, and then a passport check (background, right)
photo img_3294a
This was the boarding room. Note the steel circles on benches to stop homeless passengers from sleeping there.
photo img_3287a
The seats next to power ports were monopolized by passengers not using them. Humph…
photo img_3289a2
This gate is compatible with an A380
photo img_3288a
But there was no view on our aircraft : this A330 was at the next gate.
photo img_3290a
You probably noticed the green tinge of these pictures : the windows in SIN are heavily tinted green and plane spotters have to do with that. I find this green rendition rather depressing; in this regard, SIN is not the best advertisement for its country.

Air Asia A320, bearing the logo of Charterprime, a brokerage company.
photo img_3291a
Silk Air 737-800
photo img_3296a
Bangladesh Airlines 737-800
photo img_3298a
Singapore Airlines 777-300
photo img_3302a
Singapore Airlines A350-900
photo img_3305a
Scoot A320
photo img_3313a
Scoot 787
photo img_3323a
Batik Air A320
photo img_3311a
Cathay Pacific 777
photo img_3315a
Singapore Airlines A380
photo img_3321a
The A380 lifts slowly : contrary to all other aircraft I saw there, I could just see it above this building in the foreground.
photo img_3322a
Boarding through a jetbridge with carpeting with an elaborate design.
photo img_3325a
For door addicts (I can barely provide their dose here, but they will have more later)
photo img_3326a
Headphones placed to the disposal of the passengers
photo img_3327a
The newspapers offered to the passengers
photo img_3328a
Entering the second Economy cabin which is still empty
photo img_3329aphoto img_3330a
The space in front of the bulkhead seats (picture taken while deplaning)
photo img_3481a
View towards the rear
photo img_3332a
And view towards the front
photo img_3333a
Do these pictures give the impression that the cabin was empty ? It was. Apart from a group inexperienced Chinese travelers who were as noisy as their guide (they were fortunately far from me), there were few passengers in this cabin: I counted around 30 for 117 seats. A FA later told me that there were 150 passengers in Economy on this flight, but they were mostly packed in the first cabin. This was a good example of betting on seats in the rear and winning extra comfort.
photo img_3337a
This FA helps the Chinese find their seats.
photo img_3338a
This is Seat 61K
photo img_3335a
The carpeting was quite worn and dirty, both in the corridor
photo img_3341a
… and in the aisle
photo img_3340a
Two controls of the seat back… which I did not try even though I had all freedom to do so in this empty cabin.
photo img_3343a
The IFE’s remote control is on the side of the armrest : this is a poor design because you can activate it by mistake, especially while sleeping. A usual irritating case is when you are awaken by the light of the screen because you activated it in your sleep.
photo img_3344a
This remote control was dangling this way when I arrived: this was untidy.
photo img_3345a
Same comment for this leftover earphones plastic wrapping: it was not dirty, but untidy.
photo img_3353a
This was not the only problem with aircraft cleaning. The weather had little to do with the greyish appearance of this ANA 787
photo img_3358a
… and a lot more with the fact that the window was really dirty, as revealed by this handkerchief used to clean it.
photo img_3359a
The IFE screen is small (6 inches diagonal), but the hardware quality does not matter much when the software is the problem.
photo img_3346aphoto img_3387a
The seat’s upholstery did not let the armrest fold up all the way, but that did not hinder passage, or lying on the seats if they were empty.
photo img_3347a
There is an IFE box at an aisle seat of each set of three : if you have an aisle seat in the center, better be on the right.
photo img_3342aphoto img_3349a
The width of the seat between armrests is OK, no more.
photo img_3350a
The seat pitch, measured from the edge of the seat to the back of the preceding seat, is rather good for a seat in Economy.
photo img_3351a
But the comfort, ouch!
It does not show very well in this picture, but the padding had been crushed by years of usage and you actually sat on two structure beams separating the seat in three thirds.
photo img_3360a
I did not take much time to decree that I would not stay in that seat during this flight, especially since the cabin was really very empty.
photo img_3352a
I self-upgraded myself to Seat 60K which was much more comfortable.
photo img_3361a
I had to disregard the dirty safety belt. Aircraft cleaning was definitely substandard, and well below that of the terminal.
photo img_3362a
The carpet there too was both worn and dirty.
photo img_3367a
On the other hand, just one row difference made the seat pitch leap from 27 to 33 cm
photo img_3365a
… on the condition of sitting on the window seat, because the aisle seat had « only » 29 cm and this 4 cm difference was obvious to the naked eye.

The reason was that this was where the cabin starts narrowing. From Row 60 inclusive, the side three-seat sets are not strictly perpendicular to the plane’s axis: Row 60 is therefore not parallel to Row 59, hence the increased space for the window seat.
photo img_3366a
SQ’s safety cards are especially verbose
photo img_3354aphoto img_3355a
After this detailed cabin and seat check, after I had cleaned the window, I turned to plane spotting before take-off. A light drizzle began unfortunately just after I had cleaned my window, worsening lighting and shooting conditions.
Bangkok Air A319
photo img_3364aphoto img_3374a
Singapore Airlines A330
photo img_3377aphoto img_3383a
The same in her environment
photo img_3384a
Tiger Air and Scoot merged recently, hence the apparition of Scoot liveries with a tiger tail.
photo img_3386aphoto img_3388a
Scoot 787
photo img_3396a
Malaysian Airlines 737
photo img_3391a
Etihad 787
photo img_3393a
Silk Air 737
photo img_3395a
ATR72 Firefly, in a livery to which I could not do justice due to the lack of light
photo img_3397a
Cebu Pacific A330
photo img_3400a
Air Asia A320
photo img_3404a
Takeoff under a sky which gave little impression that it was still over an hour to sunset (the advantage that day was that I did not sweat the minute I would set a foot outside).
photo img_3411a
Arrival of a Scoot A32x with a tiger tail and a yellow nose (yet another livery variant)
photo img_3412a
Takeoff : the construction area between the airport and the coast on the east side of Singapore
photo img_3415aphoto img_3416aphoto img_3417a
The only program of an IFE that I am interested in is the moving map, and these are the instructions in the in-flight magazine
photo img_3425a
Travel & Info : there we are
photo img_3420a
And once there, no matter how many times I tried, when I click on it, I only have the Entertainment menu. It was an obvious software bug; since the flight was going to be nearly entirely over water and then at night, I did not call a FA for a possible reset.
photo img_3421a
The in-flight magazine provides details well beyond my competencies on the various 777 of SQ’s fleet
photo img_3424a
The route was successively over a portion of the Malay peninsula covered mostly with endless palm oil plantations which were masked by the clouds, and then over water.
photo img_3428a
These pictures illustrate the resemblance between an SQ girl and a 21st century Economy seat : not very wide when seen from behind,
photo img_3430a
… and thinned to the utmost limits when seen sideways, with a slight thickening in the upper part for the resting and visual comfort of the passengers.
photo img_3431a2
This was the meal as served
photo img_3434a
After unwrapping
photo img_3435a
Two choices for the hot meal : chicken or fish ; I chose the latter which was somewhat had, but OK.
photo img_3436a
Seafood appetizer
photo img_3437a
The water capsule was produced for SQ
photo img_3438a
36g for 45 ml mean an overrun of 80% : not bad, IMO.
photo img_3439a
Another ice cream which travelled a long way, or at least its ingredients did.
photo img_3441a
I had of course plenty of space to get rid of my food tray after finishing my meal,
photo img_3445a
… but I nevertheless indulged in my usual wrapping packing exercise.
photo img_3444a
For doors and emergency exit fans
photo img_3446a
Magazines at the disposal of the passengers
photo img_3447a
There is a water fountain next to the toilets located between the two Economy cabins.
photo img_3451a
The pictogram above remind passengers that changing a baby’s diapers is a female task, and the recommendation to no throw them (and tampons too) in the toilet is presumably directed at women only.
photo img_3454a
The usual supplies in the toilets
photo img_3448aphoto img_3449a
The SQ girls are used to play hide-and-seek with their colleagues during the flight, using the fact that they are both thin and supple enough to hide behind a trolley.
photo img_3455a
They kill two birds with a stone by delivering or recovering the meal trays during the game.
photo img_3456a2
Taking so many pictures and measurements did not go unnoticed by a FA who came up to me after the end of the meal service and asked me if I was a Boeing employee, or a competitor’s staff ? He was very friendly in his approach (another Flight Reporter recently reported a very unpleasant experience on an American Airlines flight, where he was questioned at length, and his cell phone was confiscated during the flight and all airport and in plane pictures deleted).
No, I was neither, and I told him about Flight Report which interested him. (At this stage in flight, unveiling the fact that I would report this flight would not make a difference – I went so far as to refuse the offer for a drink which could have been offered to any other passenger anyway).

We had a very interesting conversation ; I incidentally mentioned that I always blurred the faces of FAs which happened to appear in my pictures.

But there is no problem in taking pictures of us ; do you want to take a picture of me and one of my colleagues?

We were nearly at the beginning of the descent, and I only cursorily checked my pictures on the spot. Why did this FA give such a stern look? He was every bit as smiling and friendly as his female colleagues during his interactions in the cabin and our chat in the galley!
photo img_3457a
So we were descending toward BKK, and the cabin lighting was appropriately dimmed.
photo img_3459a
Only after landing did I realize that we had been put on hold towards the end of the downwind leg.
photo clipboard06a
It was very cloudy
photo img_3460a
The ground appeared at low altitude
photo img_3461a
These may be the roads on both banks of the Saen Saep
photo img_3464a
The successive interchanges north of BKK between expressway #7 and the roads serving BKK
photo img_3469aphoto img_3470a
Kiss landing
photo img_3471a
We are in Thai Airways territory, but the night precludes any plane spotting.
photo img_3472a
The fully lit terminal
photo img_3474a
Arrival at the terminal next to a China Southern Airlines A321
photo img_3477a
It was a long walk in one of the branches of the terminal
photo img_3483a
This exit was not for me this time
photo img_3484a
Not only I am less than 100 years old, since I flew on SQ whose drop down check-in menu does not accept passengers born before 1918, but I am less than 70 years old, i.e. too young to have any priority. And no, I am not a Buddhist monk either.
photo img_3485a
My only choice was the standard immigration access. I had terrible memories of spending a full hour there in the middle of the night; the waiting time this time would be “only” twenty minutes, partly because the processing of each passenger seemed exceedingly long, and it was also the case the previous time I landed here.
photo img_3486a
Arrival in the luggage delivery room
photo img_3488a
Last bag ? No, not quite
photo img_3490a
… but I was going to wait only five minutes for my luggage which appeared 39 minutes after the plane had reached a complete stop at her gate: luggage delivery was not very fast.
photo img_3488a
Going down the lower level to reach the taxi stand, after withdrawing some cash from an ATM.
photo img_3495a
You must take a ticket from one of these machines, which tells you which taxi to take among some twenty waiting cars. It is considerably more efficient that having a single waiting line of passengers, but requires more walking.
photo img_3496a
The taxi driver took a minute on the phone to check the destination before leaving.
photo img_3497a
The arrival at the JW Marriott is part of the first bonus.

Thanks for reading me!

Bonus : Click here display

As a conclusion, I offer you a second bonus on BKK’s Airport Museum.

Bonus : Click here display
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



The cabin of this 772 betrayed her age (I did not check, but she probably was among those which entered revenue service around 2002) : a badly worn and stained carpet, an uncomfortable seat because of crushed padding, with outdated IFE screen with bugged software. Poor cleaning of the aircraft did not help : the initial impression after boarding was that of a second tier airline operating vintage second hand aircraft with minimal budget for on-ground services.

SQ’s hard product was below standards on this flight, but on the other hand the soft product was top level. The meal was good and plentiful.
I wish to the FA with whom I chatted that his management will read this report and my satisfaction about his services (and that of his colleagues on this flight): the excellence of SQ’s FAs is no news, but is re-validated at each flight.

The taxi ride to SIN was fast and cheap; taking the MRT would have been taken more time, but would have been even cheaper yet comfortable : SIN’s accessibility is excellent.

The fluidity at immigration and at the security check were excellent, it was decent at check-in.
I penalize the obligation of receiving a SMS to have access to the internet, and indirectly the meager possibilities of plane spotting through heavily tinted windows.

I had very bad memories of BKK’s immigration ; the waiting time was tolerable with time, but nevertheless more than hoped for in a non-peak traffic time slot.
The taxi ride to a hotel located somewhat on the airport side of the city took a reasonable amount of time. The connection to the internet in the terminal was fast, and there was no need to receive a SMS.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 17 minutes.

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  • Comment 431412 by
    theaathiqone 1 Comments
    Thank you for a detailed trip report. I personally find it difficult to do plane spotting at Terminal 2 too, mostly due to it's old architecture. The other terminals are far easier.

    On the other hand, your comments about the look of SQ stewardess are in poor taste, no need to comment on their sizes.
    • Comment 431415 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 10171 Comments
      Next time I'll check the airport map in advance and remember to spend whatever time I have in better locations - I do not know SIN well and it shows.

      It took 1,500 views equally split between the French and English versions of this report to receive this first slap on the wrist about my description of the Singapore girls. Either readers are exceedingly shy about posting their opinion on this, or fewer than 0.1% share your views that you are no less welcome to post.

      Thanks for your comment !
  • Comment 432131 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    ”SQ keeps being remarkably terse about the meal”
    Wow, what a highly detailed description.

    ”GCL-Poly is a Chinese company specialized in renewable energy”
    - Hmm I wonder what kind of fuel they use for flights on their corporate aircraft (although uncommon, it’s of course not impossible to use fuel from sustainable sources).

    ”Bangladesh Airlines 737-800”
    - Nice catch!

    Great spotting shots at SIN (both from the terminal and the aircraft).

    ”Headphones placed to the disposal of the passengers”
    - Interesting.

    ”The in-flight magazine provides details well beyond my competencies on the various 777 of SQ’s fleet”
    - I may have interpreted the image incorrectly but did you happen to be onboard the only 777-200ER that had not been retrofitted?

    ”There is a water fountain next to the toilets”
    - Interesting to see.

    ”I did not try to pretend that I was in Paris at breakfast”
    - Did you try any? If yes, were they ”that good”?.

    Thank you for the stunning bonus. Have a good one and see you later!
    • Comment 432197 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 10171 Comments
      “Wow, what a highly detailed description (of the meal)”
      - Maybe you could have a meal served in the airport, rather than in flight ? :)

      “”GCL-Poly is a Chinese company specialized in renewable energy.
      Hmm I wonder what kind of fuel they use for flights on their corporate aircraft “
      - Poly is short for polysilicon: they are a major Chinese producer of this raw material for solar cells. Despite the feat accomplished by Solar Impulse 2, a solar powered corporate aircraft is still a distant dream.

      ”Bangladesh Airlines 737-800: nice catch!’
      - I could only see her vertical stabilizer when she was parked at her gate - again this plane spotter unfriendliness of this terminal in SIN :(

      “Great spotting shots at SIN (both from the terminal and the aircraft).”
      - Less work for the FAs, no significant work for the passengers.

      “I may have interpreted the image incorrectly but did you happen to be on board the only 777-200ER that had not been retrofitted?”
      - I did not realize it then; I know aviation geeks who would try to fly in a such a cabin before it disappears.

      ”There is a water fountain next to the toilets. Interesting to see.”
      - In the Chinese culture world, nobody would leave home without a vacuum flask of water or tea.”

      ”I did not try to pretend that I was in Paris at breakfast -> Did you try any? If yes, were they ”that good”?.
      - I hardly ever eat Western food when I am in the Far-East. I prefer excellent local food to French food abroad, even if it is good.

      Thanks for your comments, see you later !

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